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The 10 Stages Of Being Invited To And Attending A Sex Toy Party

The 10 Stages Of Being Invited To And Attending A Sex Toy Party

For those that aren’t familiar with what a sex party is, you need to get caught up! A sex toy party, also referred to as a sex party, is a gathering of several individuals (mostly ladies, but a few brave men every now and again too) with a sex toy vendor. These attendees do not come to these parties just to hang out and have a blast, they attend in hopes of going home with some goodies to spice up life in the bedroom, whether they are living the single life or have a partner waiting at home. The sex toy vendor presents all of the sex toys, lubes, and often times even hygiene products all while putting on a party full of laughter, food, and most importantly–drinks.

Stage 1: Getting invited.

So, your work friend invited you to her house for drinks and (drum roll, please) a sex toy party! Are you excited? No, you are terrified in the most awkward way. You don’t want to say yes, but you also don’t want to say no because, duh, sex toys! You send her away with a maybe and go about your day.


Stage 2: Thinking about whether you want to go or not.

You have racked your brain weighing the pros and cons of gripping dildos and tasting flavored lubes in front of your friends and even acquaintances. You still aren’t sure if you want to go or not so you tell yourself to think about it for a little longer and then decide.

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Stage 3: The pep talk.

This decision is way too difficult for a thing that is supposed to be full of fun, so you give yourself a pep talk and tell yourself to stop being a baby and just go have fun!

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Stage 4: The arrival.

You are shocked by how ordinary (and even innocent) the other attendees look. Some are grandmas, some are wives, and others are college kids! You’re amazed at how sexually open people can be even when it seems the complete opposite.

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Stage 5: Food and drinks.

You rush over to the table where the free refreshments are and pour yourself a much needed drink, liquid courage so to speak, and you relax a little more. While you are at it you scoop up some sandwiches too.


Stage 6: Introductions.

Everyone settles down a little and the vendor introduces themselves, while also encouraging everyone else to introduce themselves. Usually these parties start off with a mini game or ice-breaker to get the laughs going. you didn’t think you would, but you are actually having a blast!

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Stage 7: The presentations.

The vendor brings out all of the fun stuff: vibrators, dildos, cock rings, etc and gives the audience facts about the benefits of using each toy, making you excited and ready to buy something.

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Stage 8: The demonstrations.

Then, the vendor gives the audience the option to feel the vibrations, girth, and flexibility of the toys they present. The vendor goes around the audience letting potential customers feel what they will be paying for later on! You are getting excited seeing all of these new products and you are glad you brought your money!

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Stage 9: The contest.

Names are called, and prizes are won! And you won yourself something! This pushes you to buy some more goodies later on because you’re so excited.

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Stage 10: The purchasing of the goodies.

You have a list put together of what you want to buy, and the vendor has their secret shop set up in a private room so others do not know what you purchase. This leaves you with a sense of relief because now the whole office doesn’t need to know your freaky side! You go in the room and come out better than ever. You’ll be racing home to try out your new purchases!

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Have you been to a sex toy party!? Share your experience in the comments below!

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