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The Best Alcoholic Beverages To Drink When You’re On A Diet

The Best Alcoholic Beverages To Drink When You’re On A Diet

The Best Alcoholic Beverages To Drink When You’re On A Diet

Most people like to kick back and let loose with a few drinks from time to time. The only problem is a lot of our favorite drinks are jam-packed with calories and sugar that can ruin a person’s diet. The good news is you can still enjoy having a few drinks with friends on the weekend and not have to worry as much about your diet with these 10 alcoholic beverages. Keep in mind that this article is not saying you can drink all you want of these drinks and it won’t affect your diet. It is simply saying that these drinks are not as bad for you in moderation than other alcoholic beverages out there.

1. Vodka and Soda

This is a very popular summer drink among barflies. This simple, but refreshing drink has nearly no carbs and is very low in calories. Vodka is a clear alcohol so it has less sugar and calories than most of the darker alcohols like whiskey and dark rum. This is a great drink for people following the low carb/low-calorie diets that have grown in popularity recently. Polish off this drink with some lime juice and you will be surprised that this tasty drink won’t ruin your diet.

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2. Red Wine

Wine has been viewed as the classy drink that won’t blow up your figure for years now. Well, the rumors are true.  Red Wine has only around 120 calories and 3.4 per glass on average. Believe it or not, red wine also has a few health benefits. Studies have shown that wine contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Wine can also help protect the cardiovascular system.

All this is if you drink wine in moderation. If you abuse wine or any alcohol for that matter, it can have serious negative effects on your health. A glass or 2 of wine after work is fine but if you are finishing a bottle then you can throw the health benefits out the window. That being said, if you are watching your weight and enjoy drinking, then you might want to keep red wine in mind when you feel like a drink.

The Best Alcoholic Beverages To Drink When You’re On A Diet

3. A Moscow Mule Without Simple Syrup

There is nothing like the great taste of a cold Moscow mule on a hot summer’s day. Many people reading this might be surprised seeing this drink on this list because of the Moscow Mule’s sweet flavor. The truth is you can still enjoy this awesome beverage as long as you replace a few things and remove the simple syrup.

A Moscow Mule consists of ginger beer, vodka, lime juice, simple syrup, and ice. If you use diet ginger beer and skip on the simple syrup, it will come out to be below 100 calories on average. The taste of this version of the Moscow mule is not that much different from the original. This is definitely a must-try for any fans of this awesome summertime drink.

The Best Alcoholic Beverages To Drink When You’re On A Diet

4. Silver Tequila with Club Soda and an Orange Slice

This is another great drink to enjoy on a hot day. As stated before, clear alcohol has fewer calories and sugar than dark. Most tequila lovers are very loyal and don’t like replacing it with other spirits like vodka or rum. This drink has the same taste tequila loyalist are looking for but with a splash of citrus. This drink is similar to the vodka and soda in both calories and carbs. If you love tequila and are counting calories, this drink is for you.

The Best Alcoholic Beverages To Drink When You’re On A Diet

5. Light Beer

Light beer has somewhat of a bad wrap with many beer lovers. A lot of beer fans say the taste is different or it just doesn’t hit the spot like a regular beer. The good news is there are many craft beer company making light beer now that taste much better than the generic light beers you see at the grocery store.

Light beer might have a few more calories and carbs than some of the other drinks on this list but if you drink them moderately, they are a decent substitute for beer lovers trying to lose a few pounds. The craft light beers are definitely better tasting than the generic (obviously) so go with them if you want to try a few out.

The Best Alcoholic Beverages To Drink When You’re On A Diet

6. Mojitos

Another very popular drink among bar patrons. This drink consists of white rum, lime juice, sugar, club soda, and mint. If you can skip out on the sugar or at least use a sugar substitute, mojitos can be anywhere from 80 to 125 calories per glass. These delicious drinks are simple to make and are a great replacement for margaritas. A frozen margarita can have around 400 calories and up to 60 grams of sugar! Definitely try a mojito out next time you are in the mood for a margarita, your body will thank you later.

The Best Alcoholic Beverages To Drink When You’re On A Diet

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7. Simple Frose

Froses been picking up steam on social media websites lately. These Instagram worthy, pink, frozen drinks are made up of rose wine, fruit, ice, vermouth, lemon juice, bitters, and sugar. If you want to make a healthier and simpler version of this frozen favorite you just combine rose wine, ice, and fruit, that’s it. It is WAY better for you than the traditional recipe. Also, stay away from pre-made froses. They can have more than double the calories than the simple frose recipe.

The Best Alcoholic Beverages To Drink When You’re On A Diet

8. White Rum and Diet Coke

Rum and coke is a staple at any bar in the United States. The traditional rum and coke is made with a dark rum and non-diet coke or Pepsi. If you make it with white rum and diet coke or Pepsi, it can make a big difference in calories. White Rum and diet coke generally has around 100 calories per glass which is around half of what traditional rum and coke has.

The Best Alcoholic Beverages To Drink When You’re On A Diet

9. Champagne Cocktails

Champagne is the go-to drink for special occasions and celebrations. It is a good light, bubbly drink that is perfect to enjoy with a group of friends. Champagne only has around 120 calories per glass so there are much worse drinks out to choose from. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can make a champagne cocktail by adding a small amount of sugar, bitters, and a bit of triple sec. This raises the calories a bit but it will still be better for you than a tequila sunrise and other cocktails.

The Best Alcoholic Beverages To Drink When You’re On A Diet

10. Paloma

A paloma is another tequila-based drink that is a good replacement for a margarita. To make a paloma, you mix silver tequila, lime juice, and grapefruit juice. It is a refreshing drink that has around 165 calories per glass. Sometimes people add sugar and salt but it is a good idea to leave these out if you are watching your figure. Palomas are great when you are wanting a fruity beverage but don’t want all the sugar than usually goes along with most fruity drinks.The Best Alcoholic Beverages To Drink When You’re On A Diet

Drinking alcohol excessively is going to ruin your diet no matter what you drink, but if can limit yourself, you can still enjoy a few drinks every now and again. Moderation and responsibility are key to weight loss. If you have any drinks you would like to share feel free to leave some recipes in the comments below.

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