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The Best Beauty Accounts To Follow On Instagram

The Best Beauty Accounts To Follow On Instagram

With so many makeup accounts on Instagram, it’s hard to filter through the best onces. We curated a list to take all of the guesswork out of it, so you can get your beauty fix at the click of a button.


Based on London, England, Nikki has grown in popularity over the recent years. She is a Dior Makeup Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Columnist at Glamour UK.S Her clients based are all across the globe, as she works with celebrities and popular beauty brands quite often. With 1.5 million followers, it’s clear to see that she has incredible talent. She even released her own false eyelash line with “Sweed”. They are so dainty, delicate, and sexy, you’ll want to buy every single one!



Nam is all about glowing your heart out. She strives to be a dewy dumpling all day every day. After honing her skill and working hard applying makeup at a strip club, Nam Vo has learned vital skills and techniques for every woman. Follow her to discover useful makeup tips on how to make your skin better from the inside out. Along with some constant insight on how to be a sexual, gentle, and strong woman, Nam is an artist you don’t want to miss out on.


GELCREAM’s account is all about water, light, and texture. With clear and incredible photography skills under her belt, beauty products become a work of art at her fingertips and fortunately, available for our viewing pleasure. She creates content for magazines and brands. It is obvious to see why. Ranging from close up nail photos to a three-step nail routine that looks like it just walked out of a gallery, you can’t go wrong following this account. 



Ritual of me is all about perceiving and sensing the feeling of texture through fantastical close-ups of beauty products. What originally started as a creative outlet in 2017, turned into full-time work. Follow to get some of the best reviews of skincare and cosmetics along paired with gallery-worthy photographs. You can buy three of her most popular prints on


Stella Eskelin is an 18-year-old artist from Finland. With over 39 thousand followers, it’s clear to see that she’s beginning to take the beauty world by storm. Stella pairs organic materials and ethereal concepts to create some of the most breathtaking looks you’ll see. Stella is always willing to converse with her followers and answer any questions they may have. Most importantly, she leads with transparency. What you see is what you get. She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and be herself. 



Almost everyone who has dipped their toes in the beauty world knows about Glossier. They’re all about expressing the best and most authentic version of yourself. Plus, their satisfying photography and packaging make the brand that much more memorable. Glossier makes a point to do better and be better on a regular basis. They are transparent, accept their mistakes, and do their best to educate and move forward for the better of themselves and others. 



Katie Jane Hudge is a celebrity makeup artist that has worked with many major beauty brands and celebrities. Follow her to get some of the best and most eye-opening beauty tips. Trust us when we say, her lessons will change the way you do your makeup. One of our favorite hacks was how to apply winged eyeliner if you have hooded eyelids. Plus, look at that effortless, airbrushed glow she has going on. She provides the same quality with every look she churns out. (Along with some humor and killer outfits).


Ohuprettythings is just what you need to get your product fix in. When you’re busy daydreaming about what to buy next (or what you wish you can buy), head on over to this page to sort through what will look best on your current/future vanity. 



Sort of Obsessed is another cute page to follow if you love staring at pretty pink and sparkly beauty products all day. There’s something calming about perfectly curated and organized beauty content. 

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Pat Mcgrath, the Mother of all makeup, is THE account to follow if any. She creates some of the greatest and most coveted products to date. She breaks boundaries every day as one of the most talented and experienced celebrity/editorial/runway artist today. Her products are always over the top, luxurious, and pack a punch. Her Instagram pages demonstrates the beauty in her products and techniques. 



Versed is quality and fairly priced skincare brand. At the looks of their product and content, you would think these products would be sold at Sephora or Blue Mercury. Surprisingly, they’re actually sold at Target. Versed is a brand with fairly priced products that actually work. Learn more about Versed and gaze at their quality content by following them on Instagram. You won’t regret it.


Farmacy beauty is one of the best clean beauty brands in the industry. With quality products that actually get the job done, you’ll never want to go back to your old stuff. Follow their Instagram account to get close up photographs of their award-winning balms, serums, and more. 



Vivi is a beauty and bridal makeup artist based in London.  Her looks are always stand-outs. With her sharp winged shadow looks, airbrushed techniques, and perfectly feathered brow look, it’s hard to let her talent go unnoticed. It’s obvious to see why she has over 160 followers on Instagram.


LeafTale Therapy is a writer, makeup artist, and skincare consultant. Follow her page to learn about the best and newest products in the beauty industry today. She is always willing to answer any questions and inform her followers on easy and quick techniques that will make any skincare/makeup user’s life easier. Her content is curated to feel like a breath of fresh air. You be the judge. 


Let us know what your favorite beauty accounts are in the comments below! We can’t wait to hear what you come up with.