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10 Thank You’s To My High School Freshman History Teacher

10 Thank You’s To My High School Freshman History Teacher

10 thank you's to my high school history teacher

The teacher who was there for me since my freshman year of high school was my history teacher. Now, as I enter my sophomore year of college, I still have so many thank you’s to tell her and this article won’t cover all of them but here are some! Going into freshman year in high school is a strange time in our lives. We had just ruled the school in middle school because we were the oldest but now we are right back at the bottom. It can be a somewhat strange and difficult transition. We grow up hearing our parents and guardians saying the first day of high school will be the rest of our lives so we must choose wisely when making decisions.

10 Thank You's To My High School Freshman History Teacher

Thank you for being a good teacher.

It’s already a tough transition coming from middle school to a new and bigger environment. If freshmen aren’t at the top anymore, the least they can have are teachers who are good. Teachers who can teach the right way, the way a student can truly understand the material. My history teacher was one of them.


Thank you for never getting mad over everything.

Don’t get me wrong, you did get mad over things that us freshmen could have controlled and prevented from happening. However, you didn’t get mad over every little thing. Sometimes, teachers can be a bit petty and just find little things to be mad over. So thank you for not being one of those teachers.

Thank you for making us work hard.

Yes, you read that right. Although freshmen are going through a tough transition, it does not mean we need to be taught at a first grade level. Thank you for teaching me at the right level, maybe even a little over the freshman year level. I think back to my freshman year and figure your class started to prepare me to be responsible with assignments.

Thank you for having humor, for acting like a human.

Some teachers, actually many, function like a computerized person. It’s annoying and its boring so the class definitely does not pay attention to what they have to say. Your class was fun mainly because you had a personality and you didn’t take everything so seriously. You actually made the effort to put a smile on your students faces.


Thank you for not “hating” me when I used to bring in plastic spiders’ to scare you.

Oops, I meant to say monsters since you hate the name of those creatures. Although I’ll admit it was pretty mean of me to do that, it made the class laugh and it even made you laugh… a little at least.

Thank you for being an adult to go to.

You were always a trusted adult, and I don’t know if there was any other adult in that school I trusted more than you. You made it known that you were there for your students and that’s important to a freshman in high school, trust me.

Thank you for becoming a friend.

A past teacher as a friend? Yeah, I know. But for real, thank you for being a cool person for me to actually still want to go to you if I needed to vent about anything, especially now that I’m in college and procrastinate wicked bad.

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Thank you for being an inspiration.

You have inspired me since my freshman year of high school. I used to hate history and you finally changed that. You taught it in a way that made it … fun. Thank you for being an awesome enough person to be an inspiration to me. As of right now, it’s only you, my mom and Ruth Bader Ginsburg so you should definitely feel special!

Thank you for being my NHS sponsor in high school.

Even three years later, you gladly accepted my invitation to be my sponsor and many times, freshmen teachers try to forget the students they had a while ago.


Most of all, Thank you for never giving up on me.

Thank you for believing in me and my dreams even though some of them, such as becoming the president of the United States, can be a bit too big. Sometimes, deep down inside tat freshman punk, is a kid who just wants to be believed in.

Thank you for being the best history teacher I could’ve hoped for!

Have you ever thanked your history teacher? Let us know in the comments section below!