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The Benefits for Women Who Lift Weights

The Benefits for Women Who Lift Weights

“You’re a girl, why would you lift weights?” “Weightlifting makes women bulky and too muscular.” I’m a chick, and I lift weights almost exclusively. I’m not bulky, and I’m happier with my physique than I ever was while spending hours on the elliptical or attempting to look sexy in a Zumba class. Women who lift weights have so many great things ahead for life.

First thing’s first, do not be scared of the weights. Females quite literally do not have the hormone levels necessary to turn into the Hulk. Bodybuilders (males and females) take supplements and require specific training to reach their level of bulk. A healthy diet and lifting weights will simply earn you a lean body.

Lifting weights made me stronger than I have ever been, and got me the results I wanted relatively quickly, with lasting effects that are going to help me in the long run.


Fat Loss & Metabolism

Muscles burn more calories at rest, meaning the more muscle you gain, the faster your metabolism is working. Essentially, muscles mean effective fat loss. SCORE!


Long-Term Health

Lifting weights fights osteoporosis (increases bone density). As you age, you lose muscle and bone mass, and this is an especially big deal for women, since we already have smaller bones. Basically, you’re less likely to break a bone if you lift long-term. I know you’ve had your eye on that super cool cast, but now you can buy that super cute romper instead.

Mental Health

While the effects aerobic exercise on depression have been more heavily researched, a study shows that there is little difference between the effects of aerobic exercise on reducing depression and that of anaerobic exercise.

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The high from hitting a new personal best is unlike any other and that confidence will exude into other areas of life. When you push yourself and pump out that last rep, that perseverance will spill over into other uncomfortable situations in your life. No more needing a big, buff man to move your furniture or having to make fifty trips from the car to the kitchen when you go grocery shopping, no more avoiding high intensity situations.
Besides, everyone knows skinny girls look good in clothes… but fit girls look great naked! Be one of those women who lift weights.

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