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The Bachelorette: Top 10 Highlights from The Men Tell All

The Bachelorette: Top 10 Highlights from The Men Tell All

The Bachelorette: Top 10 Highlights from The Men Tell All

The Men Tell All episode is when all the already-eliminated contestants (heading into the finale) reunite and discuss the events of the season, in addition to those who feuded confronting each other for the first time. The episode also marks the first time that any of them will see the Bachelorette (and vice-versa) for the first time since being eliminated. Some contestants will also get an opportunity to get closure with the Bachelorette as well.  

The structure for The Men Tell All episode for Season 15 of The Bachelorette (aired on July 23rd and explained more in detail below) was different from past Men Tell All episodes. With the season’s villain, Luke ‘Luke P.’ Parker (finished fourth overall) dominating most of the storyline, there was plenty of drama as the guys (minus the final three left: Peter Weber, Tyler ‘Tyler C.’ Cameron, and Jed Wyatt, who weren’t allowed to attend) and Hannah B. confronted the controversial suitor.

Here are the Top Ten Highlights from The Men Tell All:  

10. The Format of This Year’s Men Tell All Episode:

Unlike past editions of The Men Tell All, where the eliminated contestants are introduced first, the studio audience and viewers back home are shown a clip (explained more in detail at #1) of what happened after Hannah B. finally sent home Luke P. during their overnight date (overnight dates this year were in Greece and all final four men (traditionally the final three) left at that point went) during last week’s episode, which ended in a cliffhanger.

The clip shows Hannah B. and her final three men left (Peter, Tyler C., and Jed) arriving for the overnight dates rose ceremony. However, the already-eliminated Luke P. makes a shocking and dramatic return (See #1). After Luke P. finally leaves, the clip returns to the studio audience where host Chris Harrison brings Luke P. into the hot seat first to ask some questions (see #4). However, the rest of the eliminated guys (some of them in the photo below, from left to right: Grant, Connor S., Jonathan, Mike, Dylan, Garrett, and Devin) were watching Luke P. in the hot seat backstage instead of from the chairs on the other side of the hot seat on stage. 

The Bachelorette: Top 10 Highlights from The Men Tell All

9. The Bachelorette Season Finale and Bachelor In Paradise Trailers:

At the end of the episode, Bachelor Nation is shown two more clips: The preview for The Bachelorette Season 15 Finale and the extended preview for Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 (premieres on August 5th). The season finale for The Bachelorette will be dramatic (Chris Harrison isn’t exaggerating people) as it will take place over two nights. For Bachelor in Paradise, there will be tons of drama, love, and tears. Demi Burnett and Kristina Schulman, two of the cast members of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 attended The Men Tell All (if you don’t count the men from Hannah B.’s Season that will appear in Mexico this summer). 

8. Garrett Gets Closure & What Hannah B. Learned from Her Relationship with Luke P.:

After Luke P. left the stage, Chris Harrison asked the rest of the men if any of them had any questions for the bachelorette. While Mike got closure over how their relationship ended, Garrett (fifth overall and eliminated in Week 7), got a bit of closure with Hannah B. too. The golf pro from Alabama (which is also Hannah B.’s home state) was another fan-favorite this season for his Southern Charm, deep connection with Hannah B., and for his feud/refusal to put up with Luke P. and his antics. Fans were upset when Hannah B. gave the final group (and final one of the season) date rose for Week 7 to Luke P. over him and many felt that Garrett got robbed of a hometown date due to Luke P.’s toxic behavior.

Garrett (who also has a great chance of being the next Bachelor, according to Chris Harrison) told Hannah B. that although he has moved on from their breakup, he was upset for a while that she picked Luke P. over him (Garrett was the last guy eliminated before Hometowns). However, after watching the show back now, he saw how much Luke P. misled her and asked if there was anything that he and/or the rest of the guys could have done to help her see more of what they saw in Luke P.’s behavior than what she could see. Hannah’s response was that while there several ‘What-ifs’, she doesn’t regret the way that her relationship with Luke P. happened and ended. The bachelorette also stated that she hoped with the way her relationship with Luke P. played out, it could help women in toxic relationships to find a way to get out of them. 

7. John Paul Jones’s Time in The Hot Seat:

 John Paul Jones was one of the fan favorites on this season of The Bachelorette for his quirky personality. Despite being eliminated in Week 4, John Paul Jones was loved by the fans so much that he got some time in the hot seat (which is usually reserved for those who make the Top 10 or higher) during The Men Tell All.

Chris Harrison praised him for enjoying the experience. A fan from the audience came down to the stage and asked John Paul Jones if she could cut a piece of his hair off (he said yes). The fan favorite’s time in the hot seat concluded with chicken nuggets being passed out to the studio audience. 

The Bachelorette: Top 10 Highlights from The Men Tell All

6. Mike’s Time in The Hot Seat:

Another contestant that got time in the hot seat was Mike Johnson, who was sent home in Week 7 (the week before hometowns) and finished sixth overall. The fan-favorite (who, like Garrett, is also one of the favorites from this season that could be named The Bachelor of Season 24) discussed with Chris Harrison his emotional breakup in the museum with the bachelorette and how he wants to find love. When Hannah B. came out to the stage later in the show, Mike got some closure with her. The bachelorette stated that Mike deserved nothing but “The Best”. 

The Bachelorette: Top 10 Highlights from The Men Tell All

5. Devin Storms the Stage to Confront Luke P.:

As stated in #10, the rest of the eliminated contestants were waiting backstage while Luke P. was on stage for the first part of his time in the hot seat. Despite this, they were able to see and hear via the monitors everything the controversial contestant was saying. As Luke P. kept on talking in circles and pausing too long before answering questions the entire time, at one point, he ended up stating how throughout the journey, he felt that he was on a “Rescue mission for Hannah B. from the other guys”.

This remark (and after watching his dramatic return to the rose ceremony) caused Devin (on the right) to storm out onto the stage and sit next to Luke P. (center) in the hot seat. Devin, who was sent home in Week 5 and amongst the several suitors that didn’t get enough screen time due to Luke P.’s antics, told him, “There at two types of men — those who want a strong, independent woman and those who want a woman they can control. You seem like you want a woman you can control.” Before Chris Harrison (on the left) sent him back, Devin told Luke P. that “[He was] on a rescue mission, but it seems the only person who needed rescuing was Hannah from you”. Devin’s “Two-Types of Men” speech earned high praise from both the studio audience and viewers. 

The Bachelorette: Top 10 Highlights from The Men Tell All

4. Luke P.’s Turn in The Hot Seat Part 1: 

The controversial suitor spent the first portion of his time in the hot seat with Chris Harrison alone. He recounts the conversations he and the bachelorette had about sex during their relationship and that is wasn’t easy for him to see her “straddle or mount” any of the other guys on the show. Luke P. also stated that while he “admits for being prideful and arrogant, [being a] narcissist is pushing it a little far.” He shocks and angers the studio audience and viewers by stating that if he could go back in time, he wouldn’t change a thing.

3. Luke P. in The Hot Seat Part 2: The Guys Confront Luke P.:

For the second part of Luke P’s turn in the hot seat, Devin and the rest of the guys are brought out onto the stage. After seeing the clip (see #1 for more details) and hearing everything he said before they came out, the guys confront Luke P. for both of those things and his antics during filming.

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Besides Devin storming onto the stage earlier (see #5), Mike declared that he refuses to accept Luke P.’s apology and believes “[Luke P.]’s future wife will be a prisoner of [him] if [he] doesn’t change.” Connor S. (seventh overall and eliminated in Week 7 along with Mike and Garrett) said, “Actions speak louder than words, and we were waiting for your actions to change… I wish I had said this earlier, but f**k you, man. You honestly are a psychopath.” Dylan (eliminated in Week 6) stated “It’s 2019 man. You don’t talk to women that way”. Garrett (Luke P.’s biggest rival), called him out for his apology not being genuine and for trying to control the bachelorette, declaring, “This is not about Luke P. This is about Hannah.” 

2. Hannah B. Confronts Luke P. and Apologizes to America:

When the bachelorette came on stage later in the episode, the first thing she did was explain why she kept Luke P. on for so long. Her reasons were that from the first night, Luke P. (in her opinion) showed that he was there for her (she had insecurities after being named The Bachelorette of whether the guys wanted it to be her or not) and whenever the drama around him came up, she used him being there for her as a reason to keep him each week. However, after watching the season back (the lead doesn’t see anything that happens with the other guys (when they are not with her on a date, cocktail party, and/or rose ceremony) during filming), she admits that she deserved ‘so much better’.

Then, Luke P. thanks her for helping him open up, but Hannah B. isn’t buying it and starts to confront him over his actions during throughout the season, especially their overnight date and his return to the rose ceremony. She states how she felt threatened by the ‘shared faith’ that she with him during their relationship. Then, Hannah B. tells Luke P. that the fantasy suites aren’t all about just sex, it wasn’t any of his business to ask if she had been intimate with the other guys, and that she was sick and tired of being slut shammed. This causes Luke P. to get up and leave the stage. 

At the end of the episode, the bachelorette (on-camera), apologizes to America for keeping Luke P. on the show longer than he needed to be and declares that “The Luke P. Show” is finally over.

1. Luke P.’s Dramatic Return at The Rose Ceremony:

As explained above at #10, before any of the eliminated contestants came out onto the stage, the studio audience and viewers back home were shown a clip of the rose ceremony for overnight dates. As the final three (Jed, Peter, and Tyler C.) and the bachelorette arrive, Hannah B. (in a confessional) declares how she hasn’t missed Luke P. since sending him home during their overnight date and that she doesn’t ever want to see him again.

Then, the cameras cut to Luke P. in a van, stating, “This isn’t over for me yet,” once again, hoping to manipulate Hannah B. into letting him stay (as he’s done so in past episodes). Convinced that ‘she still loves him’, the villain (with a ring in his pocket) shows up to the rose ceremony and gets in line with the other guys (who are all unaware that he had already been eliminated). When Hannah B. arrives, she orders for Luke P. to leave, but he refuses to until he gets a few things off his chest. At some point, Hannah B. (refusing to buy into Luke P.’s bs anymore) ends up yelling at him, “You will leave because I’ve already sent you home,” leaving Tyler C, Jed, and Peter in shock (Jed’s reaction at 2:39-2:44 in the video below is priceless).

Hannah B. (in what will be one of the most memorable moments in the history of both the franchise and Reality TV) picks up the rose stand (3:54-3:59), moving it closer to the final three and away from Luke P. As he is showing no signs of giving up, the other guys jump in, with Peter putting a hand on the bachelorette’s shoulder and comforting her as Jed and Tyler C. try to steer Luke P. away.

Chris Harrison then arrives to diffuse the situation and Luke P. finally leaves after the bachelorette reveals to everyone what he said during their overnight date and tells him to his face that she has no romantic feelings for him anymore. The clip ends and we will have to wait for the first night of the two-night finale to see who gets eliminated from the final three. 

Are you happy that the “Luke P. Show” is (hopefully) finally over? Do you think he will make another shocking return during the finale and/or AFTR? Let us know in the comments below!

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