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The Best Bars In Los Angeles You Need To Check Out

Turning 21 comes with many new privileges and freedoms. One of which is finally being allowed to go to bars. Los Angeles is full of nightlife and there are endless bars to check out. This list will help you narrow down the ones that are worth going to. 

1. Mr Furley’s

This bar has locations in both Glendale and Sherman Oaks. Upon walking in, this might seem like any other bar. There are pool tables and dart boards. You can also purchase beer pong balls and cups to play during your time there. My favorite part of this bar is the happy hour though. Everyday, from 5-9pm, all the drink are buy 2, get 1 free. The drinks range from aroun $7-$12 dollars, so this winds up being a very good deal. Drinking out can get expensive, so I love taking advantage of deals like this.

2. El Tejano

This is another gem in the valley, which isn’t often talked about. This bar is described as Tex-Mex and can get pretty lively during the week and on weekends. I love this bar because there is both inside and outside seating, which makes it perfect for warm summer nights. They also have great happy hour deals, which include making your drinks “Texas Size” for a few dollars more. Your drinks then come in huge glasses, which are great for photo opportunities. This is a great place for a casual night out with friends.

3. A Simple Bar

This is definitely a hidden spot and is mostly only heard about through word of mouth. It’s a tiny spot located in a strip mall near Universal Studios. This bar gets packed on the weekends, so I recommend going early. It’s a very laid back atmosphere. On the weekends, there’s DJ’s that play the best hip-hop and pop music, that gets everyone dancing. 

4. Cabo Cantina

This Mexican themed bar has locations all over Los Angeles. It is always a super lively environment and always a fun time. Similar to El Tejano, they are known for their huge drinks. They have a large drink menu filled with different varieties of margaritas of all flavors. They also place current and trendy music. This is a great spot for weekend nights.

5. Lono

Lono is a super unique tiki themed bar located in Hollywood. It has a beautiful interior and also features a restaurant. It is full of picture opportunities and even has a photo booth. It isn’t talked about often, but should definitely be a stop if you are already bar hopping in Hollywood. 

6. Jalapeno Petes

This is another Mexican style bar. This one is located on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. It gets packed during sporting events because of it’s large screen TV’s. It also fills up on weekend nights and it can be hard to find seating, so I recommend coming here earlier on also. They have good food and popular appetizers, like nachos and carne asada fries. They also offer 2 for 1 specials on drinks after a certain time.

7. Salsa And Beer

Although this place is more commonly thought of as a restaurant, there’s no denying that there is a great bar in Los Angeles. People often skip the wait by ordering food right at the bar as well.  This place is super affordable and gives you a great value. You can buy pitchers of margaritas for only $20. That’s a great deal because one of their margaritas runs about $10 by itself. The food is also out of this world, which keeps people lining up to eat there. This is one of the best places to go for great food and drinks at a reasonable price. You just have to go at off times and during the week in order to beat the crowds. 

8. Mama Shelter

Rooftop bars are all the rage in Los Angeles. This one is found in Hollywood on the roof of a hotel. This place gives off the perfect vibe for a summer night. It offers brightly decorated decor and looks lively and summery. However, they also are prepared for colder nights and keep blankets available for those rare chilly LA nights. They have a large drink menu with all types of varieties that will appeal to all crowds. This is great for a laid-back night where you just want to sit back and relax with a beautiful view. 

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9. The Brickyard Pub

This bar is also found in North Hollywood. It is located right next to El Tejano, so you can even go to both bars if you want.  It is a dimly lit bar, which mainly specializes in beers. There are hundreds of varieties, which they have listed on the menu. There are also pool tables and open seating. It is a very laid-back place and is especially good for beer lovers or people who just want a cool place to spend their night. 

10. E.P. & L.P.

This is definitely the most upscale of the bars on this list. It is a rooftop bar located in West Hollywood. It is more on the pricey side, but is worth it for the experience. They also offer rooftop movies, which are played outside during the summer. You can find schedules online of all the different movies they offer. You can also purchase popcorn, food and drinks while watching the movie. The rooftop movies are a fun and unique LA experience. The rooftop theater has become a staple for my summer bucket list. You can also visit the bar after watching a movie for a perfect summer night. 

Los Angeles is full of fun things to do and it can be hard to figure out where to begin. This list narrows down a few fun places to go to on a night out. Trying new places adds excitement to your life and gives you something to do. They are worth checking out when you want to try somewhere new. Leave your favorite go to places to drink in the comments below!

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