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That One Friend We All Have

That One Friend We All Have

Navigating life, especially in college, is a difficult task. It’s a road that cannot and should not be taken alone. For this reason, we have friends. They come in all forms. There’s your friend who you work with; they get you through the most trying of shifts. There’s your friend who you know, but you don’t really know them, however whenever you seem them obligatory pleasantries are exchanged. There’s your ’squad’. These are your friends who know everything about you, and you have to (and want to) keep them around because frankly they know too much. Then there’s an enigma in the category of friends. They are that one friend that isn’t around 24/7. But fear not, she is only a phone call away (Probably starting somewhere along the lines of “My life is in shambles, I need your advice”)

They are your confidant.

This friend is a true confidant. At some point in your life the two of you got to know each other a little too well. The catch is you both have your own ‘squad’ of friends. Now neither of you is dissing each other’s squads by not wanting to become besties with all of them, but you both value the true friendship of someone on the outside. She knows everything about your life, the ups, the downs, the friend you love to hate, even about that one guy you swiped right on that you would never admit to openly.


They are your therapist.

She is the therapist you will never hesitate to open up to. She knows everything and never judges. And you do the same for her. When you just can’t stand the drama of your group of friends and need an outsider, who do you call? Her. When something massively incredible happens in your life and you need someone to celebrate with equal enthusiasm, who do you call? Her. She knows when to rush over and have a dance party to One Direction or when to listen to you ramble on about some boy that just doesn’t understand you.


They know everything about you.

Friends often come and go with the trials and tribulations of life. She will always be there for you and you will always be there for her. Eventually you both will likely move far away from each other, but that’s ok. All you have to do is pick up the phone, and it’s like she never left. She knows everything about you. She remembers that time you made out with that frat brother, but will never admit to it, yet she likes to remind you. She really does care about the new internship you got, and will raise a glass for you over the phone while you spill all the details.

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They will always be there.

Everyone needs this friend. If you are lucky enough to have one in your life, then consider yourself…well, lucky. Some friends venture off in life, never to be heard from again, but she is your constant and you are hers.

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