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The Best Apple Picking Spots You Can Visit This Fall

The Best Apple Picking Spots You Can Visit This Fall

Apple Picking, The Best Apple Picking Spots You Can Visit This Fall

It’s about to reach that time of the year again, where summer slowly fades away, just like the leaves. The lovely time when you go outside and pick some apples, which is a refreshing experience with mother nature. To make the most of your fall, here are the best apple picking spots you can visit in Ontario this fall!

1. Pine Farms Orchard

This lovely orchard is located near Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario. The farm offers 21 different varieties of apples you can pick, so no matter your taste in apples, they have one for you! Picking apples has never been more convenient, and you feel right at home here.

The staff is super friendly, and they have a bakeshop with scrumptious pastries. If you feel hungry after picking apples and crave solid food, visit their cafe for some smoked salmon or tuna salad, as similar to their apples, the Pine Farms Cafe offers a wide variety of food to choose from.

The Best Apple Picking Spots You Can Visit This Fall

2. Chudleigh’s Farm

This local farm is found in the small Ontarian town called Halton Hills. The experience at Chudleigh’s is one you will surely never forget. They go far beyond just being your regular apple picking site. While Chudleigh’s might not offer as wide a variety of apples as Pine Farms, for example, the quality of their apples is just as good, if not better.

What Chudleigh’s does to set themselves apart, however, is just what else you can do at the orchard other than picking apples. Chudleigh’s has a full kitchen and Silo bar serving the needs of hungry and thirsty customers all day (make sure to try their apple blossoms). 

The farm has a dedicated children play area including large slides, tractors, horse tire swings, pony rides, farm animals that can be pet, and so much more. This is probably the most wholesome apple picking experience any family could ask for, and you will definitely find yourself spending an entire day here without realizing how quickly the time passed.

 The Best Apple Picking Spots You Can Visit This Fall

3. Downey’s Strawberry And Apple Farm

Like most other apple picking spots, Downey’s opens around August, giving you enough preparation from today for the enticing experience. They have no fee to actually enter the farm, but they ask that you buy at least five dollars worth of apples (which is pretty fair).

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Downey’s are pretty eco-friendly, as they offer reusable cloth bags if requested, and just makes you feel like you’re giving back to the environment.

The farm is large and offers 13 different varieties of apples, ranging from sweet, to tender, to crispy, to fat and juicy, catering to every possible need.

4. Big’r Apple Farm

This is a smaller, more local farm, located in Brampton. For what the farm lacks in size, it more than makes up in apple variety and quality. Big’r has a wide range of apples to pick from (14 varieties), so you will always find something you like.

The farm is run by the owning family, who provide excellent service, are fun to be around, and give great advice on what kind of apple to pick based on your taste. While this is by no means the most popular apple picking farm around, the experience of picking apples here will feel the most authentic.

The Best Apple Picking Spots You Can Visit This Fall

There you have it, my picks for the best places to go apple picking this fall. No matter which place you choose, you will find top-notch apples, and thoroughly enjoy your experience. What are YOUR favorite apple varieties? Also, let us know in the comments if you have any favorite apple picking sites that did not make it on our list!

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