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The Best And Worst Topics To Discuss On Any Date

The Best And Worst Topics To Discuss On Any Date

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Guess who’s back? It’s me the unqualified love expert. Bringing you more tips on love and dating. Well, just dating today. I’ve been thinking about some of the best and worst things to discuss on a date. Specifically, first dates. A first date is the time to make your best impression. You’ll probably be nervous, and want to impress, and maybe you’ll act slightly differently than you would when you can truly relax with the person. That’s all normal. What isn’t normal is ranting about your ex and totally putting off the other person. Probably not one of the most important topics to discuss on a date. But you shouldn’t be afraid of what to talk about. Don’t carry around a list of dos and don’ts. This list is just to give you a few simple dating topic ideas if you need them.

The best topics to discuss on a date enable you to learn more about the other person and vice versa. They should be light, fun and mean the two of you can have a right giggle. Going home with a little smile on your face and not a furrowed brow. Check out some of the best and the worst topics to discuss on a date.

The Very Best And Worst Topics To Discuss On A Date

The best topics:

These are the funnies, the light-hearted, the conversation starters.

1. Tell them about yourself

Obviously, you want to get to know the person and they hopefully want to get to know you too! Let them know about how awesome you are, make sure you ask them about how awesome they are too.

2. Likes and dislikes

What are some things you like, and don’t like? Let them know, honesty is always the best policy. Don’t rant on about the stuff you dislike too much though, no one likes a negative nelly.

3. Favourite movie

This is a pretty hard question but it can open up quite a wide discussion. Hopefully your date won’t give you a monosyllabic reply… or answer something like Shrek 3. Christ. This is another way to get to know a bit more about your date’s interests.

4. Super powers

This is quite a fun one. Especially a few bevs in. Be imaginative, hopefully this topic will have you both laughing. Then, suddenly becoming profound, brought to you by red wine. Do you want to be able to fly? Be invisible? Why? The opportunities are endless. And, the can be as imaginative as you want. A great segway topic too where you usually end up discussing something else completely random.

The Very Best And Worst Topics To Discuss On A Date

5. Places you want to visit

Again, this allows you to delve inside each other’s minds. Discussing holidays and locations you dream to visit is a pretty happy and positive thought process anyway. Hopefully you share some of the same wishes. Or, can swap stories about a crazy night in Bangkok, who knows!

6. Conspiracy theories

This can be really fun to get carried away with (as long as you don’t actually think the Earth is flat).

The Very Best And Worst Topics To Discuss On A Date

7. The worst topics:

These are the heavies, the borings and the get over it!

8. Politics

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Let’s keep the first date fun, light and friendly shall we. Maybe hit that topic up around date three. Unless it’s really important to you that your date doesn’t vote for your political enemy. But usually this is a pretty heavy one for a first date and can dominate the whole night.

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9. Exes

Eh. I mean if you feel the need to go on about your ex you’re probably not that over them… This is pretty off putting, especially on a first date.

The Very Best And Worst Topics To Discuss On A Date

10. Ones that are all about you

It’s good to let them get to know you, but get to know them too! Try not to dominate the conversation without letting them get a word in edge-ways. Especially if all you are talking about is yourself. Yawn.

11. Excessive discussion of murderers

Especially if this is a blind date, go on and on and on about grotesque murderers and serial killers can be really weird and scary lol. Taxi for one plz.

The Very Best And Worst Topics To Discuss On A Date

These ideas depend on your personnel preferences and interests. But there are clearly some no nos. There are also some fun ones to get the conversation flowing when you need it to! Go fourth and prosper! And, don’t bore your date to death.

Explore each other’s minds in the best way based on these best and worst topics to discuss on a date. What have you came up with?

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