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The Benefits Of Journaling Everyday

The Benefits Of Journaling Everyday

The Benefits Of Journaling Everyday

As a college student, I’m sure the last thing you want to think about is the added task of journaling. However, there are so many benefits to journaling everyday that definitely should not be overlooked.

Hopefully this will inspire you to consider adding a bit of journaling to your daily routine.

Stress Reliever

Stress is something that nearly everyone encounters on a daily basis. Luckily, journaling everyday can help relieve a bit of that stress.

Although the action of writing into a journal may not seem like a major relief, you would be pleasantly surprised. Just by releasing your daily thoughts and experiences through a physical activity, such as writing in a journal, it can release such bottled up stress that you might not even have known you were carrying on your shoulders. Whether you do something as simple as writing out bullet points of three accomplishments you had throughout the day, or take it to the level of writing a reflection on your day, you are sure to find it relieving. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself, and you will feel the difference in your stress levels in no time.

The Benefits Of Journaling Everyday

Creative Outlet

Sometimes we take for granted the pleasure of being able to utilize the creative side of your brain. However, journaling can be the PERFECT way to express your creativity on a daily basis.

Many people lean towards artistic journals (such as bullet journals) in order to fully embrace their creativity through journaling, but just by thinking for yourself and writing whatever pops into your mind can allow for this same creativity to be expressed. This goes hand and hand with the topic of relieving stress, being that having a creative outlet is crucial to relieving your stress at the end of each day.

The Benefits Of Journaling Everyday

Increased Organization

Organization is something that I consider myself to majorly struggle with. For me, journaling everyday has helped combat that.

In speaking from personal experience, I have found that writing out my daily accomplishments and future tasks in a journal allows me to stay organized and up to date in what I need to get done each day. By allowing myself the pleasure of physically checking off items on a to-do list, I am able to feel motivated and much more organized. Once again, this brings about a major stress reliever, being that tasks appear much manageable when you can see that you have already managed to accomplish so many other things throughout the day, week, etc.

The Benefits Of Journaling Everyday

Benefits in Mental Health

In terms of mental health, journaling everyday has proven to be incredibly impactful in such a positive way.

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Whether you find yourself struggling with depression, anxiety, or have any daily battles surrounding the topic of mental health, you might find that adding journaling to your daily routine can help combat some of those struggles.

Something that has proven incredibly beneficial to countless individuals is journaling/blogging on a public online platform. By releasing your thoughts online on a blog, you are able to voice your thoughts and mental struggles, allowing the opportunity for other individuals to read and respond. This is the ultimate proof that you are NOT ALONE in what you are going through, and that there are so many people who have similar stories and battles.

The Benefits Of Journaling Everyday


Bottomline, there are so many benefits of journaling everyday, but there is one thing that is all-encompassing of all these benefits: EMPOWERMENT.

Journaling to relieve stress? Allow that stress relief to EMPOWER your daily life. Using your journal to keep you organized? EMPOWER yourself in tackling your tasks. This list goes on and on. Now, get yourself a journal and start writing; you never know where it will take you!

The Benefits Of Journaling Everyday

Do you currently journal everyday? Are you planning to start? Let us know your own experiences down below!

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