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10 Things That ACTUALLY Happen During ASU Rush

Before you go into Rush, it feels like every person you ask about recruitment tells you something different. They can tell you every detail of their personal experience, but that can never really capture the whole picture. Let me tell ya sister, nothing can fully prepare you for the real deal. However, I’m here to tell you as much as I can about how it really is. This is what actually goes down during ASU Rush. (P.S. You can thank me later!)

1. Be prepared for lots of singing and chants.

You’re finally about to walk into your first house…and then you hear it. Two hundred something girls singing (more like screaming) some bubbly song in unison. You’re shuffled in and sat with a girl to talk to, but you can’t hear her because they’re STILL SINGING. Oh and soon you realize the singing NEVER ENDS. I’m not kidding. You will hear singing in the hall, songs walking into houses, and walking out of houses. Chances are that you’ll probably end up loosing your voice.


2. You’ll have to repeat yourself a million times.

Every.. Single.. House.. WILL ask you for your name, your major, where you’re from, what dorm you’re in, and why you wanted to rush. By the end of the day, you’ll be able to rattle off those answers without even thinking about them.

3. Sweat is inevitable.

So you spend half an hour on makeup and an hour on your hair, well that’s no match for Tempe heat. I don’t care if you’re superwoman, running around in a dress and heals in 118 degrees will make you sweat, and probably cry a little. Just pack deodorant and perfume, trust me on this one.

4. You won’t remember everyone and everything.

ASU has 12 Panhellenic sororities and you’ll go to every single one on the first day. Even though you may have a good memory and you’re super sure you’ll remember that great convo you had with that super nice girl, you may end up forgetting what house she’s in… So take notes, take notes, take notes! It sounds silly, but at the end of the day when you’re picking your houses you’ll be happy you did.

5. A house will surprise you.

This can be good or bad. Maybe you end up being underwhelmed by what you thought was your dream house, or maybe a house you crossed off your list impresses you more than you thought possible. Moral of the story? Keep an open mind! A lot of what you hear before rush will be ridiculous rumors and stupid stereo types.

6. You will probably end up crying to your Rho Gamma.

Let me start out by saying I’m really not that emotional. I’m probably the only girl you’ll ever meet that doesn’t cry in Nicholas Sparks movies. So I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry during rush. But then it’s day three: you’re tired, hungry, sweaty, and your face hurts from fake smiling; and your favorite house drops you. And you cry. And your Rho Gams comfort you. And it will be okay. I promise.

7. Naps will become your best friend.

Everyone tells you that rush, especially the first day, is “just a few hours”…but they are all lying. While each round day one is only about fifteen minutes, you’ll end up waking up at 7 and going to bed at midnight. Because, super unfortunately, your rounds WILL end up scattered throughout the day. You’ll end up with a round at 9AM and then your last at 8PM. Just my luck, right?

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8. You will have an awkward conversation (or four).

Maybe you and the girl you’re talking to have literally nothing in common. Maybe you can’t hear her or you totally misunderstood what she said. Maybe you just flat out don’t like this girl after two minutes of talking. Either way, an awkward conversation will happen during rush. And it sucks. Trying to pass the time making conversation as a PNM is awkward. So just smile and try and find something to talk about, even if it’s as simple as your shared love for Chipotle.


9. You will bond with girls in your rush group.

Nothing brings people closer than being totally scared and confused. Kidding…well sorta. But you will end up asking the girls in your rush group tons of questions and grabbing lunch together between houses. Maybe you’ll even end up in a house with a girl in your group. But even if you don’t, it’s great having friends in all different houses (hello?! Tons of date parties!)

10. You will find a house that feels like home.

It sounds so cheesy, but it’s true! Through all of the craziness, confusion, and tears, you’ll somehow end up in a house that’s just right for you. Your Rho Gammas will tell you to “trust the process” about a million times and you’ll shrug it off, but it’s true. Going through recruitment may be draining, but when you’re running to a house you love on bid day, it’ll all be worth it.

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