6 Fun Things To Do in Gainesville Near UF

6 Fun Things To Do in Gainesville Near UF

Whether you’re a die hard adrenaline junkie or you’re just looking for a way to spice up your Saturday, Gainesville has a great variety to offer. From extreme water sports to cheap bowling, we’ve got it all. Keep reading for 6 fun things to do in Gainesville!

6 Fun Things To Do in Gainesville Near UF


1. Visit Lake Wauburg.

If you’re interested in an aquatic adventure, check out Lake Wauburg. With plenty of activities including volleyball and water skiing, you are surely to have a great time. The best part? The majority of the activities at Lake Wauburg are free to University of Florida students and up to four of their friends. For so many options and such little cost, Lake Wauburg is a fun thing to do that shouldn’t be overlooked.

6 Fun Things To Do in Gainesville Near UF


2. Bowl at the Reitz Student Union or Alley Gatorz.

For those of you who feel less inclined to spend your free time outdoors, bowling is a fun (and still interesting) way to spend your day. If you’re looking to stay on campus, the Reitz Student Union is a great option.  It was recently renovated and has 14 lanes, which is perfect for big groups!  If you want to escape campus, try Alley Gatorz over on Waldo.

6 Fun Things To Do in Gainesville Near UF

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3. Explore Devil’s Millhopper.

If you enjoy beautiful scenery and historic geological sites, you should add Devil’s Millhopper to your list of things to do in Gainesville.  This site features a 120-foot bowl shaped crater that is home to a miniature rain forest.  You are sure to see plenty of striking scenery and wildlife if you visit this place!

6 Fun Things To Do in Gainesville Near UF


4. Grab food or drinks in Midtown.

For those searching a more urban adventure, Midtown might just be the place for you. With an assortment of dining and drinking establishments (including Chipotle and Grog House), Midtown won’t disappoint. Whether you are hoping to spend a fun evening at a bar or you’re just looking to people-watch, Midtown is sure to be a fun option.

6 Fun Things To Do in Gainesville Near UF


5. Walk around Paynes Prairie.

Spanning 21,000 acres, Gainesville’s Paynes Prairie is another beautiful place to go for those who love the outdoors. It offers several different camping options, as well as fishing, biking, and the promise of seeing wildlife. Although Paynes Prairie might lack in air conditioning and Wi-Fi, it certainly makes up for that through its natural beauty and fresh air.

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6 Fun Things To Do in Gainesville Near UF

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6. Attend Game day!

Gainesville’s top adventure by far is spending the day at the Swamp on game day. Game day starts long before kickoff, with hundreds of tailgate parties and game themed festivities. Watching a game is unlike anything else you could experience outside of Gainesville. With upwards of 90,000 fans crowded into Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, the energy will leave you with a head high of adrenaline (and sun poisoning). After the game, those 90,000 fans all rush out of the stadium, crowding University Avenue and the surrounding areas and continue the fun of game day in their respective locations.

6 Fun Things To Do in Gainesville Near UF


The takeaway…

No matter what type of person you are (outdoorsy, indoorsy, team-spirited, etc), there’s always an adventure out there! Every Gator and every visitor of Gainesville can have a fun time here.


6 Fun Things To Do in Gainesville Near UF

What are your favorite things to do in Gainesville? Comment below for our readers and share this article with friends!
Featured image: gatorcounty.com, floridastateparks.org
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