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The All-Girls Catholic High School Student’s Guide To College

The All-Girls Catholic High School Student’s Guide To College

Coming from an all-girls catholic high school has prepared me for college in many ways! If you went to an all girls high school, here is a guide with what you need to know for your freshman year at college!

2011 marked the beginning to my six-year journey at— what seemed to be— the smallest place on earth. While tiny, my all-girls catholic school entailed a safe community, and a place that I called home until June 2017. Any girl who attended knew of the inevitable stress that accompanied the rigid workload. As I reflect upon my time there, I am grateful for the foundation of support that has allowed me to reach my new home today. Needless to say, coming from such a tight-knit community, there were sure to be changes into this recent and new pace of living. While I said my farewell, I am thankful for the tools that this environment gave me. Here is a thank you, reflection and farewell to my all-girls catholic high school:

The All-Girls Catholic High School Student's Guide To College

Goodbye Plaid

Wow, never did I believe that I’d miss a white polo. The uniform at my school was basic and strictly enforced: black knee socks, green plaid skirt and a white polo— and senior year was a navy polo, what a treat! Even though we all looked pretty much the same, the uniform was unbelievably easy to throw on and roll out of bed into. Oh, and throwing your hair into a rat’s nest— as my mom likes to call it— won’t be as regularly accepted. Basically, the uniformed outfit and hair was perfect for the lazy girl in me.


“Wait, so do you even know boys?”

People that do not understand the normalcy of an all-girls school may be confused at this thought, like we are some aliens living separately from the entire male species. Luckily, my college has a wide base of both students from all-boys and all-girls schools. However, there is the occasional shock, questioning, and bold statement making: “I could never be without boys for that long!”

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A Helping Hand

A graduating class of 60 girls offered an incredible learning experience in the classroom, and friendships of all kinds that blossomed outside of the classroom. At times of grieving, heartache, or poor test grades, the class could successfully pour together and offer a shoulder to lean on. And for celebratory occasions, everyone came with authentic cheers and happiness for one another. While I may still not be close with some of my “school friends,” I am lucky to have shared the six years by their side.


Confidence Overdrive

The closeness with my peers allowed for limited hesitation to participate in class; no one was nervous to freely speak their mind, and the classroom was always a welcoming place. This comfortability among my classmates ultimately helped me come into my own. Now in college, some professors make a note to mention that it is obvious who attended an all-girls school: it is us who are not intimidated to answer questions, ask questions or make comments. I am forever grateful for this experience that let me become confident and independent.

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And while I am overjoyed at the new experiences, friendships, and opportunities granted to me in college, I will never forget the daily shenanigans in the tearoom and in classes with my closest friends. I hope we all continue to grow and make even better memories, and I am excited to see where our futures take us.



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