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The 7 Best Beauty YouTubers You Should Be Following

The 7 Best Beauty YouTubers You Should Be Following

If you love makeup, here are some of the best beauty YouTubers to follow! These gurus have the best channels for tutorials and entertainment!

Makeup may or may not be your niche. However, to watch a beauty guru on YouTube you don’t have to be a makeup lover. These beauty bloggers have been through it all, and there stories of how they’ve achieved success are really interesting! Not to mention, all of these makeup artists have amazing personalities, and definitely keep you entertained! So, if you’d like to learn more about the best beauty YouTubers we have picked out a few of our favorites to share with you.

1) Huda Beauty

If you haven’t heard of Huda Kattan, then you’ve definitely heard of Huda Beauty (a massive cosmetics line launched by the beauty blogger herself). Kattan is a Tennessee native who attended the University of Michigan Dearborn as a finance major. After graduation, Kattan knew finance wasn’t her passion, and quickly dove into the beauty industry as a makeup artist, rising to fame through her YouTube channel, Huda Beauty! Today, Kattan is the CEO of her own business and is one of the most successful beauty YouTubers to date!

Definitely one of the best beauty YouTubers worth following!

2) Patrick Starr

Patrick Starr’s love for makeup began in high school through photography and photoshop manipulation! Starr was able to contour, add blush, diminish the appearance blemishes and more! This had him hooked, and while studying nursing in college, Starr worked at MAC on the side where he was an artist. Although Starr loved MAC, one day his hours were taken away, and with that came his excuse to wear and do others makeup. This lead to the start of his YouTube channel, where he now has over 3 million subscribers!

Definitely one of the best beauty YouTubers worth following!

3) Desi Perkins

With a passion for makeup her entire life, Desi Perkins knew what she wanted to do from an early age. Perkins started her career as a freelance makeup artist, and realized she wanted to share her tips and tricks with the world, leading to the launch of her YouTube career. After accumulating over 14 million views on an eyeshadow tutorial, Perkin’s YouTube subscribers exploded. Today, the successful beauty YouTuber has almost 3 million followers!

Definitely one of the best beauty YouTubers worth following!

4) Makeup Geek

Marlena Stell is the brains behind the cosmetics company, Makeup Geek. However, before she was a successful entrepreneur, she was a music teacher turned YouTuber. That’s right, Stell taught music using her bachelors degree in education from Pensacola Christian College. However, it appears that Stell’s minor in stage makeup was the better fit, as she launched her successful beauty YouTube back in 2008, and ever since, her empire has grown. Today, Stell owns her own makeup brand, “Makeup Geek,” and grosses about 1 million dollars per month! I’d say she’s one of the best beauty YouTubers, wouldn’t you?

Definitely one of the best beauty YouTubers worth following!

5) Laura Lee

An Alabama native turned Los Angeles beauty blogger, Laura Lee began her makeup journey through Instagram after getting a lot of requests for her eye looks. This sparked the idea of her YouTube channel, which got its launch in 2013. Today, Lee has over 3 million subscribers and has her own makeup line called Laura Lee Los Angelos!

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Definitely one of the best beauty YouTubers worth following!

6) Manny Mua

With a career path to medical school, Manny Mua adjusted his plans to become a beauty guru. Mua, like many others, suffered through some push back but remained positive, working at Sephora and MAC counters as a makeup artist. His work in the beauty industry was displayed on Instagram, where he chalked up a large following that gained the attention of Patrick Starr, who is now one of his closest friends. Between Mua’s Instagram presence and friendship with Starr, he on the path to a bright future. Today, Mua has over 3 million YouTube subscribers and is definitely one of the best beauty Youtuber’s out there!

Definitely one of the best beauty YouTubers worth following!

7) Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is another former MAC makeup artist turned beauty blogger. Hill got her start on YouTube back in 2011, and her following has gone up ever since. Today, Hill is best known for her collaborations with brands like Morphe and Becca Cosmetics. Her bubbly and entertaining personality has earned her over 4 million YouTube subscribers over the years! She is definitely one of the best beauty YouTubers worth watching!

Definitely one of the best beauty YouTubers worth following!

Who would you consider to be some of the best beauty YouTubers? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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