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Texts Girls Love Receiving From Guys

Texts Girls Love Receiving From Guys

Texts Girls Love Receiving From Guys

Every guy going into this article needs to remember – each girl is different! However, from my experience in relationships and the fact that I am a girl myself, I managed to create a list of text messages girls love to receive from guys. Some of them are strictly for when you are in a relationship, but few of them will be perfect if you just started dating and you want to sweep your (future) girl off her feet!

1. Good morning, my love! Have an amazing day!

If you want your girl to have a smile on her face as soon as she opens her eyes in the morning, this one is perfect! We’ve all seen this in movies and it’s easy and realistic enough to transfer into real life, that’s why we all secretly want to receive a message like this, even if only every now and then. Mood booster for the whole day!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania gif waking up smiling


2. I know you can do this. I believe in you!

If you know your girl has a tough challenge creeping up on her during the day, make sure to send her a text message saying how you believe everything will be fine. Everyone needs a little reassurance every now and again. Believe me, if you do that, your girl will feel slightly better knowing you are there supporting her, even if only from far away!

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3. Don’t worry about groceries – already done!

The day always gets a little better if you know you don’t have to do that dreading task anymore. That’s why if you have a bit time on your hands to help your girl out do it and text her to let her know she doesn’t need to do it anymore. Not only she’ll love you for it, but the fact that you told her earlier will make her day a hundred times better!


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4. I’ve been thinking about you and what I’ll do to you when I see you tonight

Us girls, we love some naughty texts to set our imagination on fire and make us want to come and see you immediately.


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5. You, me, the cinema, tonight. Get ready!

Last minute dates are amazing, but most girls would appreciate the heads up, so they can get ready. Sometimes we stay in our PJs the whole day, and knowing we will be going somewhere that night is a good indication to finally take a shower. A text like that will make any girl excited.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania cant wait to see you gif


6. I hope you’re hungry cause I made dinner

The path to any heart goes through the stomach. Especially, if you know the other person has cooked something specifically for you to treat you after a long day at work. A text like this will get your girl running back home as soon as she can!

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7. I love you

Saying it out loud is always the best, but you’ll make your girl’s day so much better if you randomly text her that during the day. It doesn’t need to be a love letter, just those three words will get her heart racing.

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8. I’m coming over. Stopping at McDonald’s, do you want the regular?

Remember when I said that the path to the hears leads through the stomach? It doesn’t have to be a fancy dinner. What is more, indicating that you remember what she normally orders will make her even happier. She will definitely be looking through the window waiting for you! Just make sure that you know for sure what she wants!

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9. It was so great seeing you today. You looked beautiful as ever.

If you had a wonderful date, text her afterwards telling her how much you enjoyed it. That will make her end her day with even a bigger smile. Letting her know that you can’t stop thinking about her even just minutes after seeing her will for sure make her heart skip a beat!


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If you’re a girl, do you like receiving those messages? And if you’re a guy – to you sent these a lot? Let me know in the comments down below!

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