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The Absolute Best Celebrity Pranks To Inspire You For April Fools’ Day

The Absolute Best Celebrity Pranks To Inspire You For April Fools’ Day

The Absolute Best Celebrity Pranks To Inspire You For April Fools' Day

Celebrity pranks combine the thrills of an expertly planned joke, and your favourite A-listers being duped. It’s so funny to watch Leonardo DiCaprio scare Jonah Hill by pretending to be a crazed fan, or Ellen terrify Taylor Swift by jumping out of a toilet stall. But fans need to be cautious, too. Some celebs like nothing better than pulling the wool over their own fan’s eyes. Here are some of the greatest celebrity pranks to give you some April Fools inspo.

Seth Rogen and Friends VS Nick Stroller

In 2008, during the filming of ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, three actors cooked up a scheme to get one on director, Nick Stroller. Seth Rogen was enlisted by friend Jason Segel, as well as Charlie Hunman. They invited Stroller over one night after filming for some drinks. They expected him to need the bathroom soon enough, but it actually took over an hour. When Stroller finally needed to relive himself, he was horrified to find the bloodied body of Hunman in the bathtub. Hunman had been patiently waiting the whole time in the uncomfortable bath, so it’s unclear who the real April Fool is in this scenario.

Adele VS Impersonators

With the help of Graham Norton, Adele managed to dupe her fans into thinking she was an Adele impersonator. For a television event, Adele impersonators were encouraged to gather in their fake personas to meet and sing. Adele herself was done-up in a prosthetic nose and chin, as well as losing her Cockney accent, and snuck in among them. She managed to remain undiscovered among the others until it came time for her to sing, when the jig was up immediately.


Norman Reedus Vs Andrew Lincoln

In the midst of zombie special effects make-up and insane stunts, the set of ‘The Walking Dead’ is also a battleground of pranks. Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are constantly duking it out to become the best pranker on set. After filming one day in the hot Georgian heat, a sweaty Lincoln climbed into his car to go home. Unfortunately for him, Reedus had tampered with the air-conditioner. As soon as the car turned on, the AC blasted glitter straight into Lincoln’s face, sticking to his skin and bedazzling his car interior.

One Direction Vs One Direction

Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson (with the help of Nickelodeon) staged one of the most hilarious celebrity pranks on the rest of the band. A producer had donned a fake baby-bump, with Malik and Tomlinson’s knowledge. Once the studio was cleared out of all other staff, the producer started to experience contractions. Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne watched Malik and Tomlinson spring into action, and quickly believed it was the real thing. They looked like April Fools when the producer revealed it was one of many celebrity pranks that they would be involved in.

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Scott Disick (aka Todd Kraines) VS Kris Jenner

Scott Disick is the King, or rather the Lord, of mischief in the Kardashian clan. A serial prank he pulled with the help of the Kardashian sisters was to repeatedly call Kris Jenner introducing himself as “Hi Auntie Kris, it’s me. It’s Todd Kraines” in a goofy voice. This was confusing to Jenner, as she did have a family friend called Todd Kraines, but this one was obviously a fake. It was one of the longest running celebrity pranks, and it began to escalate. Fake Todd Kraines would send flowers to Jenner, and pay for her meals at restaurants. The prankster revealed himself finally when the real Todd Kraines was going to visit the Kardashian house. Jenner was afraid that Kourtney Kardashian had invited a stalker into their home, but was relieved to be greeted by the genuine Kraines. Disick then acknowledged that the crazy-stalker Kraines had been inside the house the whole time- “Hi Auntie Kris, it’s me. It’s Todd Kraines.”

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