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The Best Brands of Jeans You Have to Buy

The Best Brands of Jeans You Have to Buy

High-quality jeans are hard to come by, especially if you want them to be comfortable. Usually, when you find the right fit, they can be uncomfortable and tight in certain areas. This article will highlight a few brands that create the perfect jeans for any body frame or style personality. At least one of these jean brands will have something for you and fits you like a glove.

1. Levi’s

Levi’s has been known to give us high-quality blue jeans since the late 1800s. The brand initially was created to provide jeans for the hard-working blue-collar folks in the US at the time. Levi Strauss created the brand because he took notice of the demand for robust and high-quality jeans. Levi’s has evolved into something so much more now. They still provide thick and durable jeans, but they also are very stylish and contemporary. They are one of the most loved brands for a reason. They make different high-quality jeans for people in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

The Best Brands of Jeans You Have to Buy

2. American Eagle

American Eagle is a jean brand that is perfect if you need a lot of stretch in your jeans. Their super stretch jeans are well-known for giving that roomy comfortable feel. They are also high-quality and fit like a glove since they are stretch and mold to one’s body.

The Best Brands of Jeans You Have to Buy

3. Gap

Gap jeans are another brand of jeans that’s worth splurging on. They will fit you so well and last you for years and years to come. Gap offers casual and clean looks for their customer, so it works well for those you want a simple pair of jeans that fit great and can be worn every day.

The Best Brands of Jeans You Have to Buy

4. Madewell

I mean, it says it in the name. Madewell is famous for making outstanding jeans. On their official website, they also have a tab where you can find your perfect pair of jeans. On this tab, they share different care tips that you use to keep your jeans longer. They give you care tips on how to keep your black jeans black and how to clean your jeans in an eco-friendly way.

The Best Brands of Jeans You Have to Buy

5. 7 for All Mankind

Their brand of jeans has made an enormous name for themselves. They brought the quality which in turn, lead them being one of the most loved brands when it comes to jeans. Many celebrities wear their jeans and compliment them for their fit and quality. They are identifiable from the “7” stitching on some of the back pockets of their jeans. They cost a pretty penny, so be on the lookout for sales and discounts during the holiday season to get you a pair at a fair price.

The Best Brands of Jeans You Have to Buy

6. Good American

Good American is a jean brand that prides itself on representing and crafting jeans for all body types. This jean brand is also known for being co-created by Khole Kardashian. Kardashian and her business partner Emma Grede were on a mission to create comfy, high-quality for curvy women.
They carry straight sizes, but they also have plus sizes up to 24. This is almost unheard of in the fashion world. Certain ones that do carry those sizes, so don’t get the fit and shape right. Making plus size doesn’t just mean that you make the clothes bigger, you have to pay attention to the shape, the type of fabric, and so many other elements to provide the comfort and fit needed.

The Best Brands of Jeans You Have to Buy

7. Maurices

Maurices is another jean brand that has a strong reputation for providing great jeans. Maurices prided itself on being a small hometown business. If you are a novice when it comes to jean language, then you can look at their fit guide to familiarize yourself with the terms. They break down the different rises and fits, so you can make an informed decision about the jeans you pick for yourself.

The Best Brands of Jeans You Have to Buy

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8. Old Navy

Old Navy is actually a conglomerate of The Gap. This means that The Gap owns Old Navy. So that means if The Gap is a little too big for your budget, Old Navy is the next best thing. You still get what you paid for, but Old Navy jeans still pack a punch in regards to quality and fit. Old Navy also has a separate plus-size section, which means they have more sizes. Their sizing goes all the way up to 30, which is a 4x, talk about inclusive. That means that Old Navy is providing high-quality jeans to everyone, no matter their size or shape.

The Best Brands of Jeans You Have to Buy

9. Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand gives you the perfect rugged look that we all want in our jeans. The brand originated in Los Angeles, California, so they know fashion and edge. Lucky Brand is another jean brand that offers plus sizes as well, which is awesome. Providing good quality jeans for everyone is essential.
Their jeans are typically high-brow, so if you don’t have the funds, always take advantage of their sale section on their website.

The Best Brands of Jeans You Have to Buy

10. Torrid

If you wear a size 10-32, then Torrid should not be overlooked in your list of jeans to try. The average woman in this country is a size 12-14. No matter how people view that, you still need jeans that fit to feel good. Torrid has tons of different styles of jeans for different personality types and needs. They have skinny jeans if you like to show off your legs. They also have baggy fits, like the boyfriend jean or their infamous boot cut jeans. Torrid stands for inclusivity in everything they do. The models in their catalog are of different races, different sizes, and carry their weight in different areas. Torrid also has a culture in its store of being a judgment-free zone. So if you prefer to try on jeans in person and you are a plus-size woman, Torrid is a great place to go to.

The Best Brands of Jeans You Have to Buy

What are some of your favorite go-to jeans brands? Are they on our list?

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