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The Best Athletic Shoes That Are Perfect For Your Workout

The Best Athletic Shoes That Are Perfect For Your Workout

Whether you’re an athlete, professional walker or just a lover of athletic shoes, I have you covered with the best (and most fashionable) shoes for your closet. Now I know, athletic shoes can be expensive, but if you want a pair that will last you long term, unfortunately, spending more money is expected. So, if you’re unsure where to purchase the newest and coolest pair of athletic shoes, below are list of some of my favorite brands/styles that will be perfect for your workout! 


Nike comes in at the top of my list for when purchasing workout shoes. I have been buying sneakers from here for years and some of them have lasted me well over five years–although that does depend on what workouts you do on a continuous basis (cross-fit or weights) or maybe you’re just an avid walker like me. Whichever you prefer, I promise you that Nike will not disappoint. You can receive a free membership that includes free shipping/returns and exclusive products. Although there are Nike stores in which you can purchase athletic shoes from, I personally love their website because it’s well-organized. Click on the button, “Shoes” and there is everything from running, walking, training/gym, best sellers and even athletic shoes that contain 20% sustainable materials. Whatever your workout needs, Nike has them. 

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Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX


Are you an avid-runner? Do you enjoy being outside during the summer and fall when the weather is almost near perfect? If so, NOBULL runner athletic shoes are the perfect fit for you. Not only are they reasonably affordable, but their sneakers come in MANY beautiful designs that you don’t see on athletic shoes from different brands. Most of the them have a tropical design feel to them which makes it a must pack item if you plan on working out during vacation or short weekend away. There are men and woman designs that differ from another, so if you want to match with your partner, but be also be different, then this brand is for you. There is no membership here, but there is free shipping and returns on orders $99 and over. 

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APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) 

If you’re a person who loves luxury and fashion, but who also wants be on their top performance while working out, then APL’s athletic shoes are a must have in your closet. They’re comfortable, magic to your feet, and they also have free shipping and returns. I’ve seen many ads for this brand from celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Kate Hudson and Nastia Liukin, so it’s no surprise that this brand is as popular as it is. The athletic shoes are on a pricier side ($160.00 – $320.00) but the materials make for a lasting item. They’re definitely worth your buck if you’re willing to spend a little bit of extra cash for a luxury pair of athletic shoes. 

Athletic Shoes
Women’s TechLoom Bliss


If you’re a not a runner, professional walker or if you just simply do not enjoy going to the gym, but ARE someone who enjoys hiking and being out in nature, then check out REI. They have all your outdoor athletic shoes needs. Now, although this brand is not known for their shoes, they do have a decent selection of footwear that ranges from women’s and mens boots, running shoes and casual every day where. I purchased my hiking boots from here and I am going on year four with them. The material is tough and sturdy, they’re comfortable and all of the shoes are reasonably priced as well. 

Running Shoes
HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 5 Trail-Running Shoes – Women’s


If you’re solely just a runner, then have no fear, Altra is here to provide you athletic shoes that will have those you know questioning where you got your new athletic shoes from. They have FREE 3-Day Shipping and a 30-Day Trial Run that is guaranteed. The shoes are unbelievably comfortable and the prices are similar to those at Nike. What love about their website is that you can search for a sneaker based on its cushioning (low, moderate, high and max). Want more padding in your athletic shoes? This brand will help you find the best workout shoes that are suit you best. 

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Inov-8 is here to provide you with not only good quality shoes that contain comfort, flexibility and durability, but sustainable shoes that lasts LONGER. This brand pays a great amount of attention to minimizing waste and pollution, all while using sustainable materials that you will wear almost every day. I also love how they regularly donate to environmental charities. Without a doubt, they play their part in the world and it sure is good. If you’re a big cross-fit or plainly just gym fan, then you NEED to check out their website if you’re looking for some new stylish athletic shoes. 

Athletic Shoes


Adidas has been around since 1949 and it has no plans to go off the market any time soon. This is another one of my favorite athletic shoes brands–one that I have been purchasing from for as long as I can remember. Along with selling shoes, they also sell accessories and a variety of pieces of clothing that you will need for your closet. If I’m being honest, I love athletic shoes and I probably have more than I’d like to admit. I’m telling you right now that the Adidas sneakers that I own never disappoint and I still have some of the pairs that I bought a few years ago. Do you like to mountain bike as part of your workout? Although you might not do that all of the time, I can guarantee that you still want a pair of shoes that last long and are comfortable. That’s why you can’t go wrong with purchasing a pair of Adidas Mountain Bike shoes. One major perk of this brand? Non-stop sales. Who doesn’t want that? 

Mountain Bike Shoes

Have you bought any of the athletic shoes above? Tell us some of your favorite brands in the comment selection below!