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The Best And Cheapest Cities To Live In After You Graduate From College

The Best And Cheapest Cities To Live In After You Graduate From College

After graduating from college, we have to start our real lives and get a career.  But an adventurous way to start your new adult life is to move to a different city and build your career there.  This article is going to go over cheap and fun cities to live in after graduating from college.

Houston, Texas

Houston is a city with housing that is considerably affordable for newly graduating students.  18.4% of housing listings in Houston are considered affordable for the salary ranges that are typical to a college graduate.

This city is quite large, with a population at around two million people, so there is also tons of things to do here.  Many artists come to perform in Houston during their world tours, so if you love going to concerts, this city could be for you.  There are plenty of museums, a large nightlife scene, and it is incredibly close to the beach too.


With the beach nearby, and all the lovely attractions of a large city, Houston is a great place to move after graduation.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is another great place to live in after college because of the affordability and range of things to do.  Young people aged twenty to twenty-nine make up 20.1% of Atlanta’s entire population.  So you have lots of opportunity to make new and young friends as you embark on the next chapter of your life.  Atlanta’s median rent is also $904 per month, making it somewhat affordable for the typical salary of a recent graduate.

Atlanta is home to a huge underground rap and music scene too, so lovers of rap and music might enjoy calling this place home.


Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is very affordable and also has a high population of people aged twenty to twenty-nine.  The average rent for Columbus is $724 per month, making it the most affordable city listed so far.

There are lots of attractions like the German village, and there are also lots of places to shop.  This city is great for newly graduated and is by far one of the most fun and cheapest cities to start your adult life in.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is another city in Ohio that is a great fit for those who have just graduated.  Around 20% of the population are in their twenties, and the median rent is even lower than that of Columbus.  Cincinnati has an incredibly affordable median rent of $585 per month.


Through saving on a huge cost like rent, young professionals in Cincinnati can put more of their money towards paying off their student loans or savings.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is one of the most well known cities in the United States for the music industry.  Due to the high concentration of music artists trying to make their careers, there are tons of music shows and concerts throughout the year.  Music lovers would have a never ending supply of concerts and music related activities to do in Nashville.

Nashville could be one of the cheapest cities that has the most music, so it makes a great place for someone to live in after graduation.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is a great city for people to begin their desired careers.  Milwaukee has a very low unemployment rate for newly graduated people, meaning it is a great city to find a job in.

The rent is pretty low as well with a median rate of $686 per month.  Newly college graduates can expect to be financially stable and sustainable due to the low rent paired with the low unemployment rate for college graduates.

There is a notably high concentration of bars, restaurants, and entertainment establishments throughout the city as well.


Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin is an excellent choice for a place to live after graduation because of the food scene.  Foodies would love to live in Madison because there are many great restaurants to try.  Even though the population of the town is relatively small, there is a great night life.

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Madison is also particularly great for people who want to begin a career in technology.  There is a significant amount of technology jobs in Madison compared to other regions of the country.  Aside from technology, there are other large industries in Madison like healthcare, education, manufacturing and agriculture.


The average rent in Madison is around $900, making it relatively cheap for the large amount of industry and higher paying technology jobs.  This makes Madison one of the cheapest cities in the United States that also has a high concentration in technology jobs.

There is also a university nearby, so if you still want to hang on to a small bit of your college experience you can.  The section of the city that is closer to the University of Wisconsin-Madison becomes more like a college town vibe.

Kirkland, Washington

Another great city to live in for those who want to start a career in technology is Kirkland.  This is because Google has a large campus, which is one of the company’s largest engineering centers.


Kirkland also has a downtown district that keeps developing each year.  It is growing and is a great place to go to eat in restaurants or go shopping.

The city is also close to Seattle, allowing you to experience elements of big city life if you want to.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is an incredibly large city, which is great for those who want to see city life after graduation.  There is a plethora of job opportunities here due to the diverse amount of industries.  With multiple universities nearby there are many education jobs.  Other industries include technology, and since it is the state capital there are also a lot of state government positions available too.


The average rent for Phoenix is around $950.  This makes Phoenix another one of the cheapest cities where there is technology industries.

Do you live in any of these cities already?  Have suggestions on some of the other cheapest cities to live in after graduation?  If so, make sure to leave your suggestions and thoughts in the comments section below!

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