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The Absolute Best Super Bowl Halftime Show Looks Of All Time

The Absolute Best Super Bowl Halftime Show Looks Of All Time

We made up our minds and picked the best Super Bowl Halftime Show looks among the various artists. Here's what we think it's worth looking back at!

This Sunday afternoon we’ll have our eyes glued to the TV screen as we witness the 53rd edition of the Super Bowl and, most importantly, its widely famous halftime show. Throughout the years, a wide range of singers and bands has had the pleasure – and the prestige – of being appointed as the “Halftime Performers”, and they all knew how crucial their stage appearance was. It is not a case that fashion plays a central role in the Super Bowl halftime; let’s face it, when you’re under the limelight your performance is as important as your look. After some meticulous research, we made up our minds and picked the best Super Bowl Halftime Show looks among the various artists. Here’s what we think it’s worth looking back at!

Michael Jackson – 1993

Michael Jackson already knew what was up in fashion in 1993. His black jacket decorated with golden ornaments and frontal fringes ensure him a spot in our list of the best halftime show looks. With his signature white high socks and aviator sunglasses, he is able to give a glamorous twist to his outfit – and we absolutely love it.

Britney Spears – 2001

With what can safely be referred to as the most successful football-inspired outfit ever, Britney Spears boldly enters our best halftime show looks chart. Her outfit choice is clearly influenced by the trends of the early 2000s, as it includes low-waisted & flared pants, a cropped t-shirt, and a sparkly belly ring. And Britney knows no rivals in the 2000s fashion scene.


Prince – 2007

Prince’s look in 2007 is something to remember. The juxtaposition of apparently incompatible colors – such as orange and baby-blue – is successful in its extravagant nature. With a longuette cut, his suit jacket adds a touch of elegance and composure to the overall look, and the result is a harmonious balance between chic & pop.

Fergie – 2011

Sparkles & leather sum up Fergie’s outfit and place it among our favorite halftime show looks of all time. With shoulder pads brought to the next level through sparkly decorations, Fergie shines bright like a diamond at 2011’s Super Bowl. Completed with a black leather bodysuit and skirt, her outfit looks fierce and extremely trendy.

Beyoncé – 2013

Just two years later, Beyoncé brings the leather trend back in a new form, proposing an outfit totally in line with the trends of the moment. Futuristic in its cut, Beyoncé’s mini romper is made of both vinyl and leather, the combination of which creates a nice contrast in terms of light reflection. And Bey doesn’t need no heavy makeup or particular hairstyles to stand out: she’s iconic even when wearing an all-black outfit.

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Lady Gaga – 2017

If there is one who deserves to win the “sparkle prize” for her halftime look, that will definitely be Lady Gaga. Overly padded shoulders and a meticulously crafted sequin bodysuit  – with matching boots, obviously – make the pop star literally shine during her performance, leaving everybody speechless.

Justin Timberlake – 2018

The man can dance, the man can sing, the man can dress! Justin Timberlake is flawless in his camouflage suit and orange bandana at last year’s Super Bowl. Completed with a printed shirt depicting animals in the wilderness, JT’s outfit gains him a spot among the best halftime show looks ever. Who said you need to look serious, professional and formal when wearing a suit?


Aren’t these just the best Super Bowl outfits? Let us know in the comments below which halftime show look is your favorite!