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The 10 Top Hairstyle Trends For 2017

The 10 Top Hairstyle Trends For 2017


Your hair is a style statement. That’s the reason you need to be very careful when you are deciding how to style your it. Depending on how far you want to go with styling your hair, there are so many options. From cutting and coloring to simply adding a new braid to your look, change is good. Here are 10 top hairstyle trends for 2017 to try!

1. Straight Hair

This year straight hair is one of the top hairstyle trends! Celebrities have been seen sporting a parting bang in the middle, with long, straight hair falling over their shoulders. This look is here to stay, so if you don’t have silky straight hair, you know where you need to get started.

Straight hair is one of the top hairstyle trends and is easy to do!


2. Side Flip

This hairstyle will give you volume and confidence. If you are the laid-back type, you’ll fall in love with this style, which of course, is all set to be one of the top hairstyle trends in 2017. All you have to do is tease your hair, giving it a bit more volume than it usually has, and sweep it off to one side!

Simply flip your hair to the side and you are rocking one of the top hairstyle trends!

3. Wet Look

If you thought going out with wet hair was against hair rules, hold your horses because that’s what many ladies are going gaga over. Slick, wet, sticky hair is one of the top hairstyle trends, and even though you would like to believe otherwise, all your hair sticking to your head is what is going to make a fashion statement.


The wet look is one of the top hairstyle trends and is simple to do!

4. Bangs

Nope, bangs aren’t going anywhere! They’ve been here for quite some time, and they’ll continue to be there on the popularity charts as one of the top hairstyle trends. Bangs work well for you if you have a rather large forehead. They also give the illusion of having a rounder face, in case you happen to have an oval or longer face.

Bangs are one of the top hairstyle trends and adds to any hairstyle!

5. Braids

Love the girl-next-door look? It looks like even 2017 is loving it. To perfect your look for any day – college, work, date, shopping – opt for any kind of braid, and you are sorted. It’s neat and hassle-free. It also means that you will enjoy your burger without bothering about your hair flying around and sticking to the sauce.


If you love wearing your hair down, try braids for one of the top hairstyle trends!   Crown braids are one of the top hairstyle trends and is an upgrade from a basic bun!

6. Layers

If you are thinking of going for a haircut, you could consider layers, especially if you have short or mid-length hair. Layers create the illusion of volume and also add a lot of life and bounce to your hair. If you are short, layers are definitely going to make you look like a stunner. Layers with bangs? Extra points!

Layers for any length hair is top hairstyle trends to try!


7. Bronde

What? Bronde. Bronde is going to be one of the top hairstyle trends! It’s is actually the love child of brown and blonde! The rich dark golden color is an absolute rage this year, and it’s a pretty safe color to opt for. Even though your regular colors won’t be out-of-place, bronde will be a great color to experiment with, as it’s the color of all seasons!

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Brown and Blonde mixed together is one of the top hairstyle trends!


8. Neon

Neon and glow in the dark colors are for those who like to live on the wild side. If you are brave and you have an appetite for standing out, you should dive into these colors and get your mane colored. You will stand out in the crowd, and you might end up becoming quite the trendsetter!


9. Straight Cuts

Straight haircuts are simple, but sleek. If you enjoy having short to mid length hair, then this style is one that is definitely worth trying!

10. High Pony Tails

Ponytails will never go out of fashion, but what will be different this year is the love for high ponies as it is one of the top hairstyle trends! This will give your face a chiseled look, highlight your features, and give you that professional look that can intimidate anyone!


   half up hald down high pony

So, ladies, 2017 is the year of letting your hair down and experimenting with these top hairstyle trends!

Do you have any other top hairstyle trends to try? Share in the comments below!
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