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Textbook Sites That’ll Help You Save Your Coin

Textbook Sites That’ll Help You Save Your Coin

Us incoming students gotta stick together. We all know that the upcoming school year is right upon us, and an even bigger obstacle besides paying tuition is looking overhead: paying for textbooks. Textbooks are already outrageously expensive as it is; it’s preposterous that we have to spend that much money on books we probably won’t even look at twice during the year. 

Luckily, there’s a solution for that! Textbook sites are the perfect place to get your textbooks, either at a really cheap cost or completely free! Here are just a few of these textbook sites so you don’t spend $500 on one textbook this semester. 

1. ThriftBooks

We know many a college student who had to use ThriftBooks for the novel. ThriftBooks isn’t really like these other textbook sites in the way that they really only focus on novels and other books.


They have a few textbooks, including some for cosmetology, Primary Mathematics, and a few others involving a whole variety of different subjects. ThriftBooks is where you’ll find classics like 1984, Don Quixote, Catcher in the Rye, Freedom Road, and many, many other books that your college professor may assign you. 

Their books are astonishingly cheap, sometimes going for under $10 for each book, and sometimes arrive in varying degrees of conditions. Sometimes the book may come tattered — but still readable — while other times it may come out just fine. If you’re looking to be spending a lot less on assigned books, ThriftBooks is the way to go.   


2. SlugBooks 

SlugBooks is a one of the many textbook sites that allow you to search and compare textbooks from a host of other textbook sites.

Want to check out an ASL textbook your teacher just assigned? Hop on to SlugBooks, and it’ll show you prices from other places like Chegg, Amazon, and dozens of textbook sites.  You’ll be able to compare the prices from the original listing price, and choose the best one that fits your budget. 

It’s a real life saver the average, broke college student! This way, you won’t be shelling out hundreds for something you could get for just $40. 



With a name like, you would hope that they really do have the cheapest textbooks. And they realty are among the cheapest. 

Cheapest Textbooks is another one of these textbook sites that looks up different prices for you to compare to other places, like AbeBooks, KnetBooks, and other websites. 

This website also touts their 95% savings possibility if you do end up looking up, renting, or buying textbooks here. You’re also able to sell your textbook back; they have a dedicated button for that. 


4. BetterWorldBooks

Better World Books one of the few textbook websites we’ve seen that does a lot of good while also giving you your textbooks and books at a low price.

Each time anyone purchases a book from their collections, they donate a book to someone in need. Along with that, they raise funds for libraries and literacy, and donate books. Right now, they’re sitting at about 29,012,993 books donated, and $31,263,530 dollars donated to literacy and libraries. It’s really impressive! 


Their books aren’t half bad either. They have a ton of categories too! They have crime books, sci-fi, Art books, home and garden books, and honestly, what more could you ask for? There’s a whole website to explore. 

They also have a dedicated section to textbooks and most of their textbooks ships free, so you don’t have to worry about that pesky shipping fee. They have textbooks on art, the mind and body, architecture, biographies, autobiographies, and so much more. You’ll definitely be able to find your textbook here.  

5. is another one of these textbook sites that help you out with finding and comparing different prices from multiple distinct textbook sites. 


Would out believe us if we said that BigWords has just about the biggest amount of categories out of these other textbook sites? Yeah, we’re not joking either.

Believe it or not, this textbook site isn’t just for textbooks. They sell a mountain of other things for any hobby, and for anything in your life that you may need. They sell clothing, garlic tools, mountain climbing gear, movies, mouth pieces for your instruments, and just about anything else you could think of. If you even thought about it, we’re sure BigWords has it on their catalog. It’s that big. 



AbeBooks has also been mentioned throughout this list, and it’s another great and affordable textbook site that any college student should get a chance to look at. 

They sell and rent textbooks on their site, and the buying process is really simple. It’s just like ThriftBooks, and BetterWorldBooks, so it’s no problem to navigate the site or the buying process. 

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Have at it! Maybe your textbooks are waiting for you.

7. Open Stax

These next few textbook sites are for free textbooks, and free audiobooks as well! OpenStax is a free textbook website that actually doesn’t feature a wide range of textbooks. Hear us out, though! It’s not bad! 


Open Stax’s textbooks are pretty extensive, and go into a ton of detail, from anecdotes to historical happenings, especially the American Government textbook. It’s perfect for all you Political Science majors out there.

It’s because of its comprehensiveness that there’s only enough textbooks for whatever non-creative major you have. They have textbooks for math, business, humanities, essentials, and they even have textbooks for subjects in highschool. It’s all peer-reviewed, and you’re definitely getting a lot for these free textbooks, even if there’s on super creative textbooks to go off of. 

8. OpenCulture 

OpenCulture is the only one out of all of these textbook sites that actually provides audiobooks along with free eBooks.


They also have a lot of classics like The Arabian Nights, The Road to Oz, Great Expectations, and so much more. Again, it’s another great website for when your professor assigns you a specific book that you don’t want to pay real money for. 

9. Open Textbook Library 

Open Textbook Library is one of the textbook sites that’s easily one of the greatest hubs for seeking out or downloading textbooks.

The best part? It’s free! They’ve got free textbooks for any major or subject that you’re into. They’ve got textbooks in accounting and finance, education, economics, social sciences, mathematics, and everything else. It’s pretty great, especially for a site providing free textbooks to students.


Any of these textbook sites are amazing resources for any incoming highschool and college students. There’s useful price comparison systems, free textbooks, and free audiobooks. Heck, we think some of us will end up using some of these sites to ease up on the money!

Are there any textbook sites that you recognize? Which ones are you going to use? Comment down below and let us know! 

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