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The Best And Worst Of Kylie Cosmetics

The Best And Worst Of Kylie Cosmetics

No matter how you feel about the Kardashians or Jenners, there is one thing that is impossible to deny: they are good business women.

When Kylie Cosmetics first launched in 2015, the world had no idea how big her brand would become. Now, only four years later, Kylie Jenner’s makeup line has taken the beauty industry by storm(i) and now offers dozens of products such as the infamous lip kits, eyeshadow palettes, eyebrow products and more.

But with so many products to choose from, how do you pick what is worth trying and what would just be a total flop? To help you narrow your search (and hopefully save some money), here are the best and worst of Kylie Cosmetics.



1. Velvet Liquid Lipsticks and Lip Kits

By far, one of the best products to come out of Kylie Cosmetics are her infamous lip kits. But when deciding whether to try the matte liquid lipsticks or the velvet, go with the velvet.

Unlike other liquid lipsticks on the market, Kylie’s velvet formula is comfortable and doesn’t end in a crumbly mess two hours later. Despite this, the velvet formula is long lasting and has a large selection of colors to choose from and has something for everyone!


2. Birthday 2018 Sipping Pretty Palette

One of the best (if not the best) palettes Kylie Cosmetic’s has released is her 2018 birthday launch. Fitting for Kylie’s 21st birthday, this palette features 21 shades that range from wearable neutrals to fun pops of color, making this palette a great one to travel with and use on an everyday basis.

Because of this palette’s versatility, you can get hundreds of different looks from just one palette making this eyeshadow palette worth every penny. Trust us, you’ll have no regrets! 


3. Ultra Glow Loose Highlighters

Kylie Cosmetics makes excellent highlighters, but the ones that really set her brand apart from the rest are her Ultra Glow loose highlights. Because they are so finely milled, your highlight will look almost wet and not like a chunky, powdery mess. These highlighters catch the light beautifully and will have people asking you left and right “what highlighter are you wearing?” 

Kylie Cosmetics has very underrated loose highlighters that many people look past, but they truly are a diamond in the rough. There are shades for almost every skin tone, and because you only need a little at a time, this product will definitely last you a long time!


4. Blush

Although not the most original name we’ve ever seen, the Kylie Cosmetics comes through when it comes to blush. After Vogue posted a video with Kylie doing a makeup tutorial, we all left that video with one particular thing: Kylie loves blush.

So it only fits that she would have amazing blushes that make all of us want to drown in blush. As of right now, Kylie Cosmetics has around 6 blush shades, and there is one for every skin tone.


These blushes are great because they are buildable and don’t make you look like a clown in just one swipe. They give a beautiful natural flush to the skin and make us understand Kylie’s love for blush.

5. The Bronze Kyshadow Palette 

One of Kylie Cosmetic’s first eyeshadow palettes and, clearly, one of the best is the Bronze Kyshadow Palette. This palette features 9 shadows that can take you from day to night in a matter of seconds. The shadows are neutral yet smokey, and you will be surprised at how many looks you can create with only these 9 eyeshadows. 


This palette is super bendable and easy, making it a must-have for anyone new to makeup, but is also a staple to any makeup collection no matter how many other eyeshadow palettes you already have!


1. Kris Eyeshadow Palette Collaboration 

“The Devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder,” as many would say, but it appears that doesn’t apply to her collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics. Maybe Kris was too busy managing her daughters, or there was a problem in production, either way, this palette falls flat.


Although the concept was cute enough, this palette just isn’t practical and doesn’t hit the quality standards that other eyeshadow palettes do. Out of 12 eyeshadows, only four of them are mattes (one of them being a black) making it challenging to create a wearable everyday look. On top of this, the eyeshadows tend to be chalky, hard to blend and requires more effort than it’s worth. Save your money and put it towards another Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palette instead. 

2. Glitter Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadow has been on the rise lately, and Kylie Cosmetics jumped right on the bandwagon without creating a quality formula. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t horrible products, but for the amount you are spending, they could be a lot better. 

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The pigmentation of these liquid eyeshadows are not there and are tough to work with. They are very liquidy and feel like the base of them is water. When they dry down, the outcome is very underwhelming, and with so many similar products out there, you can get more bang for your buck elsewhere.


3. The Wet Set Pressed Illuminating Powder

Unlike the other products listed here, this is actually not a bad product. In fact, this is an excellent product and is always sold out. So why is it listed under the worst products? The price. Many have compared this product to the Super Shock Highlighters that the online brand Colourpop sells because it has an incredibly similar formula and it just as good for 1/10th of the price… *insert conspiracy music here.*

The Wet Set retails for sixty-two dollars before tax, and you only get four shades while Colourpop sells an almost identical product for six dollars per highlight. So while this product is good, it just isn’t worth the extreme price tag that comes along with it. 


4. Metallic Lipstick Bullets

Another product that isn’t necessarily bad, but just isn’t practical, are the Metallic Lipstick bullets. Metallic lipsticks are a tough one because, while they are pretty, not many people actually wear them daily. 

With every new launch, Kylie Cosmetics seems to implement a new metallic lipstick, but it never sells like the rest of her products. Most of her metallic lipstick are strange colors that you might wear one time then never wear again. So while it isn’t a bad product, this isn’t something that you might be able to or want to put into your everyday makeup routine. And for that reason, it’s probably best to save your money.


5. Loose Setting Powder

The Kylie Cosmetics Loose Setting Powder was one product that many people were disappointed by. Because Kylie Jenner is constantly being photographed and her skin always looks flawless, consumers had very high expectations for this base product and were subsequently let down for several reasons. 

For starters, this powder contains very little product compared to other brands who sell similar products for less than or the same price as this one. To compare, this product contains 10 grams of the product while Maybelline’s cult classic Fit Me Loose Setting Powder contains almost 20 grams of product and is less than half the price of the Kylie Cosmetics powder.  

Many other people noticed that this powder made their makeup look thick and cakey, which isn’t something any of us want when doing our makeup. In other words, this product makes it obvious you’re wearing makeup and, because of this, most likely won’t last long. And where the makeup didn’t look cakey, it separated people’s base makeup and was overall not a great experience. 


Have you tried Kylie Cosmetics? What are your favorites, and which ones flopped for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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