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The Best Accounts You Need To Subscribe To On Youtube

The Best Accounts You Need To Subscribe To On Youtube

Need something to watch? Can’t find anything interesting? Sick and tired of TV shows and movies? It’s about time you switch to YouTube.

YouTube is the new source of entertainment. Not only can you find movies and TV shows on the website (they may not be the best quality), you can also find a range of other content. YouTube is all about people creating accounts and posting their own content on their accounts. Content ranges from gaming, sports, comedy, fashion, beauty, everyday vlogs and more! More and more people are posting videos on YouTube – now even hugely successful models and singers! From Karlie Kloss to Jennifer Lopez!

There’s a YouTube channel for nearly any interest – even the ones you never knew existed. Here are some of the best accounts you need to subscribe to on YouTube. Even if these aren’t your cup of tea, there is guaranteed a YouTube account for you.


TRAVEL: FunForLouis

Travel shows are becoming a big genre, with many people loving to traveling and wanting to experience wanderlust. There are many travel accounts on YouTube, but FunForLouis has changed how people perceive travel. A ‘travel vlogger’, he invites his fans on his adventures around the world. He not only shows the beautiful places he goes to, but he also shows the mishaps of traveling – from a delayed flight to a broken-down bus.

Follower count: over 2 million


FOOD: Binging with Babish

More and more people are developing an interest in food. This wonderfully shot cooking show is different from the stereotypical cooking show you see daily. Want to know how to make some of the iconic foods you see on TV shows? KFC from Stranger Things? Foods from The Good Place? Monica’s Thanksgiving sandwich from Friends? You’ll learn how to make each of those foods and more.

Follower count: over 4.8 million

SCIENCE: The Slow Mo Guys

Who doesn’t love watching people conduct science experiments that they can’t do at home? This is the kind of entertainment you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else on the internet. Using an expensive slow-motion camera, they conduct experiments and show the captivating visuals in slow motion. From smashing a giant 5-foot water balloon to diving into 1000 mousetraps, each video is in slow motion. It is oddly satisfying.


Follower count: over 12 million

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VLOGS: David Dobrik

A former vine star, David Dobrik switched onto YouTube when the Vine platform was going downhill. He creates vlogs with his friends from Los Angeles who are all ‘vloggers’. The content may be a little bit inappropriate, but you can’t help but laugh whilst watching each of his vlogs. Each video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long, a perfect break for your busy day! His vlogs include cameos from many famous celebrities including Josh Peck, John Stamos, Howie Mandel, Kendall Jenner, and Kaia Gerber!

Follower count: over 13 million


Uploads may not be frequent, but who else would you want to follow on YouTube? The billionaire beauty mogul and member of one of America’s most famous celebrities, Kylie Jenner. Her videos not only showcase her own beauty line, including Kylie Skin, but she has also included behind the scenes videos of her life. Her ‘A Day In The Life’ video got more than 1 million views in 24 hours.


Follower count: over 5 million

If you’re struggling to find something to watch, switch to YouTube. There is so much content on YouTube you will never be struggling to find something to watch. The accounts on this list might not be your favorite, but there will definitely be one for you. Do you have a favorite YouTuber or YouTube account? Let us know in the comments below!

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