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The Best Acne Products For Every Type Of Skin

The Best Acne Products For Every Type Of Skin

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I have struggled with acne for as long as I can remember and my skin type has varied throughout the years due to changes in my lifestyle, nutrition, and climate changes. I have tried so many products in hopes that I can sport a fresh-faced, no-makeup look. Most acne products either make my skin worse, work for a couple of days and stop, or do absolutely nothing. So I want to share my wisdom with you all of what has actually worked and may help you as well! Here are the best acne products for every skin type (I have personally tried all of these products and this post is not sponsored.):

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (any skin type)

This healing clay mask is perfect for any skin type that is suffering from acne. The mask should be paired with Apple Cider Vinegar for maximum results. I have medium sensitive skin so I use it once a week, but use it the desired amount of times based on how sensitive your skin is. Leave the mask on till it dries (you can literally feel your skin pulsate!) and moisturize with your favorite lotion (you may see that your face gets a little red, this will subside). This has completely changed my skin , my pimples vanish within a couple of days and do not scar. This mask also helped my excessive dark acne spots become less noticeable.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Cream (with sunscreen SPF 15)

I initially bought this product in hopes that it would lighten my dark spots. I applied it twice a day (once in the morning and once at night), and it was perfect for when I went out in the sun. Even though it is technically designed for neck and chest, I use it for my face. Not only did it lighten the dark spots caused by past pimples, it reduced the size of my current bumps! It is also not oily and has a pleasant fragrance. This product is so convenient because it helps with pimples, dark spots, and protects you from the sun!


Pearlessence Aloe & Charcoal Facial cleanser

I use this cleanser before I go to bed to clean my face of makeup and all the dirt that accumulates throughout the day.  After a long day, it is the perfect cleanser because it is so gentle and great for any skin type. The charcoal effectively cleans the skin, while the aloe soothes it. I have used actual aloe gel from a plant before and this cleanser has a similar cooling effect. Even though the bottle is tiny, one pump is enough to clean your entire face and the product lasts a couple months.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater

This is an all-in-one spray that is very gentle and smells heavenly, perfect for all skin types. My favorite thing about this product is that it helps with everything. I use it on my beauty blender before applying makeup for a smooth application as well as spray it on for extra hydration for my face during the winter months. Additionally, this spray is perfect for setting makeup even in the hottest temperatures ( I was in India last summer, this spray was my lifesaver and kept my makeup from melting!). I also use this spray for my hair when I need some extra moisture.


Advanced Clinicals Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is great because it reduces swelling of pimples and prevents infection because of its antibacterial properties. I use this only as a spot treatment for pimples at night, and never for my entire face because I am worried it might cause my face to breakout. Do not use tea tree oil during the day because exposing it to the sun might cause damage. This product is great for the occasional stubborn pimple and the pimple disappears within a few days. Less is more with tea tree oil!

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ZGTS 1.0mm Titanium Microneedle Derma Roller

With all of these products I was using, I was wondering if any of them were actually absorbing into my skin. That was when my fascination with the Derma Roller began. I heard of professional derma rolling treatments that were used to help with skin discoloration, but they were very expensive. This 1.0mm derma roller is perfectly safe for at home use, but I did numerous hours of research as to how to use it to get effective results and not damage my face. The one key fact to remember is never to roll over any open wounds, such as pimples and bumps. I use the derma roller once every 2 weeks for 10 minutes, rolling it from every angle possible. Then I apply the Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Cream(or any serum that you would like). I have really started to notice my skin become smoother and the hyper-pigmentation started to fade away. Be sure to clean the derma roller and your skin thoroughly before and after each use!

Facial Deep Cleansing Brush

I use the softer brush to massage my cleanser into my skin and the pink silicone part to exfoliate my skin. This brush helps me exfoliate just the right the amount without harming my skin because the silicone part is not harsh and does a great job polishing my skin. This brush has really helped with my blackheads around my nose and has made my face look much more radiant. My favorite thing about this brush is it makes washing your face hands free! After you clean the brush of any remnants of the cleanser, the softer side holds water so you can use it to wash off the cleanser too!


Attending to my skin is an important part of my self-care routine and I make sure to use products that do not have too many ingredients and research/trial and error to find what works best for me. Remember that results take time and the perfect skin does not happen overnight. Make sure you take some time to self-care and treat your skin once in a while! Please share if you have any questions, comments, or other acne products that you think will benefit all skin types!

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