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The Best Bang For Your Buck Workout Gear On Amazon

The Best Bang For Your Buck Workout Gear On Amazon

The best affordable workout gear to buy on Amazon! This is the highest rated and super durable workout equipment perfect for your next workout!

Sadly, not all of us have endless amounts of money to spend on Lulu leggings and state of the art workout machines, so we try to work with what we have! If you’re looking to add to or upgrade your workout gear and equipment without breaking bank, we’ve compiled a list of the highest rated workout gear on Amazon for the most affordable prices! Or if you simply do not enjoy working out in a gym, these are great options to keep at home to work out in the privacy of your own space! Below are 10 of the best things you can get on Amazon when it comes to workout gear!

1. Resistance Loop Bands– $13

These are super affordable, well-rated, and good quality resistance bands. They’re also multi-purpose, give you a full body workout, and therefore an even better deal! Comes with video workouts and an exercise guide that’s perfect for beginners!


2. Exercise/Stability Ball– $12-$24

These bad boys are so versatile and usually not too expensive. Definitely worth the investment and comes with guide to show you everything you can do with a stability ball!


3. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones– $35

These are perfect for when you have (emphasis on have) to use the treadmill and don’t feel like constantly worrying about whether or not you will accidentally yank your phone out of the cup holder.



4. Muscle Roller Massage Stick– $14

These things are like heaven, just trust me. They’re amazing at getting out knots and relieving cramped muscles…definitely worth the 14 dollars.


5. Ab Toning Fitness Wheel– $9

This looks like a slightly less boring way to attempt to get abs…


6. Endurance Training Skipping Rope– $10

Jumping Rope is one of the most efficient forms of cardio for burning calories! These can be used virtually anywhere and will give you a quick and effective workout for only $10!



7. Agility Ladder With Sports Cones- $26.50

These are useful when you want to switch up your agility workouts. There are so many different things you can do with the agility ladder! This set comes with six sports cones and a book full of drills to get the most out of your equipment!

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8. Medicine Ball– $23-$30

Ranges from 4 lbs to 12 lbs and is the perfect piece of equipment for when you want to step up your ab game.

9. Foam Roller– $10-$22

If the other muscle roller doesn’t work for you this is a tried and true back-up that helped me through many track workouts over the years. You can’t go wrong with a classic foam roller!


10. 20 Lb Dumbbell Set– $25

This set is equipped with the dumbbell rack as well as three sets of weights. This way you can get your lift on without actually going to the gym!

Do you know of any other amazing workout gear on Amazon that should be on this? Share in the comments below!

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