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The Best Beach Sports To Try On Your Next Vacation

The Best Beach Sports To Try On Your Next Vacation

The Best Beach Sports To Try On Your Next Vacation

Beach sports are some of the coolest and most fun activities that allow you to keep fit and enjoy your holiday, all at the same time. With so many divers options to chose from, here is a list of the best beach sports to try on your next vacation.

1. Frisbee

A classic beach sport, playing frisbee is not only amusing but also not too physically demanding, can be played solo or with some friends or with a pet and necessitates hardly any equipment. All you need is a frisbee disc and a decent stretch of sand to be able to play.

There is nothing better than watching as it sails through the air towards your friends, who frantically nosedive to catch it or towards your dog, who races gladly into the surf to fetch it. Also, if you start to get a little bummed of playing after a while don’t worry, it can easily be stored away and brought back out again in no time.

The Best Beach Sports To Try On Your Next Vacation

2. Volleyball

If you were to rank beach sports that almost everyone has played at least once in their life, volleyball would definitely be at the top of the list. One of the most popular activities that everyone seems to enjoy and constantly represented in mass media as THE beach sport for young people, it’s no surprise that it made the list.

It can be played with little equipment and never fails to bring people together for a little competitive fun. So whether you decide on an amicable game with friends and family or try to win first prize at a local tournament, there is no denying the camaraderie and excitement this seaside pastime offers.

The Best Beach Sports To Try On Your Next Vacation

3. Sea Kayaking

Beach sports that offer both exploration, relaxation and are available to any and all skill levels should be on everyones vacation to-do list. Sea kayaking is a great option and gives people the opportunity to explore large bodies of water whether it be small bays or out on the open ocean, easily, safely and can be done solo or with a partner.

Try taking an afternoon to rent a kayak and paddle around with a guide who will show you all the natural and serene beauty of the surrounding area or, for the more experienced and adventurous types, plan a month long journey where you will have to brave complex marine conditions and be able to explore difficult to access wilderness areas. Whatever your fancy, sea kayaking will definitely deliver.

The Best Beach Sports To Try On Your Next Vacation

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4. Paddle Boarding

This next beach sport is called paddle boarding. Similar in some ways to sea kayaking, it requires you to have much more balance and coordination, especially if you were to use it standing up and offers a challenging full body workout that not only utilizes your arm muscles, but also works your entire upper body, core, abdominals, spine, hips and legs.

This is also a relatively safe sport for the whole family and uses particular boards that don’t sink or capsize and has had very few accidents involved. Use it to paddle out into open waters or as a means of transporting you around to any off-shore islands or hard to reach spot for some fun exploring.

The Best Beach Sports To Try On Your Next Vacation

5. Kiteboarding

Our final beach sport on this list is the slightly more challenging, but equally as exhilarating, kiteboarding. This pastime takes quite a bit of practice, skill and training to become adept in and is not ideal for anyone who is inexperienced. However, many different tourist areas offer lessons for beginners and with some practice, you can definitely come to enjoy this extreme activity.

Combining divers aspects of different sports, including wakeboarding, windsurfing, snowboarding, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding and sailing, the point is to basically strap yourself to a board and attempt to harness the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite, which in turn propels you across the water. Not for the faint of heart, this is considered mid to high intensity exercise but offers amazing physical and mental benefits that anyone could appreciate.

The Best Beach Sports To Try On Your Next Vacation

Do you agree with our list? Which are your favourite beach sports? Let us know in the comments!

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