The Best Braided Space Buns You Need To Try Yourself

Braided space buns are a new hairstyle trend that is all over the internet. Here are some of the best versions to try!

Braided space buns are a new up and coming hairstyle trend that young women are trying all over the internet. If you have been on websites such as Pinterest or Instagram you might have come across one of these young women who has completely nailed the look of braided space buns. Since there are so many ways to wear this trending look, we have chosen a few of the best versions that you need to try for yourself.

Lower Braided Space Buns

This look is styled from the top of your hairline. Parting your hair in the middle, you make two close braids against your scalp until reaching down to the lower part of your hair. Twisting the loose ends it to lower messy buns and you have a braided space bun look of unique perfection. Completely capable of wearing it out to any occasion, it may be lower to your neck but it will look just as fabulous as ever.

The Best Braided Space Buns You Need To Try Yourself

Higher Braided Space Buns

A higher set of braided space buns is almost like the lower set of this hairstyle. Instead of being at the bottom of your hair, these are located right on the top of your head. The braids are started from the bottom against your scalp, they work their way up till you wrap both sides of it around into two balls on the top of your head.

This is a nicer version because it is less likely to come loose or make you feel any heat on the back of your neck. It could let you let in that cool breeze in the springtime. The best part is you’ll look so stylish the whole time.

The Best Braided Space Buns You Need To Try Yourself

High Braided Space Buns With Loose Hair

Mixing up the style of a messy with braided space buns is a super cute look. Letting a few strands of hair fall down so that it looks like they came loose on purpose is a really adorable look for anyone who is trying to go for this space bun look.

After taking the steps to secure your buns onto the top of your hair, take a comb and pull out a few strands in different sections of the hair. It gives off that “accidental coming loose” look and will look good during any time of day.

The Best Braided Space Buns You Need To Try Yourself

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High Braided Space Buns With Full-Length Hair

In this style, not only are you rocking the space buns but you’re also showing off your luscious locks of hair. The combo is more of a step than just letting a few loose strands fall through. You can actually play around with this look till you get it to where you want it to be.

After taking the steps to secure the braided buns in place on the top of your head, you can then mess around with the rest of your hair and let it down. You can curl it or straighten it; the best way to wear it is to have it in waves, giving off this full volume of a set of hair that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

The Best Braided Space Buns You Need To Try Yourself

This is a new trend that a bunch of girls is starting to try out so you might want to start getting on board with this too. Not to mention it is just so fabulous and unique; this style isn’t going away anytime soon. It is definitely a spring into summer look that you can rock on the boardwalk or the beach any day of the week.

Are you going to try these braided space buns styles? Let us know in the comments below!

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