The 7 Best Brands For Men’s Watches Under $200

A functional, nice watch will always be an essential accessory to any gentleman’s outfit to give it that polished and professional touch. Wearing a watch not only implicates your taste for finer fashion, but that you also value time- an important attribute in the modern world. Unfortunately, a good quality timepiece tends to be on the pricier end of the spectrum, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find one that doesn’t suit your needs, style and budget. So, to help you you on your search, we’ve gathered some of the best brands for men’s watches below. Including popular men’s watch brands like Fossil and Michael Kors as well as newer players like MVMT, something on this list of watches for men will be sure to catch your eye!

MVMT Watches

Although MVMT is a newer game player in the world of men’s watches, this company has been taking the industry by storm. What started out as 2 college drop outs with a dream of shaking up the watch industry, has now transformed into a household brand name with over 1.5 million MVMT owners. Sounds to me like these guys know what they’re doing – and with all of their watches for $160 or less, it’s pretty hard to pass up on this offer.

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Dune  Graphite


The Fossil Group aims to design and create their products “with the future in mind” meaning sustainable, timeless pieces and less waste. From stainless steel and leather watches to their ultra cool smartwatches, Fossil knows what it takes to make a good men’s watch. With watch prices starting at just $75 and constant sales, you’ll be sure to find something you like among this list of affordable men’s watches.

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Michael Kors

World renowned Michael Kors is known for creating luxury style pieces without the luxury pricing. Michael Kors is a good place to shop for watches for men if you’re looking for a specific color such as gold, silver, blue or black. Many watches start just over $100 and always make sure to check their latest sales, you can be sure to find great deals here.

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Slim Runway Black-Tone Stainless Steel Watch Slim Runway Mesh Black-Tone Watch


If you’re a fan of Citizen watches but don’t think you can afford them, you’re wrong! While some of Citizen’s exquisite options soar over $1000, they do have a good handful of watches sitting under $200. Whether you’re looking for something more minimal and modern like the Axiom watch or sometime more classic like the Chandler watch, there’s something to float every boat.

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Axiom  Chandler

Brooklyn Watch Co.

Finding Brooklyn Watch Co. is like finding that little fish in that big pond that totally surprises you in a good way. Brooklyn Watch Co. is relatively knew to the game, but with their stylish watches created with the modern man in mind, there’s a watch for every taste. Their watches range from military and sport styles to classic and slim styles. While their prices are upwards of $500 on their homepage, you can snag some of their most popular styles on Amazon starting at only $40.

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AVI-8 watches are unique in a sense that their watches are designed and created in honor of aircrafts and the airmen who devoted their lives to bring these incredible pieces of machinery to life. In addition to these watch’s Pilot aesthetic, they serve purposes in addition to telling time such as date to moon phases and chronographs. During WWI and WWII, these complications were essential for Pilots. You can expect to spend around $150 on one of their watches, with many sale watches falling under $89.

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AV-4057-03  AV-4001-03


If you’ve never heard this name before, you will be pleased to learn that Max Stürhling was a watchmaker, who after studying under Louis Audemars (a world renowned luxury watchmaker), aimed to create a watch with the luxury look and the affordable price for the every day man. With 7 collections to choose from, there’s a style for every taste, with most watches ranging from $80 to $150.

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Which one of these best brands for men’s watches are you going to check out?! Let us know your favorite down below!

These are the best brands for men's watches all under 200 dollars!  These are the best brands for men's watches all under 200 dollars!

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Here's some of the best brands for men's watches that are cheap!

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