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The Bachelor Party Games For Your Next Viewing Party

The Bachelor Party Games For Your Next Viewing Party

The Bachelor Party Games For Your Next Viewing Party

Nothing is more entertaining than a good viewing of the Bachelor show. And this season has been particularly intriguing for viewers as they watch the main bachelor, Colton as he searches for love! This reality show is a great reason to get your friends together, drink some wine, and really enjoy watching as women fight it out to get Colton’s attention. To really get in the spirit, here are a few Bachelor party games for your next viewing sesh!

The Bachelor Party Games For Your Next Viewing Party

1. Introduction ceremony when guests arrive

We know nothing is more dramatic than the first few minutes of the Bachelor premiere when the guests come and introduce themselves. For your party, have your guests show up in decked-out outfits and when they arrive, hold a little introduction ceremony where everyone has a chance to get to know each other. This Bachelor party game is particularly fun if you’re inviting guests who don’t already know each other very well, it’s a great ice-breaker!

2. Take a shot every time they mention Colton’s virginity

This season of the bachelor has been entirely centered on not only Colton finding love but also about Colton’s virginity. So it’s easy to say that Colton’s virginity has definitely been a hot topic this season, almost repetitively so. Have fun with this one, and create a drinking game for your guests to take a swig every time the Bachelor mentions the v-word.

The Bachelor Party Games For Your Next Viewing Party

3. Bachelor BINGO

Let’s get real, the reason why the Bachelor is so popular is because the creators of the show know what their viewers want. As engaged participants, we expect a certain level of consistency when we tune into the show every week, not only are the contestants come-backs consistently hilarious, but we know what’s up the creator’s sleeve when they want to get our attention. So come up with a list of your favorite things that you know contestants or Colton are bound to say/do during an episode and create a bingo game centered around them. The first guest to get BINGO wins, and you can gift them a rose as their prize. Pro tip: Be sure to include the contestant’s calling their time on this show a “journey” for extra points.

4. Trivia about the contestants during commercial breaks

Contestant trivia is an excellent Bachelor party game that your guests will be sure to love! This game is a great way to keep your guests engaged in the viewing and drama of the show while still having some fun during break-time. Come up with questions to ask, and quiz your guests in a rapid-fire round of trivia about the contestants on the show or about Colton himself, and see who really knows the most about this season of the Bachelor.

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5. Rose ceremony when guests need to leave

The rose ceremony is iconic! This exit strategy may be the best and most dramatic part about watching the Bachelor. We love to see who Colton is sending home this week, so use this ceremony concept to your advantage for your bachelor party games. Keep your guests in-line, and if any of them have to leave your party early, hold a rose ceremony for them. This will ensure that your party is not only realistic and festive, but it will also make your guest’s exit dramatic AF.

The Bachelor Party Games For Your Next Viewing Party

Who will Colton end up with? What drama will go down in the mansion this week? There are so many things to look forward to on this season of the Bachelor, and these Bachelor party games will be sure to spice up your viewing fun.

Do you have any Bachelor party games you love to play during your viewing parties? Let us know in the comments below!

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