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10 Thanksgiving Finger Foods Anyone Will Love

10 Thanksgiving Finger Foods Anyone Will Love


Thanksgiving is the ultimate day to pig out. The key to not getting too full too soon is to have a bite of everything. So, what better way to kick off the holiday than with some Thanksgiving finger foods! Keep reading to check out these 10 delicious and easy Thanksgiving finger foods!

1. Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

All you need for this simple recipe is Brussels sprouts, bacon, balsamic, and mayo! It is simple, but you can wow your guests with the presentation.

Learn how to make these Brussels sprouts here!


2. Cucumber Dill Bites

I mean, does it get any easier than this? These cucumber bites only take about 15 minutes to prep and make! Plus, they will be a nice refresher when paired with other heavier Thanksgiving finger foods!

Find out how to make these cucumber bites here!

3. Mini Mac & Cheese Cups

These mini mac and cheese cups are the perfectly way to spin a classic Thanksgiving side dish! Your guests will love how cheesy they are, and you will love how simple they are to put together!


Check out this mac and cheese cup recipe here!

4. French Onion Tartlets

If you want to make Thanksgiving finger foods extra easy on yourself, try out these tartlets. You can buy the shells ready-made, and all you have to do is fill them!

Learn how to make these French onion tartlets here!


5. Cranberry Brie Wontons

Is there a better holiday combo than cranberry and brie!? No, probably not. These delicious wontons are the perfect combination, all packed into one bite.

Check out the recipe for these cranberry brie wontons here!

6. Zucchini Fritters

Although these might look a little daunting, they are actually super easy to make! Pair with a yummy chili lime mayo and you’re good to go.


Find out how to make these zucchini fritters here!

7. Garlic Cheese Bombs

These delicious garlic cheese bombs won’t last more than 5 minutes! They are the perfect bite, and so cheesy.

Get this garlic cheese bomb recipe here!

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8. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are always going to be one of the most classic Thanksgiving finger foods. If you feel like sticking with tradition, you definitely can’t go wrong with a good deviled egg.

Learn how to make these deviled eggs here!


9. Italian Sausage Meatballs

Who says you can’t have a meatball at Thanksgiving!? Embrace your inner Italian and whip up these delicious sausage meatballs.

Check out these Italian sausage meatballs here!

10. Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are the perfect appetizer! Plus, these mushrooms are filled with cheese and bacon, so they’re sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


Find out how to make these stuffed mushrooms here!

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving finger foods? Tell us in the comments below!
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