12 Telltale Signs That You’re A Journalism Major

Journalism majors are some of the most intelligent and driven students. They are often required to take a variety of classes to become more well-rounded and live for deadlines, no matter how tight they are. They are a unique brand of student, and there are tell-tale signs that you are a journalism major!

1. You are constantly coming up with article ideas.

No matter what you are doing, you are constantly thinking of article ideas. You always have a notebook and pen with you to jot down your ideas and look forward to making them happen.

2. You work well under pressure.

Deadlines do not scare you. In fact, you work better when you have a deadline to meet. Your best work comes out of the moments when you are the most stressed.

3. You are glued to social media.

From sharing your beloved articles to finding article ideas, you are glued to social media. You have also used social media for sources.

4. There is nothing more satisfying than getting an article published.

After hours of research, talking to sources, and writing, there is nothing more satisfying than having an article published! It can be disheartening if there are massive changes to it from your editor, but it is still satisfying.

5. You have questioned your career choice based on classes you have taken.

For Temple University journalism majors, these classes include A/V Newsgathering and Philadelphia Neighborhoods. While you know they help you become a better journalist by exposing students to real-world experience, these classes require a ton of work.

6. You have had semesters where you have a meltdown at least weekly.

Classes, homework, extra-curricular activities, jobs, and other things can add up to busyness. Being a journalism major can be stressful at times, but it is worth it.

7. You have a deep, deep love of New York City.

You have a dream of living in The Big Apple and working at Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, or one of the other many publications with offices there. This dream is so ingrained in you that people constantly telling you how expensive living in NYC is cannot change your mind.

8. You know of big news stories before your friends do.

You’re constantly watching the news and have news apps on your phone. You also get email alerts. You are probably the one your friend group goes to for news.

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11. You have a strong opinion on the Mac vs. PC debate.

You are probably trained on one or the other and have gotten so used to it. No one and nothing can change your mind and you probably get into debates constantly.

10. Your biggest pet peeve is when someone tells you that journalism is dying.

Journalism is not dying. Physical publications still exist, and more and more digital publications are emerging. Things are changing and it is a great time to be a journalist.

11. You have gotten to meet cool people and have done awesome things in the name of journalism.

If you are focused on music, celebrities, or sports, you may have met famous people or people who know celebrities. You have learned how to maintain your composure so you come across as professional.

12. You constantly point out grammar problems.

Your friends usually ask you to edit their work because they know that you always find their mistakes. You point out errors in newspapers, magazines, and other places.

What do you think of these telltale signs that you’re a journalism major? Let us know in the comments below!
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Ashley Paskill

Ashley is a recent graduate from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA with her Bachelor's in journalism. She love writing articles about music and Philadelphia. Ashley would love to pursue a career in journalism in New York City.

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