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The 15 Best Quotes From Season 15 Of The Bachelorette

The 15 Best Quotes From Season 15 Of The Bachelorette

Season 15 of The Bachelorette concluded on July 30th with a dramatic soap-opera-like ending. Bachelorette Hannah Brown chose Jed Wyatt over runner-up Tyler Cameron in the final rose ceremony. However, the bachelorette called off the engagement while the show was airing due to the release of the People Magazine article of Wyatt having a girlfriend during filming. The show concluded with Brown asking Cameron out on a date on After The Final Rose, which he accepted.

This season of The Bachelorette was full of drama, tears, and funny moments. All of these moments produced memorable quotes that had Bachelor Nation talking. Here are The 15 Best Quotes From Season 15 Of The Bachelorette:

15. “ABC. Always Be Cam”:

-Cam’s famous catch phrase that he stated multiple times during his time on The Bachelorette. Members of Bachelor Nation reacted on Twitter by making up their owning meanings to Cam’s “ABC” motto.

The 15 Best Quotes From Season 15 Of The Bachelorette

14. “My name is John Paul Jones. My friends call me John Paul Jones. So, you can call me John Paul Jones”:

-John Paul Jones to Hannah after meeting the bachelorette (1:33-1:46 in the video below) during the limo arrivals during Week 1. This was the first time fans got to meet John Paul Jones (his intro package wasn’t featured in the first episode) and he quickly became one of the fan-favorites this season.

13. “We can ship this”:

-Host Chris Harrison after Hannah (on the left) asked runner up Tyler C. (on the right) out on a date on After The Final Rose.

The bachelorette called things off with Jed due to him not being honest with her about having a girlfriend back home during filming. Tyler C. accepted. Chris Harrison’s response represented all of Bachelor Nation who are rooting for Hannah and Tyler C. to get back together. The two plan to take things slow now that this season of The Bachelorette is over.

The 15 Best Quotes From Season 15 Of The Bachelorette

12. “I had an encounter with God. I was in the shower and God was speaking to me”:

-Luke P. in his intro package (4:06-4:09 in the video below) about how he found faith after partying and having sex with many girls during college. Luke P. was constantly mocked by fans and former Bachelor Franchise contestants on Twitter throughout the season about “finding Jesus in the shower”.

11. “Actions speak louder than words, and we were waiting for your actions to change… I wish I had said this earlier, but f**k you, man. You honestly are a psychopath”:

-Connor S. to Luke P. during The Men Tell All Episode.

When all the other eliminated contestants were brought out onto the stage during the Men Tell All, they confronted villain Luke P., who was in the hot seat, for his actions and behavior throughout the season. Connor S. (finished seventh overall) was the first person to say something to Luke P. and the former’s words drew plenty of applause from the studio audience and viewers.

10. “There at two types of men — those who want a strong, independent woman and those who want a woman they can control. You seem like you want a woman you can control…You’re on a rescue mission, but it seems the only person who needed rescuing was Hannah from you”:

-Devin to Luke P. during The Men Tell All episode.

The first part of Luke P.’s (in the center) time in the hot seat was just him and Chris Harrison (on the left) on stage while the rest of the eliminated suitors were backstage watching everything before being brought out. At one point, Luke P. stated he felt that he was on a “Rescue mission for Hannah from the other guys”. This caused Devin (on the right) to storm onto the stage and sit next to Luke P. in the hot seat to confront him for his behavior on the show.

The 15 Best Quotes From Season 15 Of The Bachelorette

9. “Stay in your freaking lane”:

-Hannah to all of the men during the Week 5 Cocktail Party.

During the Week 5 cocktail party, a huge argument broke out after the guys refused to believe that Luke P. didn’t keep their names out of his conversations with the bachelorette during their one-on-one date. Luke P. denied this (he mentioned their names).

Hannah overheard all the yelling during her conversation with Connor S. and came into the room where the rest of the men were and berated them for their petty arguing (go to 1:44-1:46 in the video below for the quote). This quote would constantly be used the rest of the season and was one of the sources of another major conflict that Luke P. started the following week in Latvia.

8. “No [Luke P.’s] not Tyler, what he was doing was looking out the window:

-Mike to Tyler C., Luke P., and the rest of the guys during the fight that Luke P. started over the guys not “staying in their own lanes”.

The incident that sparked this fight was Luke P.’s reaction to when he found out that the bachelorette went naked bungee jumping during her one-on-one date with Garrett. After Luke P. and Garrett had a previous argument over the former’s slut-shaming remarks to Hannah, the bachelorette had a private talk with the villain over his remarks. Once the talk was over, Luke P. sparked yet another argument with Garrett, this time in front of the other guys. This caused Tyler C., Jed, and Mike (all siding with Garrett) to get involved as everyone had enough with Luke P.’s behavior.

7. “Yeah, you will leave, because I’ve already sent you home…This is not about your heart. F**king leave! … You’re so narcissistic,”:

-Hannah to Luke P. after he returns to the overnight dates rose ceremony despite already being sent home during his overnight date.

Luke P. (with a ring in his pocket) made a dramatic return to the rose ceremony, ‘convinced that Hannah still loved him’. He lined up with the final three (Peter, Tyler C., and Jed, all who had no idea he was already sent home). When Hannah arrived, she was angry. After Luke P. refused to leave after being told a couple of times to do so already, the bachelorette lifted the rose stand (3:54-3:59), moving it closer to the final three and away from Luke P. 

6. “We’ve got a 5-foot-eight villain”:

-Tyler C. to Luke P., Garrett, Peter, and Jed during Week 7 in The Netherlands.

Before the rest of the five remaining guys left found out that the bachelorette sent Mike home on their one-on-one date, Luke P. expressed how happy he would be if Mike didn’t return with a rose. This caused Tyler C. to laugh and when Luke P. asked why, the former made fun of the villain’s height, which caused Peter to struggle not to laugh out loud.

5. “Sweet Dreams Luke”:

-Garrett to Luke P. after the latter kicks him out the room due to needing some sleep.

The two got into an argument over Luke P. not staying in his own lane after the villain told the bachelorette how he felt when she went naked bungee jumping on her one-on-one date with Garrett during Week 6 in Latvia. This quote (1:07-1:08 in the video below) by Garrett was one of his several quotes that had Bachelor Nation in hysterics.

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4. “I want you in your highs, and I want you in your lows. I’ll take whatever I can get with you. You know what I mean? And if I’ve got to pick you up, I’d be happy to pick you up.”:

-Tyler C. to Hannah shortly after the two met up for their first one-on-one date during Week 4.

Before Tyler C. arrived, the bachelorette was in tears over the drama that took place during the group date and cocktail party the previous day when Luke P. bodyslammed and kneed Luke S. in the head during the rugby game. Hannah couldn’t her tears when Tyler C. showed up. After explaining to him why she’s upset, Tyler C. reassures the bachelorette that they will have a great time together regardless of how she’s feeling.

3. “I have realized that I don’t need a husband. I want a husband, but I don’t need one. And I’m really, really proud of the woman that I’ve become through all this, because I am hella strong!”:

-Hannah to Chris Harrison on After The Final Rose on how much she has grown and learned as a person throughout her journey on The Bachelorette.

2. “Are you licking your lips because you are attracted to me?”:

-Garrett to Luke P. during their silent stare down when Luke P. kept on licking his lips a lot. This was one of Garrett’s many mind games towards Luke P. during their infamous fight during the Week 7 group date in The Netherlands.

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1. “I have had sex, and honestly, Jesus still loves me” (Tie):

-Hannah to Luke P. as he refuses to leave after she eliminates him during the dinner portion of their overnight date in Greece.

The bachelorette finally sent Luke P. home after he slut-shammed her by saying he wanted to leave the competition if she had been intimate with any of the other guys (Luke P had the last overnight date) left in the fantasy suites. As he refuses to get into the van, Hannah states this (6:38-6:47 in the video below) and the other quote (tied at #1 and 6:59-7:09 in the video), he is stunned and “leaves” before making a dramtic return to the rose ceremony.

1. “I f**ked in a windmill, and guess what? We did it a second time!” (Tie):

-Hannah in her confessional that is shown as she finally sends Luke P. home.

The guy she had made love to with windmill was Peter, which was revealed earlier in the overnight dates episode. When she reunited with Peter (finished third overall) for the first time on After The Final Rose since sending him home, she stated (6:08-6:13 in the video) that she and the pilot had sex in the windmill not twice but four times!! The Bachelorette confessed this on live TV to viewers and in front of the live studio audience, where Peter’s family were amongst the audience. This relevation and Peter’s parents’ reactions (see photo below) sent fans into a frenzy on Twitter.

From these 15 quotes, which one stood out to you the most from this season of  The Bachelorette? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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