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The Best Autumn Fitness Routines You Need To Try

The weather is cold and refreshing, the sun is bright, the leaves on the trees are changing colors and possibly even falling off, and we officially need to alter our workout clothes we’re going to wear so we can be warm. Autumn has arrived, and we’re living for it. Which also means we need new autumn fitness routines!


Hiking is great for any season, but summer is too hot, winter is too cold, and spring is mostly rain. This is why autumn is the best time of the year to grab your hiking boots and head out there! We recommend taking a buddy with you just in case or make sure someone has your location and knows where you are hiking. This is just a precaution to keep you safe.

Just like running, hiking has so many benefits, including mental health morale, an excellent way to make sure you have excellent heart health, and it’s just fun to be away from everything. Hiking also helps you burn over 500 calories per hour!

Trail Runs

Treadmills honestly suck, and the repetitive motion is not suitable for your knees. This is why trail runs are great, and the views of the ever-changing trees are great to keep you going.

It’s hard, however. For beginner runners, make sure to have plenty of water, make sure to pick small trails, take as many breaks as you need. For our seasoned runners, make sure to follow the same tips as a beginner, but for your trails, try to pick different ones as not to get bored.

The reason why this is such a great idea to do is that it improves your heart health, improves your balance, and improves your core strength. You can do this by yourself, with a friend, or your pets!

Group Classes

Group classes can range from anything at your gym to anything in the great outdoors like a Bootcamp!

If you do decide on an outdoor Bootcamp, most parks offer Bootcamps for either super cheap or even free! It includes a high-energy workout where you can focus on strength, cardio, and endurance training. It’s great to exercise, get fit, and also inhale the clean air around you.

Most gyms also offer Bootcamp classes for a discounted price or are sometimes included in your gym memberships! We love to work out during the fall more than the summer when it comes to the group classes inside of the gym because, unfortunately, with the holidays coming up, people are most likely traveling than they are working out.


Okay, we know what you are thinking, “you can bike any time of the year.” While yes, that’s true, you can, we both know that biking in the summer just straight out sucks. It’s hot, and depending on where you live, it’s either humid or dry. I don’t know about you, but biking just sounds better when the weather is excellent. It’s not too cold or too hot.

There are so many ways to bike too. Bike to your destinations if it’s in a reasonable distance, bike in the city, bike in the mountains, bike uphill, bike downhill, bike at the beach, or the park. Whatever you do decide to do and where you do, it will be fun, and so incredibly healthy for you.

Biking is great for your body because of two huge reasons: it’s great to strengthen your muscles, and it’s easy on your joints. At this point, who doesn’t want to go biking? Falling leaves, the crisp air you breathe, the beautiful and serene view you can see – it’s worth it.

See Also

Hill Sprints

This is a great way to strengthen your muscles, helps with your strength training, and up your cardiovascular endurance. The great thing about hill sprints is that you don’t have to do them for a long time. A quick 10 to 20-minute sprint is all you need when you decide to do your hill sprints. Literally, that’s it, no more and no less. From there, you can continue going up as much as you like. Remember not to push yourself too much.

However, a small tip, when doing your hill sprints, try to do them in moderation. More is never better in this case. Your body needs to recover from the stress you put it under when you sprint uphill. Since it is such an intense routine, it’ll be better to do this work out sporadically.


This is the perfect workout for anywhere, anytime, and basically any season. You all have heard that to help with your mental health; you just need to go out to the great outdoors, smell the clean air around you, and try to connect with nature. Well, pair it up with yoga in the outdoors, and you got yourself the perfect duo.

According to professionals who practice Ayurveda, everyone has something called a dosha, and one of the doshas, Vata dosha, is very prominent in the autumn season. Because of the vast amount of excellent dosha energy during the fall season, the professionals say our minds and body can feel out of balance. This is why yoga in the fall is essential for anyone who needs to work out to not only get fit and healthy but also to help maintain better mental health.

Outdoor Sports

Ah, sports, a great way to exercise without actually feeling like you’re exercising. An hour game with friends and families can get your heart beating, works out your muscles, and you can burn a ton of calories! Honestly, the best thing about any of these autumn fitness activities is that in general, they’re fun, the weather is beautiful enough that you don’t have to feel like you’re suffocating from the heat or too cold to do anything. However, we do understand that this Fall weather can be unpredictable and be just as severe as the winter or just as hot as summer.

All of these autumn fitness activities can be done at any other time of the year. However, there is just a different feeling of working out when the weather is more beautiful, and the views are more colorful. Do you have a favorite autumn fitness activity? Let us know in the comments!

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