The 10 Types of Guys You Meet in College

In college, you meet a lot of new people, and about half of them will be guys. It’s an interesting time to date, because there are quite a few options. However, it can be very overwhelming meeting all these different types of guys; they are all so unique (and nothing like the guys you knew in high school). So, to give you a little heads up – here’s a non-definitive list of the 10 types of guys you can expect to meet in college.

1.  The Future President

This type of guy is super ambitious. He dresses business casual every single day, even on the weekends. He takes relationships very seriously and is trying to find his first lady to be. He is a fun guy to date, except he likes to talk about himself…a lot. Expect to hear him ramble on about how politically active he is and all of his future dreams and aspirations. Once in awhile, he’ll ask about you, yet he will always manage to steer the conversation back to him. It’s nice to be with someone who has so much drive, but unless you’re willing to let your goals and needs take the backseat, pass on this candidate.

2. The Slacker

This is the total opposite of the future president. Whenever you ask him what he wants to do with his life, his answer is always “I don’t know.” Of course many people in college are uncertain about what they want to do career-wise, but this guy is a whole different ball game. If you ask him what he wants for breakfast, he still has no idea. You wonder how he even gets his work done for class. His favorite thing to do is play video games and binge watch TV. Don’t get me wrong, The Slacker could be a good match for you if you’re into the same things, however, if you want a lot of action and excitement, he might not be right for you.



3. Mr. Adventurous

This is the guy who never seems to sit in a chair for more than 15 seconds. He’ll tell you stories about how he biked across the country with a buddy, backpacked through India and hiked a mountain in the Andes. It’s entertaining to be with him, because he has fascinating stories and gets you to try new things. At the same time, the relationship can get overwhelming and you may find it hard for him to get serious about things outside of his passions. These guys also avoid commitment, so be cautious of how emotionally invested you get.

4. The Student Athlete

Being able to cheer him on at games is fun, but his busy schedule can be a nuisance. How are you supposed to go to dinner with him if he always has practice or a game? Beware, some ballers have a big ego and depending on the sport, you could be competing with other fans for his affection.


5. The Nice Guy

These types of guys are friendly, but for a reason. He seems to believe that if he treats a girl well, he is automatically entitled to a relationship. In his eyes he can do no wrong and he always seems to have you in his best interest. Be careful with him though, he may be too nice because he has other motives in mind, or can become a pushover.

6. The Chiller

This guy is pretty cool and calm, but that’s not how he got his nickname. He earned that title because all he is interested in is chilling, especially the type that goes well with Netflix. He likes to hang out and/or hook up, but if you want something more, this is not your man. He specializes in keeping the relationship ambiguous and undefined. Let’s just say he likes to keep his options open. It’s not problematic to have fun with him, but just make sure you’re okay with that and nothing more! Because no matter how much time you spend with him, if someone asks if he’s seeing someone, his answer will be “Nah, I’m just chilling.”


7. The Brick Wall

It’s hard to tell how this guy is feeling and that’s how he earned his moniker. He claims that he wants to open up and be more honest, but he really just doesn’t know how to express himself. He is typically sweet and good-natured, but in times of conflict, it is hard to communicate with him. It’s like all of his emotions are hiding behind a brick wall. A relationship with him can work, if you have a lot of patience.

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8. The Womanizer

Most of us are familiar with these types of guys already, so I’ll keep this short. He makes you feel special when he flirts with you, until you realize he has said the same thing to multiple other girls. He’s suave and good at what he does, but it’s only to feed his ego. Not a bad candidate for a one time thing, but do not get attached. Otherwise you’ll sound like Sam Smith saying, “I know I’m not the only one.”

9. The Clinger

This guy is really nice and quite the charmer. He’s the type to send you flowers just because, or a “Have a good day text,” however; he is also going to get on your nerves. The overly romantic gestures will become old to you and you will get sick of always seeing him. Yes, it will be charming at first, but you will start to avoid him. Don’t feel bad about it either, if you prefer not to have someone attached to you 24/7, than this guy isn’t for you!

10. The Long Term Boyfriend

This guy is your college sweetheart. You have great chemistry and will date for at least a year, maybe until graduation and beyond. That’s not to say you’ll be without your issues but you’ll create some of your most cherished memories with him. Unfortunately, he is the most elusive one.

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