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The Best (And Worst) Parts Of Zoom Schooling From The Perspective Of A Student

The Best (And Worst) Parts Of Zoom Schooling From The Perspective Of A Student

Zoom schooling is a blessing and a burden. Of course, I like that I can attend class in my bed, and I can wear whatever I want… but I have missed about 4 assignments since the semester started. Obviously, I am having trouble keeping up with due dates, but that should not matter because I am having fun, right? I don’t know, but I do know I have a list of pros and cons for Zoom schooling.

Pro – Class in your Pajamas

Of course, the best part of Zoom learning is that you can wear whatever you want. Of course, I wouldn’t suggest participating in your birthday suit because that might get you expelled. Rather, you get to sit in your house wearing pajamas learning. Just make sure not to fall asleep. Sometimes though, we may be required to dress a little more formally. Remember that the camera can only see your upper half, so a polo and basketball shorts will get the job done, just make sure not to stand up at any point on camera.

The Best (And Worst) Parts Of Zoom Schooling From The Perspective Of A Student


Con – Out of the Loop

The biggest issue I see with Zoom schooling and remote learning as a whole is how easy it is to feel out of the loop. Any person who has experienced Zoom classes has probably missed a due date or two.  That being said, teachers are pretty understanding in this climate. But still, you do not want to have to worry about getting in contact with them about due dates and late work, because then you waste time freaking out. It is really easy to miss class times as well, so make sure you keep a reminder every week.

Pro – Work at Your Own Pace

This one expands slightly past just Zoom classes and is more for the entire remote learning experience as a whole. Most teachers are giving extra time to work on and turn in assignments. In fact, I actually work on assignments in class sometimes which helps me know to get them done and turned in. Follow the due dates closely and set reminders for when they are due, and get them done at your own pace. If you need to take a 20 minute YouTube break, take it!

Con – Internet Connections

This is one of the biggest issues with Zoom classes that not everyone might experience. Not every person has access to the same internet, which makes online schooling near impossible for some. Luckily, if you live on campus, you should have internet access. But if you live at home like me, sometimes the internet goes out, and sometimes you have to go to the public library during Covid to not be marked absent for one of your health classes. All jokes aside, there are countless stories of families struggling to make education work during the remote learning era. Props to anyone doing whatever it takes to get that education.


Pro – Anxiety Speaking

One thing that may be a pro to some is that since everyone is on webcam, you might get less anxiety speaking to the class. For one, some classes do not require the face cam, so when you speak they can’t see you. For two, even when you need to be seen, you are in the comfort of your own home. Personally, I do not like formally speaking in front of a class, but I can talk to a Zoom class all day like it’s nothing. Still, this might not be the case for everyone. Some people might feel the same exact way about Zoom as they would in person, so this is a half pro. 

The Best (And Worst) Parts Of Zoom Schooling From The Perspective Of A Student

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Con – No Person to Person Interactions

I know a lot of you might think this is a pro, but be honest. Person to person interaction is good for us mentally, and as humans, it is basically necessary to not go insane. Now, we are trapped at home and going at this whole education thing alone. At least last year we were able to complain about our teachers with our classmates in person. If I want to do that now I got to get their whole email address, and let’s be real who has time for that???

Pro – Remote Work Experience

You might not think remote working experience is necessary but face it, we are in 2020. We are moving towards a digital world and with that will come more jobs looking for people who can work remotely. Even the person writing this article is doing it remotely for their college internship. Why not take advantage of the experience? You are getting a skill that many people in the job force are experiencing for the first time. We all know Coronavirus will not be around forever and life will return to a somewhat normal-er version of the world pre-Covid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the experiences of remote learning with you to the workforce.


Con – Sometimes it is A Waste

I would never say this to a Professor if I were you, but sometimes it definitely feels like we are in a Zoom session solely because we have to be for attendance. I mean really, how many of your teachers have been able to keep your attention through an entire session?  It’s not impossible to do, but it surely is rare. Especially monotone lecturing teachers when everyone has their mic muted. Absolute snooze fest. I know it can be the most boring thing in the world, but just grit your teeth, and you will have your degree in no time.

Zoom schooling is tough for everyone involved, the teachers are getting used to it just like we are, so remember that as you move forward. Maybe we should cut them some slack, and just maybe they will do the same for us when we need it most. If I forgot any pros or cons of Zoom schooling that are too obvious, make sure you leave a comment down below!

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