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10 Texts All Guys Are Sick Of Getting

10 Texts All Guys Are Sick Of Getting

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Girls are confusing, there is absolutely no doubt about that. We like to send thousands of text messages a day and half of the time we drop subtle hints and just expect whatever boy we’re texting to pick up on whatever we’re saying. Let’s be real though, boys are sick of our nonsense. Here are 10 texts all guys are sick of getting. Admit it, you’ve sent them.

1. “Stacey/Meagan/Ashley just broke up with her boyfriend and I need to be with her tonight.”

Let’s face it girls, we’re dramatic, about everything. But, we all know that true girlfriends never leave each other to eat ice cream and pizza alone in their dorm room after a breakup. A proper breakup is followed by an army of girls running to their sister’s rescue, comfort food and tissues in tow; unless he was a jerk, then you come ready to talk bad about him and do something petty together. Either way, you do it together.

10 texts all guys are sick of getting.

2. “It’s girl’s night tonight”

Girl time is important and should never go unappreciated. Whether you’re spending girls night by going out and getting all dressed up or staying in your room and watching movies while eating pizza and drinking wine out of plastic cups, no boys are allowed.

10 texts all guys are sick of getting.

3. “I don’t feel good”

Lies. We’ve all done it. We spend all day telling some boy that we’ll hang out with him, but then we get back to our rooms, sit on the bed, and next thing you know, you’re binge watching Gossip Girl or Grey’s with a charcoal mask on and there is no way you’re getting up.

10 texts all guys are sick of getting.

4. “I’m on my period”

Boys will never understand. Periods are absolutely foreign to most guys and they honestly don’t want to know what goes on during those 5-7 days of horror. We’re hormonal and bloated and our face is probably broken out. We have absolutely no interest in doing anything that requires us to look cute and be nice, aka hanging out with a boy.

10 texts all guys are sick of getting.

5. “I can’t, I have to study”

This one is impossible to argue with because how do they know how serious your test actually is? How do they know if you know the information well enough to get a good grade or not? They don’t. I mean, it’s sweet they want to spend time with you, but let’s be honest, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

10 texts all guys are sick of getting.

6. “I’m sooooo tired”

Girls are professional sleepers. Honestly we should be awarded in the art of excellent naps and sleeping in. Boys are lazy too, don’t get me wrong, but nothing is more annoying, I’m assuming, than getting all hot and bothered about hanging out with a girl only for her to say that she’s too tired to do anything.

10 texts all guys are sick of getting.

7. “I have a boyfriend”

This one is quite funny and props to girl who are just so pretty that they can be dating someone and pick up guys at the same time. Some of us are so single it hurts, but whatever. It sucks for a guy who was gutsy enough to ask for your number and then text you just to find out you have a boyfriend.

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10 texts all guys are sick of getting.

8. “Sorry, not interested”

Okay, now this one just burns. Boys love a good ego boost and this is not it. A girl not being interested in them is one big hit to the pride. While it may seem harsh to just come right out and say how you feel about a certain guy, as I’ve already stated, boys are not good with subtlety.

9. “Hey can you bring me food?”

Ah, a classic text from girls to their significant others because we’re too lazy to get out of our sweet and comfy beds, throw on clothes and get food for ourselves. And why would we when we can just shoot some guy a text and get free food on our doorstep. If we’re lucky, he might even bring flowers or a note that perfectly describes his affection for us; or he’ll say no and we’ll run to McDonald’s in our pajamas.

10. “No.”

If boys hate anything, they hate the word no, especially if it’s coming from a girl. The word no doesn’t even give any explanation or reasoning. It’s just a flat out dream crusher and there’s usually no way that they can convince you otherwise. We should use no more often girls.

10 texts all guys are sick of getting.

Do you have any other common texts that guys are sick of getting!? Share in the comments below!

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