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The Best 10 Tasty Vegan Meals

As we get older, eventually our bodies start to slow down and we have to give ourselves special nutrients that are healthier than standard food. The best way to start a new healthy lifestyle is by taking your favorite regular meal and turning it into a tasty vegan dish. 

1. Spaghetti

 Spaghetti is probably America’s classic Italian dish from its tasty noodles to having a tangy-sweet sauce. However, trying it with a vegan touch can taste even better. Just add some whole grain pasta noodles and instead of using ground turkey, substitute it with Mediterranean chickpeas, and boom  you got yourself a vegan pasta. 

2. Oat Meal

As kids, oatmeal was probably our favorite breakfast food of choice because that was our chance to load it up with as much sugar as we could. But as we step into adulthood, all that sugar and calories are not good for us long-term. For a healthier serving of oatmeal, try using fresh ingredients such as unsweetened almond milk, raw vegetables like walnuts or almonds, and fresh-picked fruit. Know of course we still need a little bit of sweetness to our food so instead of sugar, try using all-natural maple syrup. Nothing is sweeter than all-natural ingredients.  

3. Fried Rice

Another classic dish that you can’t go wrong with is Fried Rice. This dish is so delicious, you don’t even need meat with it most of the time. But with all dishes like that, you know that there is probably some kind of added starch that substitutes the need for meat. Instead of using unhealthy growth substances, all-natural ingredients are the best way to go such as making sautéed tofu and using extra virgin olive oil instead of frying oil. It tastes so good it makes you wonder is this even fried rice. 

4. Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese is probably seen as that one sacred food item that can not be messed with considering it’s the backbone of all Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. But now and then, it does not hurt to try something new. For a much healthier option, try making a heart-healthier side adding more vegetables such as Broccoli and Cauliflower, and making an all-natural sauce from butternut squash instead of cheese that has large amounts of sodium. This new form of Mac & Cheese is soo much healthier and delicious for you, you’ll start serving this at your next family gathering. 

5. Burritos

When it comes to making Burritos, Chipotle reigns supreme at its having tasty ingredients from their smoked chicken to juicy steak. But whoever said that the key to its tasty ingredients has to be meat only. Veggie Burritos have all the same tasty flavors as regular Burritos but have twice more amounts of fiber and healthier sources of protein. Try taking out the meat and dairy and substituting it with fried tofu scramble with fresh-made guacamole. The next time when you go back to Chipotle and you’re asked if you want meat, I guarantee you’ll choose more tofu and vegetables instead. 

6. French Toast

It’s always convenient to just wake up in the morning and pop in some pop tarts of waffles for breakfast. However, we are just filling our bodies up with processed sugar. Instead, we should substitute these sugary pastry items for some healthy homemade breakfast ideas. Vegan French Toast is both healthier and delicious using whole grain bread and cutting up some fresh fruit as a good source of daily vitamins. Sure this breakfast item may not be simple and convenient to make, but it is worth living a healthier lifestyle. 

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7. Chick Pea Curry

One unique about foreign cuisine is that it has different recipes that make it stand out as being very special. Curry is a dish that is both sweet and spicy and has excellent taste when adding both rice and meat. Chick Pea Curry is the next form of vegetarian cuisine that has both good flavors and is beneficial for your health. Instead of using meat, try adding Chick Peas instead. Chick Peas are a great source of plant-based protein. The protein that is found in Chick Peas helps keep your appetite under control avoiding weight gain and keeping your blood sugar under control.

8. Noodle Bowls

Most of us have always been taught the simple way of making noodles is by just boiling it in some water with a flavor packet. I won’t lie, this was pretty decent for all of us back in our fun college days. But as working adults, we get to the point where all these instant noodle packs have nothing but unhealthy large amounts of sodium. What we need to be is more creative by adding in more types of healthy flavors like sautéed lettuce, roasted tomatoes, and cooked noodles with all-natural chili sauce. Now you have a tasty restaurant-style noodle bowl with a sweet and spicy taste to it. 

9. Pizza

If you ask me, Pizza is almost designed to fit everyone’s appetite regarding if it is vegetarian or not. Sure some pizza shops may offer some veggie choices, but all their meatless substitutes most likely include large amounts of dairy, sodium, and animal lard. When making homemade veggie pizza, you have more control in choosing to add a larger variety of roasted vegetables and not using soo much dairy. Now pizza night can be a healthy night.

10. Kale Salad

Salads are made to be more than just pale pieces of dry green drenched in unhealthy dressing. A Kale Salad is both healthier and tastier because it offers more sources of veggies that have lots of heart-healthy protein. With ingredients such as fresh kale, sautéed spinach, tofu, and lima beans, you’ll want to toss out your bland stale salad for a tasty and bright kale salad bowl. 

These are 10 of the best heart-healthy vegan food choices to make. They are not only healthy for you but are very fun to make. Do you have any other Vegan food ideas? If so tell me in the comments.

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