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15 Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas That Everyone Will Love

15 Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas That Everyone Will Love

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and those family get togethers aren’t getting any less awkward. If the dessert table is your refuge, you’re not alone. Don’t be selfish though. Add some new desserts to the array that are sure to wow those picky family members. Without further ado, here are fifteen thanksgiving dessert ideas that everyone will love. 

1. Chai Pumpkin Pie

In this delicious dessert, the taste of chai and pumpkin intermingle for an epic duo. If I had to choose, I’d say the pumpkin is the predominant flavor, but the chai is definitely noticeable. This pie will be a wonderful, unexpected Thanksgiving dessert idea for those family members jaded toward the same pumpkin pie every year. 

15 Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas That Everyone Will Love

2. Butter Squash Tarte Tatin

The taste of this dessert is difficult to describe. The caramel isn’t overwhelming, and the strange combination produces an oddly delightful taste. I can’t stress enough how incredibly tender this dish is when precooked. At the risk of sounding cliched, it’ll melt in your mouth. 

3. Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes 

The moistness of a cupcake can’t be accomplished with pie. That’s why this spin on the standard pumpkin pie is a perfect Thanksgiving dessert idea. These cupcakes have a faint taste of pumpkin but not anything too robust. If your guests are wanting to exclude the standard pumpkin pie this year, mix things up with a few of these. 

4. Cranberry Pie With Snickerdoodle Crust

The cranberry is undoubtedly the dominant flavor, but the snickerdoodle complements the taste surprisingly well. The year I had this dessert, the end product was much less aesthetically pleasing than the picture below, but when thanksgiving rolls around and you’re ready to go into a food coma, that doesn’t ever seem to matter.

15 Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas Everyone Will Love


5. Twinkie Dessert

This is one of the few Thanksgiving dessert ideas that I made myself, however, I admittedly did not prepare it on Thanksgiving. This was an incredibly cheap experiment that turned out much better than I could have hoped. This is a great Thanksgiving dessert idea for those of you who aren’t the most adept cooks, and it’s great for the older guests whose taste buds may have died out over the years. 

6. Dessert Crepes

 Different flavor combinations are suggested in the instructions for this delicious dessert. With the exception of the rum, the admixture of one vanilla and one chocolate crepe creates a flavor combination that is both intense and addictive. On the other hand, if you want the flavor to be less intense, confining yourself to just chocolate or just vanilla is a palatable choice as well. Really you can’t go wrong with crepes.

15 Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas That Everyone Will Love

7. Quick Whoopie Cakes

This is a simple, three ingredient dessert that is great if you’re on a tight schedule but don’t want to underwhelm with another store bought dessert. Midwest living claims that this dessert takes as little as fifteen minutes. I took a little longer to make it but everyone works at their own pace I suppose. The flavor is simple and sweet.

8. Strawberry “Cool Brûlée”

Although this Thanksgiving dessert idea won’t wow with its presentation, it’s deceivingly palatable. This creme brulee requires no cooking and is perfect for the worker bee. The yogurt and the whipped cream complement each other beautifully and the sliced strawberries add an element of sourness. 

9. Chocolate Mint Bars

In this dessert, a classic combination is presented in a softer, richer form. After having this dessert, you’ll wonder why it hasn’t surpassed the famous girl scout cookies in popularity. As you’re probably already aware, mint and chocolate are a match made in heaven, but the richness of the chocolate transcends any girl scout cookies. 

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10. Raspberry Rhubarb Pie

The luscious filling in this dessert is by far the most salient quality. The strong fruit juices are thickened by the cornstarch and tampioca to create an unforgettable taste. The rhaspberry is robust but doesn’t inundate. The tarty rhubarb may slightly spoil the taste but not near enough to ruin it. Try this thanksgiving dessert idea with chocolate ice cream. Yes, the combination is  odd, but trust me when I say it’s incredible.

11. Frozen Raspberry Pistachio Terrine

Of all the Thanksgiving dessert ideas I have tried, this one has to be my favorite. Vanilla ice cream, pistachio, crisp, and sorbet join forces in an alliance for the ages. The taste can only be described as ethereal, simply otherworldly. This dessert will occupy your mind long after you’re finished devouring it. 

12. Nutella Cherry Hazelnut Fudge

A classic combination has been reimagined with Nutella. This Thanksviging dessert idea is relatively easy to make, and the product is to die for. The Nutella produces a soft, smooth texture that will leave you wanting more, and the hazelnut supplies a crunch at the end of each soft, luscious bite. How fortunate we are to have Nutella. 

13. Gingerbread Loaf

Okay, so this dessert is technically for Christmas, but a little gingerbread is felicitous for every occasion, right? If someone made this at my next thanksgiving wing ding, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to trying some. This gingerbread loaf transforms the gingerbread cookie by adding a palatable softness. Try it with some vanilla ice cream. You’ll thank me later.

14. Apple Cranberry Hand Pies

Fall just got a whole lot sweeter with this dessert. The apple is a great foil to the cranberry. Sour and sweet are dovetailed in a glorious combination. This dessert offers the convenience of a hand food while still retaining the sweetness of a pie. You can fashion the pies into pumpkins and apples with cutouts or just let the taste speak for itself. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. 

15. Black Forest Cake

Last but not least, this dessert is quick and convenient but also marvelously satisfying for your guests. The kirsch and brandy add authenticity to this quick twist on the original German dish. Garnishing with some chocolate curls will elevate the presentation and will fool your guest into thinking that it was more of a burden than it actually was. Quick, easy, and delicious. 

Every family has its own Thanksgiving classics. What are the best Thanksgiving dessert ideas in your family? Comment down below. 

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