The Basic Rules Of Basketball For Anyone Who Can’t Follow The Game

The Basic Rules Of Basketball For Anyone Who Can't Follow The Game

Basketball.  Much like soccer and hockey the objective of the game is to get a round object into a net.  But how? Basketball is a specific sport where it is required to bounce and throw the ball.  These are the basic rules of Basketball.

The basic rules of baketball for anyone who can't understand them

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1.) 2 teams of 5 players

Basketball is played on a court.  There are two teams of 5 players on the court during play.   Out of the five players, you will have a point guard who mostly handles the ball, 2 wing players and 2 post players.  The post players are usually the tallest ones as they hang out down by the basketball post, hence the name ”Post” position.

The basic rules of Basketball for anyone who can't follow the game

2.) Jump ball

A jump ball is used the start the game and decide who has possession.  For the first play of the game a referee will throw the ball up into the air for two players to “jump” for, therefore deciding who starts the game with possession of the ball.  As the game continues the referees keep track of who has the ball each time, specifically if the ball is to go out of bounds, if there is a foul, or is there is a time when two players fight over the ball and possession cannot be determined.

3.) Possession in Bounds

Any time the ball goes out of bounds, the time on the clock stops and the play is dead.  If the blue team knocked the ball out of bounds, it now belongs to the red team to throw it in bounds into play.  IF the red team scores, the blue team has to step out of bounds to throw the ball back into play.

the basic rules of basketball for anyone who can't understand them

4.) Pass or Dribble

Basic rules in basketball allow  two ways to move the ball around the court.  You can pass the ball by throwing it to another teammate.  Or you can dribble the ball by bouncing it up and down as you move along the floor.    You cannot carry it while you run like a football, that is called “Travelling”, and the ball will automatically go to the other team.  You also cannot dribble the ball, then pick it up and start dribble again. That is called “double dribble” and will turn over the ball to the other team.  Once you stop dribbling the ball, you have two choices in order to move again. You can pass the ball or shoot the ball.

the basic rules of basketball for anyone who can't understand them

5.) Time Allowance in Game

Most basketball games are times in quarters or halves.   In high school and professional basketball they time the game through 4 quarters each one about 15-20 minutes long depending on age.   In college basketball , they do 2 halves, about 40 minutes long each. The Basic rules state that the team with the highest score at the end of that time limit is the winner.

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6. Scoring Points

There are 3 different point allowances you can score in a game.   Most baskets are worth 2 points. If you shoot from anywhere inside the 3 point arc, then you will receive two points.  If you shoot from outside the three point arc, it is worth 3 points. If you are fouled while shooting a basket you get a chance to shoot from the free throw line.  That shot is completely unguarded and a “free” Shot, which is why it is called a free throw.

The basic rules of basketball for anyone who can't understand them

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7.) Foul!

Anytime an opposing player makes illegal contact with another player, it is called a foul. A foul also stops the clock, so some players use it as strategy later in the game to control the clock if they can. Foul  contact could be clocking them from getting to their spot, holding or hitting them. Each player is awarded 5 fouls to “use” Meaning if #50 on the red team fouls five times, they will no longer get to be in the game.  This is so there are consequences so you don’t just foul all the time.

The basic rules of basketball for anyone who can't understand them

The basic rules of basketball are pretty simply considering this is a fast paces game.  However it won’t take long for anyone to catch on once they start watching.
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