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The Best Beauty Products from Black-Owned Brands

The Best Beauty Products from Black-Owned Brands

First, let me start by saying this: the protests might be less frequent, and the social media posts might be dwindling, but the fight is not over. As allies to the BIPOC community or any community who has been discriminated against, mistreated, or given unequal opportunity due to our social and political system, it is our job to continue educating ourselves, standing up for what is right, and make changes in our own lives.

Supporting black-owned brands is one way to make a change. Black-owned beauty brands are one area we can show support with our daily necessities. We all know of Fenty Beauty, and the ways in which founder Rihanna worked to include people of every color into her line.

But there are so many other black-owned Brands who don’t have shelf space. So, to find the best of the best products from black-owned brands, I asked friends, family, peers and strangers about their go-to items. Here are some of the best products from black-owned brands.

1. Mented Cosmetics: High Brow Pencil, $15

Legend (a.k.a. The company website) has it: Mented Cosmetics started “over a glass of pinot” when the founders, Amanda E. Johnson and KJ Miller asked themselves why it was “so hard to find the perfect nude lipstick”. The two paired up to create a black-owned brand for women of every skin tone to encourage finding oneself in the world of beauty. The lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes and more have given women of every complexion the ability to enhance their own skin with Mented’s vegan, non-toxic and cruelty free products. Check out their website here for more info & the products themselves.

The High Brow Pencil goes above and beyond the typical brow tool. This tool contains a spoolie on one end and the pencil tip on the other. The pigment- with a range including “Brow You Know- light brown”, “Brow Or Later- medium brown”, “Brow Down- deep brown”, and “Take A Brow- black brown” is fully waterproof and lasts over 10 hours. Not only does the black-owned Beauty Brand give you the product you need, but provides a brow infographic on their website to help you shape the brow of your dreams!

The Best Beauty Products from Black-Owned Brands

2. Iwi Fresh: 14 Carrot Glow Moisturizer, $25.50

The second black-owned brand is one with a product and service like no other. It’s called Iwi Fresh (iwi, standing for ‘Is What it Is’). Iwi Fresh is one of the only “farm to skin” spas in Atlanta, Georgia. Founder Yolanda Owens, commonly referred to as Yogi The Skin Care Chef, started out creating skin care products for herself and her friends. With inspiration from her grandmother and a dislike for the harsh chemicals most skin care is made of, she began her own brand of farm-based products as a college student. Today Yogi sells moisturizers, cleansers, scrubs and conditioner online, along with owning a storefront and spa where you can stop by for a mani, pedi, facial or hot shave or hair cut. Every product is made by hand-picked fruits and veg from 3 local farms. The produce is juiced, mixed and turned into skincare recipes. 

The 14 Carrot Glow Moisturizer is the spa’s top seller. To create this concoction, carrots are powdered and mixed with a homemade cream recipe. The moisturizer provides benefits like anti-aging, farm-based sunblock and that natural glow we’re all looking for.  

The Best Beauty Products from Black-Owned Brands

3. Iwi Fresh: Throwback-Cucumber-Curls… with Lavender, $22.50

Like the Carrot Glow Moisturizer, the ‘Throwback-Cucumber-Curls… with Lavender’ is a farm-based blend of produce including lettuce, Aloe Vera, Sage and more. This hair creme is known to help all sorts of hair types: dry-brittle, oily, dry, or even a combination somewhere in between. The creme prevents breakouts, soothes the scalp and restores moisture and circulation throughout the strands. If you’re looking for a way to pump up your curls, this product is definitely worth trying!

The Best Beauty Products from Black-Owned Brands

4. Range Beauty: True Intentions Hydrating Foundation, $21.00

Range Beauty prides itself on being a go-to skin brand for all people, no matter what shade, skin type or gender. The black-owned brand’s products are always free of parabens, sulfates, synthetics, and many other toxic ingredients. The brand focuses on ethical production and affordability, something we should all be focusing on! Beyond all, the company wants each and every individual to use Range products to enhance their beauty, not cover it up. 

Range Beauty’s signature True Intentions Hydrating Foundation comes in over 20 shades and ranges from “Paloma” (the fair/neutral pigment) to “Midnight Sun” (the deeper brown/neutral pigment). This foundation is one of the only foundations on the market that focuses on combating and handling acne and eczema. Range suggests applying the foundation with your fingers for a sheer coverage, or with brush or sponge for buildable, medium coverage. This product so magically treats every skin type that one customer review actually called it “sorcery”! This product is a must try for your new makeup regimen. 

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The Best Beauty Products from Black-Owned Brands

5. Kreyol Essence: Hatian Black Castor Oil, $18.00

You might recognize this next black-owned brand from their big break on the show Shark Tank. Kreyol Essence is a sustainable, eco-friendly, and all natural brand known for their hair, skin and body products. Each of their products is made with Kreyol Essence traditional formulas including ingredients from Caribbean farms. Plant-based oils, herbs and butters combine together to create cleansers, body creams, soaps and more- which can all be bought in their “Wonderful Bundles” product package. 

The Hatian Black Castor Oil is the item Kreyol Essence is most known for. The oil, often considered Liquid Gold “promotes thick, shiny and long hair. [And it’s] loaded with omega fatty acids and Vitamin E”, according to their website. The oil can even be used to thicken eyebrows and eyelashes, to soothe muscle pain, and helps fade stretch marks! You seriously can not go wrong with this product.  Whatever your beauty needs may be, Kreyol Essence’s Castor Oil will answer all your beauty prayers. 

The Best Beauty Products from Black-Owned Brands

Black-owned brands are often overlooked in the beauty industry. But this list proves just how powerful some of these brands can be! Whether you’re looking for a new conditioner, makeup shade, or a beauty product totally different, chances are these brands have what you’re looking for no matter what your complexion. So when trying to decide what new beauty products to purchase when we finally return to schools, work, or even right now for those Zoom clients you’ve got to impress, do some research on brands who might not be in the mainstream market. 

What are your favorite black-owned beauty brands to support? Let us know in the comments below!

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