The Best Amazon Products Under $30 To Dress Up Your Dorm

Although it is still winter, we need to start thinking about our dorm rooms and how to make them look amazing for the upcoming year. These pieces won’t brake the bank, while still giving your dorm room a quick makeover. I would advise choosing 5 pieces from this list of best Amazon products and incorporating them into your dorm decor. Not to mention, with a 6 month free Amazon Prime membership, your selected pieces will  be with you in days without you even have to leave your dorm room. Lets get started!

1.Pillows, the easiest way to add personality!

Pillows are the first thing that comes to mind when its decorating time. They are cheap, easy to clean, and generally fluffy. Plus thanks to the wide variety of shapes, sizes, fabrics, and patterns they come in, there is a perfect pillow for everyone. Since I am a little sassy and over the top, these furry ones are my favorite, and glittery ones add this great texture to your room, but feel free to browse through the endless variety of pillows on amazon.

This is one of the best amazon products for your dorm room!

2. Bedcovers and throw-ons are your best friend

Although it can be a pain in the morning to make your bed, throw-ons and comforters make the biggest difference. Just make sure to get a comforter set that goes well with your pillows, and enjoy the scene everyday! This faux fur one is one of the best amazon products, plus it’ll keep you warm !

This is one of the best amazon products for your dorm room!

3.A rug can make all the difference.

Sometimes all you need to feel a little more like at home is a cozy blanket. Especially since UIUC is so cold in the winter months, you will thank me for this purchase. In this point choose a rug that goes with your comforter and pillows. Since I went with a coral and grey theme, my favorite one is this one shown below. Just bear in mind, you do not need a huge rug that covers your entire floor and probably brakes the bank. A small rug that sits near your bed will do the job.

This is one of the best amazon products for your dorm room!

4. When in doubt, mask it out!

With just 30 dollars, it is not realistic to change the desk your dorm comes with, so if you feel like it is awful and doesn’t match with you nor your dorm style, contact paper is your best choice. It is easy to remove (something to think about since you need to leave your dorm room the way you found it or you will be charged), and it is cheap. Pro tip is to make sure you have at least one friend with you while doing this to minimize the number of bubbles that might linger and use one of those tools that they phone guys use while sticking a film to your phone. Marble is my favorite look and there are so many cool colors you can choose from. This is one of my favorites. Plus you can use these on your bed head if you feel like that is ruining your whole dorm look too.

This is one of the best amazon products for your dorm room!

5.Invest in some good curtains, you won’t be sorry

Collefe is the place to find the most sleep deprived kids. After the midterms are over, all we want is to lock ourselves in our rooms and catch on that sleep we missed(and also to party until we get ourselves in a coma, the ironies of life..). To sleep without any day light interrupting your sleep is almost impossible with the curtains come with our dorm rooms(and also they look very bad). Research showed people who sleep in complete darkness rest better than the ones who sleep in an illuminated room. Choose a high coverage curtain that also matches with your room to get the best sleep possible!

This is one of the best amazon products for your dorm room!

6. Become what you respect and mirror what you admire!

As weird as it sounds, dorm rooms do not come equipped with a full length mirror. Plus mirrors are great if you want to give space to your room and make it appear larger then it is. To use mirrors as wall art, you can use these stick on ones on your walls! Just make sure they are easy to remove and won’t harm the walls to not get in trouble later. I can’t recommend any full body mirrors as the ones on amazon exceed our price point way too much, but you can always buy stick on ones and arrange them as a full body mirror !

This is one of the best amazon products for your dorm room!

7. A comfy chair to spend endless hours on

The times that you are not going to be spending in the library, you will spend in your room studying. You might as well get a comfortable chair that won’t break your back or the bank to spend those endless nights. This is one of the best amazon products as chairs come in clutch in college.

This is one of the best amazon products for your dorm room!

8. A lamp that will light up your whole world

Lamps are extremely important and will literally light up your whole room. Try to make use of decorative lamps too! This is one of the best amazon products for dorm decor!

This is one of the best amazon products for your dorm room!

9.  A table to store all the necessities

A bedside table is necessary to really store everything you need, plus it looks very cute! I would advise to choose one with a small drawer so that not everything is out in open. This brown one was the best one I could find according to the price point. Don’t forget that you can always spray paint!

This is one of the best amazon products for your dorm room!Do you agree that these are the best amazon products under $30 to dress up your dorm with? Let us know in the comment section below!

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