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The Affordable VSCO Girl

The Affordable VSCO Girl

VCSO Girl! “And I oop.” “Sksksk.” The overwhelming subculture fashion trend of the “modern hippies,” as I like to call them— young women who support a beachy, carefree, 1990s-inspired aesthetic—only just started in the summer of 2019. The trend first began as a cheap reference to the photography app, VSCO. VSCO is an app that is primarily used to express yourself, and the lifestyle you live, by taking and editing photos and videos. Now, the trend is becoming more expensive, due to the lifestyle it is promoting. 

While being a VSCO girl seems to be what every girl wants to be, it is not as cheap or inexpensive as the said girls make it out to be. To be a VSCO Girl, there is a fashion checklist that every girl must follow to be considered part of the trend. The fashion includes wearing Airpods, Birkenstocks, brand name, tie-dye, and classic tee shirts, ripped jeans, short shorts, oversized shirts and sweaters, a Kanken backpack, Nike athletic shorts, Vans, and let’s not forget the Hydroflask, that is either overwhelmed with stickers, or painted on, and the FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera that comes in many colors.

VSCO girls have shocked the world by becoming one of the biggest trends of the decade. Teenage girls all over are screaming to be a part of the VSCO girl trend. However, not many people can afford to be one. If you are looking to be a VSCO girl, here is a list of the trendy fashion you can get while staying on a budget. 

1. Birkenstocks

The 70s’ sandals are back, and I don’t particularly know why, but they are. Birkenstocks were widely popular back in the 1960s-1970s. Eight years ago, the sandals made their appearance again and have become one of the top fashion trends of the decade. VCSO girls, in particular, have taken a liking to the sandals. They incorporated the strap sandals to their essentials list. If you want to be a VSCO girl, Birkenstocks are a must-have. However, like Hydroflasks, they are not cheap. Starting, Birkenstocks are minimum of $40 and they can range up the triple digits. Now, if you want to be a VSCO girl but have no way to afford these sandals you can purchase a pair of Jandals. Jandals are very similar to Birkenstocks. They both have the two wide straps, the comfortable flat sole, and are great for any outfit. Best of all, you can purchase a pair of Jandals for only $9. If those still don’t work out, I recommend purchasing a pair of Women’s Paisley Elastic Ankle Strap sandals. You can find them at your local Target for only $25.


The Affordable VSCO Girl

Elastic Ankle Strap Sandals

The Affordable VSCO Girl

2. Brand Shirts

Brands like Pink, American Eagle, Aéropostale, Tilly’s, Abercrombie, and Nike are notorious brands. They are specifically renowned for their flattering loose and comfortable attire, fit for women. These are just a handful of the many brands VSCO girls wear and promote, and as everyone knows, they are not cheap. An easy way to afford these brand names is to find and purchase them at your local thrift store (s). You’d be surprised what brand name clothes you can find available at a thrift store.

3. Kanken Backpack

Kanken backpacks are the carry-on bag that everybody wants. They are lightweight, multitalented, not to mention stunning! Despite their niftiness, they are on the pricier side of things. Like Birkenstocks, the handy dandy backpack’s average price is between $40 and $80. Now, I get that they come in many colors, have space for everything inside, I assume, and are the perfect size to carry. Here’s the thing though, so are the Slogan Ribbon Corduroy and Color Block Pocket Front backpacks. Also, they will only cost you $9 to, maybe, $20, and, I’m not going to lie, I think they are cuter than the Kanken. That’s just my opinion though.

Kanken Backpack

The Affordable VSCO Girl

Color Block Pocket Front Backpack

The Affordable VSCO Girl


4. Ripped Jeans and Shorts

We all own a pair of ripped jeans and/or shorts. It’s been an ongoing trend for the decade. Frankly, that is all the VSCO girls wear, along with their brand name shirts and sweatshirts. I own a couple of pairs myself, don’t get me wrong. Over the years, though, I have learned to purchase a pair of jeans or shorts that are ripped or have a hole in them are a bit pricier than the regular pair of jeans. Especially when buying them from a name brand company. An easy way to avoid spilling out all your birthday and Christmas money on one pair of jeans, go to your local thrift store, or another store, and purchase a clean pair of regular jeans. After you’ve made your purchase, go home, grab a pair of scissors, and cut away, or if you want the fringe hole look, take a pair of scissors, open them up, and brush one of the blades over the area you want the design. Keep doing so until the fabric area looks according to your desire.

5. Hydroflask

Hydroflasks made their debut into the world in 2009. However, they became a hit with the public starting in 2012. From people who work out, constantly, to others just going about their day—almost anyone and everyone are seen carrying a Hydroflask. Hydroflasks are nifty water bottles that are capable of maintaining your water’s cold temperature for longer than any other water bottle. This is due to the insulation that is incorporated into the water bottles. However, though Hydroflasks are effective and fun to decorate with stickers, they are not cheap. The average price for a new Hydroflask is $30.

Now, if you want a water bottle that can keep your beverages frigid cold and be able to decorate it just as easily as you can a Hydroflask, then I highly suggest purchasing a Thermoflask. Thermoflasks are generally the same things as Hydroflasks, only there is a bonus with Thermoflasks. While Hydroflasks can only keep your beverage cold, Thermosflasks can keep your beverages cold, as well as your hot ones steamy. Plus, they are only $20, compared to a Hydroflask which is starting at $30.  


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The Affordable VSCO Girl


The Affordable VSCO Girl

6. Vans

If a VSCO girl is not wearing Birkenstocks, she is likely to be wearing a good ole pair of Vans. Whether they are slips on or have laces, every VSCO girl owns at least two pairs of vans. Most likely, one of each. Now, I own a pair of Vans and they are super comfortable while and trending, but they are not low-priced. I am a broke college graduate and I almost didn’t buy my pair of Vans because of how much they were. One pair of basic, simple, Vans are $50, and that’s if you don’t look at the designed ones. They can range up to $75. Maybe even higher. Now, if you are looking for a pair of simple black vans, then you may want to think about looking at and purchasing a pair of canvas sneakers. With them, you can get the same look as the VSCO girls are going for and paying only $20 for it.

7. FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera

One last thing you typically will see a VSCO girl wearing, or more like carrying with her, is a camera. Specifically, a FujiFilm Instax Mini camera. You’ve seen them on the shelves at Best Buy, Staples, Target, even at Walmart. They come in various colors: purple, yellow, orange, pink, green, and white. They are nifty little things and they are the ideal thing to carry when going on an adventure with your girls, but again, they are not cheap. The average price for a brand new FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera is approximately $110, and I’ve seen them as high as $135. An easy substitute for this VSCO essential is a OneStep 2 ViewFinder i-Type Polaroid. The polaroid is very similar to that of the FujiFilm Instax, if not they are practically the same thing. However, with the polaroid, you would only be spending $90 over well over $100. Plus, it has a nice vintage look.

FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera

The Affordable VSCO Girl

OneStep 2 ViewFinder i-Type Polaroid

The Affordable VSCO Girl

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