The Best Breakfast Foods On A Budget

Breakfast foods are said to be the most important meal of any productive day. However, sometimes we are on a budget or in a time crunch, and we need something quick; allow us to show you how you can fill your morning pantry and save some money while in the process!

1. Cereal

As childish as it may seem, cereal is always one of the quickest breakfast foods you can count on. Ready within seconds, and with hundreds of various brands and flavors to experiment with, you’ll be glad to know that a box of cereal won’t ever run you more than a couple of bucks. Personally, I prefer any cereal involving chocolate or a nostalgic childhood character adorning the front of the box, but if you want a cereal to give you energy I’d look toward more healthy brands and ingredients. With such a large array of options to choose from, cereal is a breakfast food everyone in the house can get behind.

The Best Breakfast Foods On A Budget

2. Eggs

Renowned as the king of all breakfast foods, eggs are another quick option to make in the morning, as well as a very inexpensive food. You’ll never pay more than 3 bucks for a dozen eggs, which is a steal because there are so many ways to prepare them in the morning; some individuals may take the classic approach and scramble them up, others may opt for an omelet packed with fillings of their choosing, I, and probably many others, love to sizzle up a delicious fried egg for a sandwich. Eggs are the food that keeps on giving, with so many ways to recreate them into a new meal the next morning you’ll find the need for other breakfast options unnecessary until you’ve cracked the last of the dozen.

3. Bagels

Bagels are another classic breakfast food usually found in most kitchens. Quick to toast and prepare, bagels can be bought in packages of 6 without ever reaching a price higher than 4 dollars. Bagels are another great option because, again, there is so much that can be done with a bagel. For starters, bagels come in many flavors, and there are even more spreads and toppings that can be experimented with to keep your mornings fresh and exciting. Whether you take the typical cream cheese approach or throw a fried egg on it to create a sandwich is up to you; the possibilities are vast and the price you pay will stay low.  

The Best Breakfast Foods On A Budget

4. Waffles

Waffles—or better known as, the holy grail of breakfast foods among preschoolers everywhere—are a food that will last awhile, and fuel you’re tired house while it’s at it. These fluffy squares earn a place as one of the greatest breakfast options that will save you major dollars, with a box of 10 running you only 3 dollars! Waffles are yet again another food that can constantly have new spins thrown on it, whether topped with strawberries, slathered in butter, or toasted and sprinkled with sugar; waffles give you a great bang for your buck.

5. Yogurt

Yogurt is a very healthy and inexpensive breakfast option that you will never grow bored of. Yogurt is a great food to toss in your bag if you’re in a pinch and consume later while on the go. I’m a fan of Yoplait’s strawberry and banana flavored yogurt because it is made with delicious chunks of strawberry inside of each cup. However, there are a wide variety of yogurts to choose from, as well as toppings you can experiment with, like granola and fruits. A pack will never run you more than 6 bucks and it is again, a very healthy option when concerning your gut health and can even help to improve digestive issues.

The Best Breakfast Foods On A Budget

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6. Granola Bars

There are a huge variety of different granola bars in today’s day and age. There are granola bars specifically made for children, some made strictly for mountain climbers, and others for the average human being. With so many on the market it’s natural to be curious as to what the hype is surrounding these bars. Not only are they satisfyingly filling, especially for sensitive morning stomachs, but they are cheap! If you stay away from the more health-nut brands, you can grab a 24 count of granola bars for under 7 dollars, making this one of the cheapest and tastiest portable breakfast foods around!

7. Fruit

An obvious and widely recommended breakfast choice among doctors and pediatricians everywhere is…fruit, of course! Fruit has kind of got it all when it comes to the best of the best breakfast foods, it is healthy—beating any other food by a landslide—and it is relatively inexpensive. Whether it is oranges, grapes, apples, or bananas you’re reaching for, you can expect to never have to face hefty or outrageous prices for fresh produce. Another great thing about eating fruit for breakfast is that it can be taken with you on the go, and it can be paired and used for many things. Fruit can be used as a topping, or as the star of any breakfast. A new fad involving fruit is people choosing to blend it all up alongside some veggies or some form of milk and making a deliciously filling and nutritious smoothie! Fruit is a breakfast food that will never go out of style, it is always refreshing and a timeless favorite among many.

The Best Breakfast Foods On A Budget

8. Pancakes

Pancakes, like waffles, are a universal child-favorite! Easy to make and ready within minutes, pancakes always are usually a classic option among large families. Pancakes are a fun breakfast choice because there are so many unique ways to jazz them up; throwing chocolate chips inside some pancake batter is always a sure way to make them even more exciting. Usually smothered in butter, and maybe some deliciously sweet syrup, you’ll be glad to know a box of pancake mix usually hovers below 2 or 3 bucks!

Breakfast foods have an important job, and it’s important to be assured that it is possible to stay healthy without breaking the bank. Which breakfast foods are your favorite?
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