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12 Textbook Search Engines

Figuring out what textbooks you need for the upcoming semester is always a stressful task. It leaves you asking yourself “Can I afford all of the books I need?” or “Will I be able to sell these later on?”. The truth is, there’s no definite answer to navigating the world of college textbooks, but there is a way to make your search a lot easier. This list of textbook search engines will help you find exactly what you need while saving you a lot of time and trouble!

1. BookFinder

If you’re looking to buy or rent a textbook needed for class, then check out BookFinder! This super helpful website allows you to compare the prices of your book from various sellers, giving you the cheapest option from top textbook websites. This search engine promotes the buying, selling, and rental of textbooks all with just the click of a button.

2. CampusBooks

Our next textbook search engine has the same concept in mind, meaning that you can compare textbook prices to save as much money as possible during the school year. And when you’re in college, every penny counts! You are also able to rent and sell through CampusBooks and even search your local library’s inventory for books you could possibly borrow for free!

3. BigWords

Any textbook you could dream of is on this next textbook search engine, and that’s putting it lightly. Search for any text from accounting to television production, and see for yourself all the money and peace of mind you’ll save. This website compares the prices of the textbooks and the shipping costs, plus adds in any additional coupons to give you the best options for renting or buying a textbook. I would definitely check out this search engine!

4. SlugBooks

Charging hundreds of dollars for a textbook is just wrong. But that’s where SlugBooks comes in. This textbook search engine vows to find you the best and cheapest option for your textbook, whether it be a physical copy, an ebook, or anything in between. Just type in your school name and class, and SlugBooks will do all the hard work for you. So, take advantage of this awesome tool and buy your textbooks on your own terms!

5. AddALL

Whether you want new books, used books, or even magazines, AddALL could be for you! Search by book title, ISBN, or author, and find exactly what you need. This textbook search engine scours more than 40 online bookstores, allowing you to compare deals all in one place. You’ll save your time and your money the next time you need to look for textbooks!

6. BookFinder4U

Just like the name says, this textbook search engine was made just for you. It searches through 130 book stores worldwide, so you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. Plus, this website is not limited to just textbooks, you could find any book on here. Whether you’re looking for a novel, a short story, or just something new to add to your personal library, this search engine will certainly be helpful to you!

7. BookScouter

Buy and sell your textbooks for the best possible price on this next textbook search engine! This website compares the prices of books from over 20 sellers and gives you options that your university book store could never give you! Plus, after you’re done with your textbook for the semester, simply sell it back to whichever buyer you choose to get the best bang for your buck!

8. DealOz

If buying a textbook for up to 97% off that would normally cost hundreds of dollars sounds good to you, then check out DealOz! This textbook search engine allows buyers to search for any edition of any textbook, helping you save money in the long run. Plus, when you sell your textbook back, you could get up to 200% more than a local bookstore buyback!

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9. Used Book Search

Buying or renting used textbooks is the key to saving money when it comes to college expenses. If all the material is the same, who cares if the pages are a little weathered? Used Book Search is a great search engine you can use to find that textbook you desperately need anywhere in the world! After you’re finished with the book, sell it back to this website to save the most money. This search engine is here to help you!

10. Alibris

With this next textbook search engine, you’ll have millions of books right at your fingertips and for super-cheap prices! Whether you’re looking for a new textbook, a used textbook, or a place to sell your textbook, Alibris has your back. Plus, they’ll even help you find alternate editions of your textbooks that have all the same material but at a reduced cost. This way, you won’t have to worry about buying the brand new and expensive edition of your textbook that your professor lists on your syllabus, and you can explore other, cheaper editions!

11. Biblio

Before you go out and buy that brand new textbook from a pricey bookstore that your professor recommended, check out this textbook search engine, Biblio. This website lets you browse through new and old editions of the textbook you need at various prices, all to help students save as much money as they can. Even with the costs of shipping, you’ll still be saving a lot more money than you would be buying your textbooks at full price!

12. CheapestTextbooks

All you need to know about our last textbook search engine is in the name! With this website, you could save up to 95% when buying or renting textbooks through their site. Like many of the other search engines, you can sell your book right back to CheapestTextbooks for some extra money that could go towards your next semester of books. 

Will you be using any of these textbook search engines for next semester’s textbooks? Let us know in the comments if there are other textbook search engines that you recommend!

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