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The 10 Trendiest Hair Accessories That You Need Now

Using hair accessories is becoming more of a trend in the latest years! Incorporating these hair fashion trends into your own individualistic style can be fun and may require some creativity! Here are the 10 trendiest hair accessories that you need now!

1. Claw Clips

Claw clips can come in a variety of styles and colors. If you need an accessory that can quickly style your hair away from your face, claw clips are the way to go! This convenient hair accessory can be used with any hair type! 

Traditional claw clip designs are not hard to come by. In fact, many brands offer multiple claw clips in one purchase that come in a variety of different colors. The Centstar 12 Pack Large Hair Claw Clips is a great option if you are looking for something like this! 

The rectangular-shaped claw clips has also been trending lately! The brand Laxizar has claw clips that have this shape with unique color designs. The Tortoise Barrettes Rectangle Shape Clips from this brand come in a pack of eight. The fun patterns on these claw clips give you an opportunity to match your hair accessory to your outfit in a more creative and fashionable way! 

2. Scrunchies

In addition to being a trending hair accessory, scrunchies are known to be more gentle on your hair than average hair ties! Most scrunchies have an elastic band that is covered by a hair-friendly material that won’t cause split ends or additional hair damage!

If you want to buy just a few scrunchies, Kitsch Matte Scrunchies are the ones to buy! This is a five-pack of scrunchies that have neutral colors, giving you ample opportunity to pair them with a variety of outfits. 

If you are looking to buy lots of scrunchies, there are many options! Scunci Scrunchie Set comes with 36 scrunchies. In addition to the many colors, the Scunci Scrunchie Set comes in a drawstring storage bag. This makes them perfect for organization and other travel purposes! 

3. Hair Scarfs

Hair scarfs are triangular in shape and are a simple yet, unique way to style your hair. Depending on what patterns and colors are on the hair scarf, you can be bold or subtle with this hair accessory! 

There are hair scarfs that require you to tie the ends together yourself. The Chlins 3 Piece Floral Hair Bandana Hair Scarf are ones such as this. The Chlin hair scarfs come in three different floral designs that will add bohemian style and some extra flair to your outfit. 

Other hair scarfs come with a built-in headband! This type of hair scarf can be easier to use and may stay in place longer than typical hair scarfs. The Chiffon Turban Head Kerchief Scarf from the brand Molan’s has this headband style! The elastic headband included in their design is known to fit most people and comes in three different color designs!

4. Decorative Hair Ties

If your usual hair routine includes tying your hair back, finding a decorative hair tie is an easy way to add a hair accessory. As you may assume, there are a variety of different styles and colors of decorative hair ties that you can find. 

The Brinie Hair Ties are made with artificial pearls and crystals. Coming in a pack of three, each hair tie has its own individual color. Another decorative hair tie pack from the Brinie brand is their Cyrstal Pearl Hair Ties. These hair ties are different from the pearl and crystal design due to the colors and size of the rhinestones. 

5. Fabric Headbands

Fabric headbands are a great way to style your hair without friction and tightness on the head. In addition to this, fabric headbands are a quick and easy way to style hair while on the go.  The Fishinsea Knotted Wide Headbands come in a 10-pack. This is a wide variety of fabric headbands that is suitable for all head shapes. 

If you are looking for fabric headbands that have more stylistic designs, the LOVNFC Velvet Knotted Headbands have that! In addition to their three solid-colored knotted headbands, LOVNFC includes three knotted headbands that have faux pearls. The design of these velvet headbands will add some frill to your style and be perfect for those special occasions! 

6. Mini Claw Clips

While average-sized claw clips are great at creating quick hairstyles, investing in some mini claw clips can give you an opportunity to do some more intricate hairstyles! No matter what your hair type is, mini claw clips are a great way to style hair in a way that is fun and unique. 

The Yohama Durable Mini Hair Claw Clips are a great choice if you want to try out hairstyles with mini claw clips. This is a pack of 36 mini claw clips that come in the colors black, clear, and brown. The Yohama Durable Mini Hair Claw Clips also come in a secure jar which means easy and functional storage!

7. Pearl Hairband

Pearl headbands are such a simple, yet beautiful hair accessory. Typically, there are a variety of different sizes and styles of pearls on a simple gold band.

The Cuizhiyu Store has the 3 Pack Pearl Headbands White Faux Pearls that are delicate and handmade. These headbands come in three different pearl designs that can be used for a variety of different occasions!

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8. Scrunchie Scarfs

With the hair protection that scrunchies are known to give you, a scrunchie scarf will bring extra fashion with the hair protection benefits. As with many hair accessories, a scrunchie scarf comes in a variety of different colors and designs, making them perfect to match any outfit. 

Zzicen’s has the Satin Hair Scrunchies with Tails. There are 12 solid-colored scrunchie scraps included in this package. These scrunchie scarfs are made from silk material and are designed to come apart. This added come apart feature will allow you to use them in a variety of ways. 

9. Decorative Hair Pins

If you are frequently using bobby pins to style your hair, switching it up and using a decorative hair pin is an easy yet creative way to wear a hair accessory!

If you’re wanting to buy a variety of styles of decorative hair pins at once, look no farther than the Mehayi Store. The Mehayi Store has the 20 Piece Hair Clip Set that you are bound to love! 

Each hair clip in this set has its own individualistic style and look. There are macaron, acrylic, pearl, and metal hair clips. In addition to the designs, the Mehayi Store Hair Clips are made with smooth surfaces to help prevent hair breakage. 

10. Minimalist Gold Hair Clip

With some hair accessories, less is more! A minimalist gold hair clip is a hair accessory that will give you a clean aesthetic that is dainty yet stylish. No matter your hair type, finding a hair clip such as this will bring your style to the next level!

The DeD Store has the 5 Pack Simple Retro French Clip Barrettes that can fulfill this “less is more” idea! All five clips give a different simplistic design. Lastly, the Retro French Clip Barrettes are made with high-quality material, making them stay secure in your hair all day! 

What is your favorite trending hair accessory? Spill your faves below!

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