The Absolute Best Fitness Track Guide You Need To Know About

The Absolute Best Fitness Track Guide You Need To Know About

Do you ever find you lack motivation when it comes to the gym? It can be really hard to figure out what exercised you should do, how to do them and for how long. Luckily there’s those fitness freak people who create fitness track guides so us poor lost souls at the gym can have some direction.

Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide is a fabulous fitness track guide that will help you achieve your fitness goals and the body of your dreams. Here are a few reasons why you need to know about it.


Kayla’s fitness track guide is available to everyone worldwide online for an affordable price. There’s also an app you can use and membership where you receive new workouts monthly. The guide is comprehensive and easy to follow, meaning your workouts with be without confusion!

The guide is a 12 week challenge that starts off relatively easier and ramps up the challenge for your body so you avoid stalling your fitness progress. This is great for beginners with fitness or even seasoned gym goers who are looking for a challenge.

Kayla’s done all the hard work for you by creating a step by step guide to workouts and all you have to do is get started! You don’t even need a gym membership, complete the workouts at home for ultimate comfort!


Kayla started her fitness journey when she found she was intimated by the machines at the gym and a personal trainer told her to “just start somewhere”. She took this advice and seems to follow it with her fitness track guide, there are no machines and you can modify them to your level of fitness and comfortability.

She inspires people daily and showcases the amazing transformations her clients have undergone while using her fitness track guide. Showing these incredible results gives others inspiration and motivation to make the healthy lifestyle change that she promotes.

The Absolute Best Fitness Track Guide You Need To Know About

Real Help

There’s nothing worse than feeling alone and frustrated when you’re trying your best to be motivated and kick goals!

Kayla’s website has many great extras like food plans and a blog to help guide you through this lifestyle change. There is also an open forum on her website for people on the same journey to communicate and express themselves.

This fitness track guide has helped thousands of women across the world, so there’s no shortage of reviews and support if you should be looking for it! You also begin to learn more about your body

The Absolute Best Fitness Track Guide You Need To Know About


Kayla designed her fitness track guide after working in a women’s gym and realising that most of the clients were as intimidated by the gym as she was when she first started going. She led an aerobics style class and found much more enthusiasm from those who took it and thus began her journey to creating her guide!

She understands the desire for simple but effective exercises and time pressure that people face. Her guide includes only 4 x 7 minute rounds per workout, which you find is more than enough when you’re going hard for those 7 minutes.

She also doesn’t assume that you know all the moves and exercises she includes in her workouts. At the start of the guide is comprehensive and clear instructions of how each move works. There’s also stretches to help you cool down at the end of each workout.

This level of understanding truly helps you achieve your goals and feel comfortable completing all the workouts.

The Absolute Best Fitness Track Guide You Need To Know About

Will you give this great fitness track guide a try? Let us know how it goes!

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