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15 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas You Can Decorate Your Home With

15 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas You Can Decorate Your Home With

Looking to do some DIY projects to do this Thanksgiving? Here are some Thanksgiving craft ideas that you and your loved ones can use to decorate your home for the holiday!

1. Autumnal Candle Holder 

Warm candle lighting is such a staple when it comes to hosting any dinner party and creating one of a kind candle holders will make your home look so stunning and inviting. Mason jars are such a DIY essential, and this particular DIY takes these cute and simple jars to the next level! This is a simple project where the only materials you will need are a few different colors of paint, twine, fall leaves, and a tea light or scented candle of your choice. To create these autumnal candle holders that are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, you will need to tape a leaf to the front of the jar, choose your favorite fall paint color and paint around the leaf, tie some twine around the neck of the mason jar, remove the leaf from the jar to reveal the glass underneath and drop a tea light or real candle into the jar to finish it off.


2. Toilet Paper Plaid Pumpkins

This next one is so simple, so if you are in a rush this DIY is perfect for you! Literally, the only materials you will need to create these super adorable plaid pumpkins are a roll of toilet paper and some plaid fabric. In order to craft that pumpkin look with these simple household materials, you will need to place a roll of toilet paper and lay it on top of the plaid fabric. Then, tuck the fabric into the hole in the center of the toilet paper roll and secure it all the way around with tape or whatever you have on hand. It is just that simple! 

3. M&M Turkeys

This DIY is throwing it back to the good old days of my childhood, both in regards to the supplies you will need as well as the adorable outcome. To make your own M&M turkeys to use as decoration on your dining room table or anywhere you need a little extra Thanksgiving touch, you will need to have M&M candies, of course, mesh baggies, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes to top it all off. Fill up the mesh baggies with M&Ms, tie the bag shut, use pipe cleaners of the classic Thanksgiving colors to create the neck, gobble, feet and legs, and finish it off with a pair of googly eyes to bring these little turkeys to life!


4. Wine Cork Pumpkin

In order to create one of the most utterly unique DIY Thanksgiving decorations, you will need to get your hands on a good number of wine corks, some green felt, orange paint, and a roll of twine. First up, paint one side of the wine corks orange, glue them all together (probably using hot glue or something of equal strength), then take one wine cork and use that to create the stem of the pumpkin, next cut some leaf shapes out of the green felt, and then tie some twine around the stem of the pumpkin! This will look so nice next to your wine selections for the evening and is sure to catch your guests’ attention. 


5. Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder

If you have smaller children attending the Thanksgiving festivities, then this pilgrim hat crayon holder is a must make for you! This DIY is simple yet so festive and all you need to make these for the littles ones are black party cups, yellow ribbon, construction paper, and buttons. You just pop out the bottom of the party cups, glue the cup upside down to a circle of black construction paper, and then decorate the cup with ribbon and a button to create that pilgrim hat look! 

6. Pumpkin Pie Banner

If you are need of a little decoration for your fireplace or just a simple wall, make this pretty pumpkin pie banner! This looks so stinking cute but is also a combination of just a few materials: orange felt, tan felt, white puffballs, and of course a fall craft essential, twine. Just cut some orange felt into the shape of a slice of pie, cut a strip of tan felt and scrunch it and glue it to the orange felt, place a white puffball in the center to act as the whipped cream, and attach twine to the back to hang it up in the room of your choice!


7. Cinnamon Stick Candle Holder

If leaves are not your Thanksgiving aesthetic, opt for this spicy candle holder DIY. Simply glue some cinnamon sticks together and use some twine to tie them around a candle. That is seriously all that you need to do in order to get this stylish and simple decor piece!


8. Gratitude Pumpkins

This next one is probably one of the simplest DIY Thanksgiving decorations and that is the gratitude pumpkin. You will just need to grab a pumpkin that is to your liking in shape, size, and color, and have a black permanent marker on hand. This DIY is one that can be created as your loved ones arrive for the Thanksgiving Day celebration. Just have your family and friends use the sharpie to write down what they are grateful for on the pumpkin itself. It will be so special to see everyone’s handwritten thoughts of gratitude and will make a cute decoration as well! 

9. Mason Jar Silverware Holder

If you are opting to do a fun buffet-style meal this year, then try making this silverware holder in order to make grabbing it convenient for all your guests. Simply take a mason jar, tie some twine around it, throw a few handfuls of candy corn into the jar to keep the silverware in place, and then simply place your silverware into the holder!


10. Literary Acorn Banner

If the pumpkin pie banner was not to your taste, then opt for this more nature-inspired acorn and fall leaves banner. Cut some craft paper, pages from an old book you have lying around or just any paper you can find into an acorn shape, some plaid fabric into the shape of the acorn cap, attach some beautiful fall leaves and use some wooden clothespins to attach them to either a string of lights or more twine if you have some leftover from your other DIY projects!

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11. Give Thanks Utensil Pouch

Now, if you do not have any mason jars lying around, you can still keep all of your necessary silverware organized with this next DIY. All you will need are some brown paper envelopes and the free printable graphic that you see in the photo below which is available from The Craft Patch Blog. Simply print the image onto the brown paper envelopes and then slide the utensils into it with a napkin and you are all done!


12. Family Hand Turkey Art

If you just want some family bonding time and an art piece to cherish forever, this one is a great option. Pick a paint color for every member of your family, paint the palms of your hands, and press each of your palms to the paper one at a time! Then just write Thanksgiving 2020 to document the day that you all made it together. 

13. Glittery Gold Pinecone Garland

The last banner on this list of DIY Thanksgiving decorations is this gold pinecone garland. Of course, like most on this list, twine is involved, but also a new material, pinecones! Just get your hands on some glittery gold spray paint or glitter glue and slather that onto the pinecones, attach twine to them and hang it up in your home!


14. Grateful Pinecone Turkey

This next one involves one of my favorite DIY projects from my childhood, which is the classic hand turkey. Create one of those nostalgic pieces and have your child write down something that they are grateful for, then place them onto some pinecones that you have donned with construction paper gobbles and googly eyes!


15. Fall Leaf Placecard

Last, but not least, is a place card option. These make such a cute addition to any Thanksgiving table spread and are so helpful if you have a large number of people attending or just want your guests to feel extra special. Cut a piece of burlap into a square, attach a fall leaf to it (either real or made from crafting supplies), and put it all together with a sparkly clothespin and your guest’s name! 

These DIY Thanksgiving decorations are sure to be fun for the whole family to create and will make your home look so festive! What are your favorite DIY Thanksgiving Decorations? Let us know in the comments!
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