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10 Types Of People You’ll See On Kent State’s Campus

If you take a walk around Kent State’s campus, you’ll see guys swerving around people on extra long skateboards, girls dressed in Greek letters talking about their big, and adults with student IDs around their necks. You can find a plethora of people, young and old at Kent State, but here are 10 of the most common types of people you’ll see at Kent State, in a list that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.


1. The sorority girl.

The sorority girl is usually a fashion merchandising/design, public relations, or speech pathology major. She dreams of making a name for herself and moving to a big city after graduation, but before she leaves northeast Ohio, she has to rep her sorority at all times by: A) Including her sorority in her Twitter header. B) Having a sticker of her sorority’s emblem on her Macbook. C) Wearing at least one item of clothing every day, such as an oversized shirt paired with leggings or a baseball cap with her sorority’s letters on it. D) All of the above.


2. The athlete.

The athlete is known for spending more time at the gym than in the library. They usually come to class five minutes late wearing a Kent State hoodie and matching sweatpants with their team printed on the chest. It’s pretty easy to spot at Kent State athlete from the guy who ‘says’ he lifts. A Kent State athlete usually 1. Lives in sweatpants. 2. Walks around with a pair of Beats headphones around their neck. 3. At least 6’2”. 4. You can easily overhear their conversations. 5. A pack of freshman girls are around them.



3. The longboarder.

The longboarders rides his board every day to class. He frequently uses the phrase ‘sup, man?” and owns a vape pen. He calls himself an individual and non-conformist, but most of his wardrobe, like his skinny jeans, vans, and Supreme hoodies, come from PacSun and Zumiez.

4. The anime fan.

The anime fan has a Tumblr dedicated to all things kawaii, cosplay inspiration, and gifs and drawings of their favorite fandom. Once a week, anime lovers at Kent State gather in Bowman for Kent State Anime Society. They play anime trivia and of course, watch anime. You can also find them at the HUB dueling with Pokemon cards. Anime fans score their Black Butler, Sailor Moon, RWBY, and Steven Universe swagg (Steven Universe isn’t an anime but they still are a part of the fandom) at Hot Topic.


5. The business student.

The business student thinks he’s going to be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. He comes to class dressed for success wearing a button up shirt, Dockers, chukka boots, and carrying a briefcase. They’re subscribers to the “New York Times” and follow the stock market.


6. The activist.

The activist is a member of organizations like Pride and Black United Students. They’re not afraid to confront members of Westboro Church and tell people why Black Lives Matter. Fun fact: most activists on campus support equal rights for men and women and call themselves feminists.


7. The international student.

International students tend to hang around other students from their native country. They’re seen in every type of fashion from traditional burkas and sarees to MCM backpacks and Ralph Lauren polo shirts. You can find them all around campus, including the library on weekends, where some of them pack an exotic lunch and spend all day there.

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8. The fashion student.

If she’s a girl who wears heels and makeup to class or if he’s a guy who has a strong opinion against cargo shorts, 9 times out of 10, they’re a fashion student.  Almost every fashion student has read the creator of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso’s book #GirlBoss. In fact, they love using the hashtag #GirlBoss on social media. Besides following New York Fashion Week, a serious fashion student knows the Pantone color of the year.


9. The adult learner.

The adult learner didn’t have the opportunity to go to college or finish their degree when they were younger, so they take the opportunity they have now, very seriously. They’re always the first one to ask questions in class, they take diligent notes, and remind the professor to collect the homework. You can find them walking on the Esplanade with a lanyard around their neck, pulling their rolling backpack/briefcase and carrying a metal water bottle.


10. The freshman with no clue.

The freshman is 18 years old, yet has no life skills. They have to call their parents to help them do laundry and they eat the same thing everyday at Eastway. They even (shudders) wear their student ID and room key around their neck, paired with the Kent State t-shirt they got at Blast Off. This type of freshman is majoring in something general like business or communications because they have no idea what they want to do for the rest of their life, and they usually switch their majors after fall semester.


What types of people do you see on Kent State’s campus? Comment below and share the article!
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Jillian Holness

Jillian Holness is a junior magazine journalism major with minors in fashion and entrepreneurship. Jillian has had her work published in various student media platforms on campus, such as Kent Wired, Uhuru, A Magazine, Her Campus Kent State and her friend Angel's feminist zine, Eleanor. Jillian hopes to start her own magazine someday that intertwines with her passion for social justice, love of fashion and interests in photography.

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